Friday Box Office: THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Takes in $37.5 Million on Opening Day

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Nine years after The Return of the King wrapped up director Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Middle Earth is back.  An Unexpected Journey, the first of three films Jackson based on JRR Tolkein’s The Hobbit, debuted yesterday in 4,045 locations. That included 3,160 3D and 461 ‘HFR’ 3D sites and was a record launch for December. No surprise, then, that The Hobbit is set to smash many more records this month. On its first full day in theatres, An Unexpected Journey took in an estimated $37.5 million, including $13 million from 3,100 midnight premieres. That ranks as the all-time best debut for December, topping the $34.4 million The Return of the King earned on its Wednesday, 2003 premiere.  Weekend projections for The Hobbit are in the $95 million range, which would easily top I Am Legend‘s all-time December record of $77.2 million. An Unexpected Journey already took in $27.2 million overseas ahead of its US debut, making a $200 million worldwide total a real possibility by the end of this weekend.  We’ll have full details tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1. The Hobbit $37,500,000 $37.5
2. Lincoln $1,933,000 $102.5
3. Skyfall $1,850,000 $267.2
4. Rise of the Guardians $1,520,000 $65.4
5. Breaking Dawn Part 2 $1,475,000 $273.1

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  • Dzoni

    Great movie………

  • Jay

    This movie was fantastic – go see it!



    • JW.

      Why don’t you just go outside and stare at the sun you damn troll.

      • MY oh MY

        Actually this guy is correct. Movie was terrible.
        Theater was packed, but unfortunately many people left the theater really soon.
        Probably because it was shown in 48fps/3D, and that made it look like some kind of old BBC sitcom. Cheap and fake.
        48FPS simply takes movie magic away. I know it is better from technology point of view. But if for last 100 years moviegoers got used to 24 fps in movies – dont change it – it works.
        Not all change is for the better. I am paying for cinema experience – not to watch old VHS tape on a big screen. I can do it at home for free.

  • JW.

    This movie wasn’t perfect. Avengers wasn’t perfect and Dark Knight Rises was not perfect. The reason these movies make a butt load of money is because these are familiar franchises and have a good solid fan-base. Fans will see it multiple times in spades. So for people who think this is completely overrated piece of shit just realize the Phantom Menace scenario. not comparing this to Phantom Menace, just that that movie made a whole lot of money soully on fan-base alone.

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  • Lance

    This movie is certainly no Phantom Menace. And 48 fps has both benefits and drawbacks. Benefits: It makes the 3D pop for me, and everything isn’t quite as dark. Drawbacks: It does make a lot of scenes look like they were shot on old videotape, so you don’t get the sense you’re watching a mythic quest, but a 1970s era episode of Doctor Who.

    The movie could be shorter and it could have been written better. But for the fans it’s definitely worth it, and I suspect it will wear better on DVD and Blu-Ray as part of the whole Middle Earth movie series, than as a standalone movie.

  • Joey

    I agree with the comment 2 up. This film was dreadful. A steaming pile of shite ( infected diarrhoea )
    sums it up perfectly. Don’t go see it or its 2 sequels. Just download the dvdrips illegally from a piratebay mirror when they come out. Def don’t pay money to watch this drivel.

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