Friday Box Office – THE EXPENDABLES 2 Leads Exceptionally Weak Field with $3.8 Million

     August 25, 2012


If summer started off white-hot with Marvel’s The Avengers, it looks like it will end ice-cold with the lowest-grossing number one finish of 2012.  After a weak Friday box office, it looks like The Expendables 2 will earn a second weekend at number one with just $11 million in expected grosses. The weekend’s other titles should all fall short of $10 million by Sunday, including the new releases Premium Rush, Hit and Run and The Apparition. The only notable feature of Friday’s top five is the performance of the political documentary 2016 Obama’s America. After hanging back in limited release since July, the feature-length attack ad moved into 1,091 locations on Friday where it brought in a solid $2.2 million. We’ll have full details tomorrow.

Title            Friday Total
1.  The Expendables 2 $3,850,000 $42.6
2.  The Bourne Legacy $2,700,000 $78.8
 ParaNorman $2,300,000 $21.9
4.  2016 Obama’s America $2,295,000 $5
5.  The Campaign $2,215,000 $59.3
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  • sense 11

    Right Wing Super Pack creates slander documentary about the President then purchases and gives out thousands of free tickets nationwide. I guarantee you most of those theaters are empty,

    All this BS is funded by a few billionaires only interested in lower taxes and deregulation.

    I hope people don’t fall for it.

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  • paul tracy

    The trailer includes a black family fighting over monopoly money to an ominous middle eastern score…pretty tasteless imagery.

    I’m all for debate, but these nasty pendulum depictions of politicians just fill the most vulnerable with bad ideas and when those ideas occur, those that are responsible back off and suggest they’re not responsible for how someone interpreted the message.

    all fairly depressing, really.

    ~ p