July 28, 2012


No one was particularly interested in counting box office receipts last weekend. In fact, out of respect for the victims of the Aurora shooting, Warner Brothers and the other major studios decided not to release earnings for The Dark Knight Rises (or any other current release) until Monday. By now we know that The Dark Knight Rises made $75.7 million on its opening day (including $30.6 from midnight screenings) and $160.8 million through Sunday. One week later, the final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy saw a steep decline – down 76% with Friday’s estimate of $18 million from 4,404 locations. By comparison, 2008’s The Dark Knight was off 65.5% on its own second Friday. Projections have TDKR earning about $58 million this weekend, a number that would bring the film’s worldwide total close to $450 million. Meanwhile, the weekend’s new releases struggled. Fox’s ensemble comedy The Watch took in an estimated $4.5 million from 3,168 locations and Summit’s 3D Step Up Revolution garnered $4.85 million – in 600 fewer runs. Check back tomorrow for more details.

Title Friday Total
The Dark Knight Rises $18,050,000 $243
2. Step Up Revolution $4,850,000 $4.85
3. The Watch $4,500,000 $4.5
4. Ice Age 4 $4,000,000 $105.5
5. Ted $2,200,000 $188.4
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  • Commissioner Flash Gordon

    Apologists assemble!

    • flyndiggory

      Apologize for what? Box office receipts don’t change whether or not I like a movie more or less than any other movie. Avatar is far from my favorite movie of all time, but I don’t lose sleep over its financial success.


      why weren’t you in the aurora theater instead of those 12 innocent people, 8 days ago? wait i get it you were james holmes accomplice! i hope the feds find you.

      • Shaun

        What a thing to be joking about… If you weren’t joking, that’s even worse.

        Amazing that people can trade ridiculous insults over a goddamned movie, especially in light of a tragedy like what happened in Aurora.

      • Catch a cold

        You’re making huge strides for Stupidity. Congratulations.

  • Scurvy

    It was a very good movie, but just an okay Batman movie. I just don’t think it has the ‘I have to see it again’ appeal that the top of the top (Avatar, Titanic, Avengers, TDK) had.

    It’s replay value that makes the difference between a 250-400 million dollar movie and a 500-600 million dollar movie.

    • Anthony

      I disagree, I’ve payed to see TDKR 4 times and want to see it again. I saw Avengers twice, only paid for one time, and I’m find with not seeing it again for a while. As far as Avatar and Titanic, I saw those movies once and that was enough for me lol, I don’t even watch them when they’re on TV.

      • Mikey Filmz

        Well thats you

      • Stay in character

        Are you supposed to know how to spell paid or not?

  • Anthony

    The box office receipts aren’t a result of the quality of the movie, I don’t know what you people are talking about. This is because of the shooting, not just for TDKR, but all movies, look at how little the total box office is. It’s a shame that this disgusting human being has to effect the lives of people in such a way and make them scared to step outside.

    • Shiver

      Not everyone is scared, princess.


    Dark knight RIses has actually had more people buy tickets to watch that than Avengers in its first 8 days if you include the fact that there’s an average of a $3 surcharge for 3D admissions. SUCK IT MARVEL fanboys.

    • Mikey Filmz

      Your name said it all

      • Shaun

        @Micky Filmz: That was really, really offensive and uncalled for.

    • Shaun

      Um, so? Why this contest between DC and Marvel? Why can’t people like both (even if I was disappointed with TDKR)?

      Besides, given the steep dropoff this weekend so far, my guess is that TDKR won’t match The Avengers in the long run. Of course, the Olympics might be a factor in all of this too. Who knows? Who cares? Both films are huge hits.

  • junierizzle

    My friend said she was kind of scared to see TDKR because of the shooting. She can’t be the only one that feels like that. No one will ever the the true impact on box office. She still hasn’t seen it.

    If you look at the numbers its actually doing really good. Plus it doesn’t have the benefit of 3D.

    I myself have seen it twice. It really is amazing. I know not everyone will like every movie but the hate on TDKR is puzzling. I guess what ever floats your boat. To me Avengers is the movie that was just okay.

    • Stan Lee

      No, people just weren’t interested in a cold, boring, dark, Batman movie with political biases inappropriately injected into it.

      • junierizzle

        You say that like on one went to see it.

  • Angel of Death

    While it’s true box office doesn’t reflect the quality of a movie, what it does in some ways speak to is the overall mainstream appeal and overall mainstream impact a film has on general audiences. If a movie is fantastic in the eyes of mainstream audiences, studios can expect great word-of-mouth and staying power with the minimum amount of decline on a week-to-week basis, regardless of what critics and Nolan apologists say about a movie.

    Having said that, the disappointing results and heavy decline for Dark Knight Rises, while potentially impacted by outside factors like the Aurora shooting, does speak to how mainstream audiences responded to the movie. And it seems to me like many were disappoined enough opening weekend to refrain from seeing the movie more than once, or even potentially recommending the movie to many more, despite a Cinemascore of “A”. This may not be the result of whether they thought it was a good movie or not, but could be the result of factors like the movie being overlong, or generally not as good as The Dark Knight. If Rises was the crowd pleaser its predecessor or The Avengers was, it would have had a less steep decline weekend to weekend.

