Friday Box Office – THE HUNGER GAMES Scores $68.2 Million Opening. Highest Ever For Non-Sequel

     March 24, 2012


If you follow the box office at all you probably knew that The Hunger Games was going to open huge.  Tickets for advance screenings sold out weeks ago (the film had the third-highest pre-sales record in history) and the film’s $19.7 million midnight haul was the highest ever for a non-sequel release.  About the only question left to answer for the adaptation of the Suzanne Collins best-seller, then, was how huge was huge going to get?  This morning, estimates give The Hunger Games $68.2 million for all of Friday so… pretty big.  That falls short of the opening-days of both The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse though it is another record for a first-time property.  At this point the film will definitely break the all-time March opening record of $116.1 million and could go as high as $138 over the weekend, which would put Hunger Games close to the top five highest-debut weekends in history.  Check back tomorrow for analysis and details.

Title Friday Total
1 The Hunger Games $68,250,000 $68.2
2 21 Jump Street $6,250,000 $56
3 The Lorax $3,200,000 $167.4
4 John Carter $1,359,000 $58.6
5 Project X $625,000 $50.4
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  • Tol

    John Carter had got panned by the critics, so we thought we’d go see something safe that had been received well by the critics, The Hunger Games.

    What a piece of over-hyped shyte that movie was!

    It was weird, I am so used to watching movies on my PC, I kept looking at the bottom edge of the screen to see how much more of this drivel was left to go, then realised I couldn’t fast forward it.

    Teenagers’ idea of a leading man these days is some wimp who has no screen presence and needs to be defended by a woman. He has to be all feelings and emotions. Talk about role reversal!

    Thank God it cost me no money to see, as I used a Vue gift card to pay for my and my friends VIP seats. Cinema was only half full, so maybe the word had got round.

    Most of the movie is action free, and the second half was like watching some program on the TV about survival in the woods, only less tense.


    • JJ73

      Are you that fuckin stupid!!! So far it is the best movie of the year!!

      • Tol

        Yes, I did feel stupid, I must admit, to trust movie critics. And I had to apologise to my friend for choosing the movie in the first place. Though not as stupid as the idea of an alliance of five in a tournament only one can survive.

        Hey, I wasn’t alone in this. No one laughed, no one cried, though one girl at the front cried out ‘At last!’ when a kiss occurred. Not sure why though. Maybe she needed to scream something to break the stillness.

    • mort

      have you ever even read the books? if you havent you should.. peeta was portrayed perfectly by josh…while there were some major parts of the movie left out it was still a lot better than it could have been..bashing a character and actor because he does a good job is just silly..


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  • Amardeep Lakra

    Critical acclaim nothing to do with boxoffice as Transformers movies were never received well by critics but had done huge business.

  • Salz

    lol get out of here Tol troll, go outside and try to make some friends.

    Though as far as trollin goes, good job. You managed:
    1. To almost admit to watching pirated movies
    2. Being a sexist
    3. Being stupid

    Congrats :)

    • Tol

      Look, my name may be Tol but I aint no Troll. I admit, I may have over-reacted, but it is not the best movie out there at the moment as some would suggest.

      As for a pirate, I watch a lot of movies on DVD/Blu ray at my pc, so yeah, I get a fast forward bar.

      Sexist? All I said was that men need to be men to be a hero in a movie, not a wimp. The bloke she left behind in District 12 would’ve been a lot better.

      Friends? I went outside and:

      Me: ‘HEY, YOU!’


      Me:’BE MY FRIEND!’

      Stranger: ‘Umm, okay.’

      Me: ‘First of all, I hate the way you dress.’

      And he walked off! Maybe I am too critical.

      Stupid? Yeah, I will give you that one.

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