Friday Box Office – THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Tops TOTAL RECALL on Third Friday

     August 4, 2012


Even with Sony’s Total Recall remake now in the mix, it looks like The Dark Knight Rises will have no trouble holding on to number one bragging rights for a third straight weekend. The trouble is, with numbers this low, no one has any real reason to brag. TDKR earned an estimated $10.4 million on Friday towards what should equal $35 million this weekend. That means trouble for Sony. The studio’s Total Recall remake opened Friday with an estimated $9.2 million from 3,601 locations and is now expected to earn around $25 million through Sunday. That’s about what the Arnold Schwarzenegger original realized for its own 1990 debut… not adjusted for inflation. The weekend’s final new release, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, also opened on the low end of expectations with an estimated $5.8 million from 3,391 locations. The third entry in the kid-lit franchise is projected to earn $17 million for the weekend – lower than both of its Wimpy Kid predecessors.  We’ll have full details tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1. The Dark Knight Rises $10,400,000 $328.5
2. Total Recall (2012) $9,200,000 $9.2
3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 $5,850,000 $5.8
4. Ice Age 4 $2,475,000 $125.9
5. The Watch $1,915,000 $20.9
  • Grimcicle

    Colin Ferrell just isn’t a box office draw, it seems. Look at what happened with the Fright Night remake.

    • Alex

      I think it has less to do with Farrell and more to do with the caliber of the film. Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn are considered box office draws, that didn’t stop The Watch from tanking.

  • Pb Zeppelin

    I hope Total Recall bombs. The original was just one of those films that didn’t need a remake.

  • FAN-tastic

    People should really stop giving their money to Dark Knight Rises. It will encourage studios to continue to push lazy, ineptly written garbage to the masses.

    • thaRiddler


    • JoKEr

      I agree, the movie was a joke! hhhhhhhhhhhhahahahaha.

    • Grimcicle

      The Dark Knight Rises was a very good (but flawed) film, that sadly did not live up to expectations set by its superb predecessors.

  • wasabi

    The Dark Knight Rises was a disappointment. Now I’m worried about Man of Steel coming out next year.

  • Person

    The Dark Knight Rises may have been a disappointment, but there’s really nothing else right now that deserves to be #1 in its place (at least in terms of studio tentpoles). At least TDKR was reasonably well made and hella entertaining, if not as great as the first two.

  • Tim

    How come this site never mentioned the” Diary of A Wimpy Kid” movie?

    A little biased?