    Regardless of the reason, and depending on the overall outcome of this weekend or potentially Rises’ results during its 3rd or 4th weekends, I think it’s pretty safe to conclude that Rises at this point is a bit of a mainstream disappointment when compared to its predecessor (which only had a decline of 52% first weekend to second weekend) or the Avengers (which had a decline of 50.3%) in terms of how well it appealed to everyone else. And in that sense, at the end of the day, the box office results DO speak to the quality of the movie as far as how well it was generally received overall by the average moviegoer.

    NOT just hardcore Nolanites.

  • Travis

    Here’s the thing…no matter what kind of battle you people want to have, in regards to TDKR and definitely after Aurora, box office shouldn’t matter at this point. It will certainly make a helluva lot of money. It may not break any fanatical records or be nominated for anything, but you know what? It is a success, and I loved it. And to those out there that loved it as much as I did, that’s all that matters. I’m so sick of everyone getting into irrelevant pissing contests over things that will be a moot point a year from now, maybe sooner.

    Angel of Death, in response to your lengthy post flaming both TDKR and the pointless box-office argument…seriously dude, who cares? And no, I’m not a Nolanite, just a proud, lifelong Batman fan.

  • Shaun

    Between the tragedy of the shootings, which will likely always cast something of a pall over TDKR, and the feeling among many (certainly not everyone, but many) that TDKR just wasn’t as good as the first two films in the series probably means the steep decline was inevitable. I wasn’t happy with the movie (even though the first two are among my favorite films ever), and even though I saw TDK four times in the theatre I have no desire to see TDKR again. Likewise, my wife, daughter, and a number of friends aren’t interested in seeing it all now. I do have a couple of other friends trying to talk me into seeing it again, giving it another chance. I might, but I’m not exactly in a hurry either. I’ll probably wait to rent the DVD instead.

    Still, even if it fails to match what TDK did (not to mention The Avengers), who cares? It’s still a huge hit that will perform very well in the end. I was disappointed in the movie, but there were some great moments in that (my opinion) muddled mess of a film. It’s (obiously) not as light, fun, or as accessible as The Avengers, and you don’t have a marquis villain like Joker this time around. Who could possibly expect it to top either of those other two films?

    I don’t understand why people are so hung up on box office numbers, or pitting Batman vs. The Avengers (or Marvel vs. DC) anyhow. I want to love both! So Nolan let me down with the finale. At least I still have his first two Bat-movies to enjoy, and Marvel’s certainly let me down before too (Iron Man 2? AWFUL).

    Here’s hoping Marvel can keep things rolling after The Avengers, and that WB/DC can make a great, epic Superman film for the 21st century. Maybe they can come up with good Batman reboot too, but they should take their time with that. I’d like to see them successfully bring characters who aren’t Superman or Batman to the big screen too.

  • Jake

    Some of you people are baffling, TDKR was a great movie and is a great end to the trilogy. I can’t wait till it comes out on blu-ray, my favorite trilogy ever.

    • Scott

      I agree it was a great end to a great trilogy.

    • junierizzle

      I agree. I loved it. If people didn’t love it or even like it then cool. I just don’t see how people can call it dumb or embarrassing, or that it sucked. People are hating on it like its Jack and Jill. Come on, if you think its bad, it ain’t that bad.

      I believe in time, once the dust settles, people will come to the realization that it is actually a good movie. TDKR had so much hype it was destined to let some.people down. In my opinion people watched this looking for flaws instead of just letting it wash over them. It will be as beloved as the Star Wars trilogy.

    • junierizzle

      I agree. I loved it. If people didn’t love it or even like it then cool. I just don’t see how people can call it dumb or embarrassing, or that it sucked. People are hating on it like its Jack and Jill. Come on, if you think its bad, it ain’t that bad.

      I believe in time, once the dust settles, people will come to the realization that it is actually a good movie. TDKR had so much hype it was destined to let some.people down. In my opinion people watched this looking for flaws instead of just letting it wash over them. It will be as beloved as the Star Wars trilogy.

      • Travis

        Thank you.

      • Jack & Jill was fun!!!!

        Mmmmm, I let movies wash over me like a summer breeze…


        Thinking actually enhances the experience for me. If the movie lacks serious flaws it can withstand an honest look. Good filmmakers make movies that way. Anytime someone’s favorite movie gets criticized it becomes a Care Bears cartoon and the critics who complain about it are boring nerds.

  • Guest

    How about just a real simple explanation that is more grounded in reality then fanboys would care to accept. MOST people line-up to see it when it comes out. The second week is of course a drop off. Has any movie ever jumped UP after the first week? No.

    The third week is when a lot of people go back for a second viewing and when another large contingent of people who want to avoid the crowds and madness of opening weekend, decide to go.

    Bottom line, ultimately….who the fuck even cares. Seriously. Is this really the most important thing going on in your life? Box office numbers? Christ….

  • Angel of Death

    I love it. People are going “who cares”, but still caring enough to waste time to post about it. HILARIOUS!!!!

    • Travis

      But we aren’t posting about box-office numbers and how it apparently is “supposed” to matter. You are.

  • junierizzle

    Actually, Titanic made more money each week. It didn’t even open at number 1 if I recall. It climbed to the top spot and stayed there for months. Something that will never be done again.

  • DC fan

    This movie was huge a let down, you could evenseeiton people’s faces as they left the theatre.

    GO SUPERMAN !!!!!!!!!