Friday Box Office – THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT Can’t Beat Holdovers THINK LIKE A MAN and THE LUCKY ONE on Seriously Slow Friday

     April 28, 2012

What a difference 12 months makes. On this weekend in 2011, summer started early when the surprise blockbuster Fast Five sped past $86 million on its debut run. And this year? Out of four new wide releases on Friday, not one could challenge last weekend’s number one comedy Think Like A Man. Hell, none of them could beat last weekend’s number two movie The Lucky One, for that matter. Best effort came from the Judd Apatow-produced The Five-Year Engagement, which debuted with an estimated $3.5 million from 2,936 locations or about half of what was expected. Sony’s animated Pirates! Band of Misfits made it into the top five with $2.8 million (and could climb higher if family audiences turn out on Saturday); but both Lionsgate’s Safe and Relativity’s The Raven had to settle for ‘also-ran’ status with $2.6 and $2.5 million, respectively. Overall, it looks like a pretty lifeless weekend, which only means that we’ll have much more hyperbole to work with when The Avengers – which is already breaking records overseas – hits next Friday.

Title Friday Total
1 Think Like A Man $5,500,000 $48.4
2 The Lucky One $3,900,000 $40.1
3 The Five-Year Engagement $3,500,000 $3.5
4 The Hunger Games $3,000,000 $372.4
5 Pirates! Band of Misfits $2,800,000 $2.8
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  • titan3

    ouch, looking like a disaster for 5 Year Engagement… barely made half a mil more than the Hunger Games.

  • Edward Lee

    Yeah, unfortunately, Follywood hasn’t quite learned that folks just don’t find Apatow funny any more.

  • Farzan

    It has nothing to do with Apatow fatigue (Bridesmaids says hello). I actually saw Five-Year Engagement and it was really funny and different than most Apatow movies. The movie is bombing because everyone is waiting for The Avengers next week. That movie will be Huge