August 28, 2010


With one week to go before we bid farewell to the summer of 2010, three “new” releases arrived to claim their share of those diminishing vacation dollars. The actual new movies fared better than the one “new” movie: that re-released, Special Edition of Avatar. The now extra, crazy-long ‘biggest movie of all time’ earned an estimated $1.2 million from its 811 all-3D engagements (including 125 in IMAX). That was good enough for tenth place on Friday… right behind Nanny McPhee Returns. I guess those extra 8 minutes weren’t a big incentive after all. On the winning end of our top ten, The Last Exorcism led the pack on Friday with an estimated $9.4 million from 2,874 locations – just a bit less than The Final Destination, with its 3D-enhanced ticket prices, earned on the same day in 2009. The heist drama Takers placed second with $7.5 million estimated from 2,206 locations. Screen counts, um, count, in other words. We’ll have full weekend details back here tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 The Last Exorcism $9,400,000 $9.4
2 Takers $7,500,000 $7.5
3 The Expendables $2,700,000 $75.2
4 Eat Pray Love $2,100,000 $55.8
5 The Other Guys $1,900,000 $94.6
  • MCP

    I wasn’t expecting Avatar to win this weekend, since it doesn’t even have 900 screens. Good job for Exorcism, I guess….?

    Next week though, Machete will slice the competition…

    end of line

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I didn’t expect Exorcism to be No 1. It wasn’t really promoted heavily.

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  • Jymmymackiv

    I disagree Junierizzle. I have seen about 50 TV spots for The Last Exorcism in about two weeks.

    I find it funny that Cameron re-released Avatar because there was “still some money left on the table” (his words, not mine), and here it is not really reaping that “demand” that he thought was still around.

  • Killik0

    i love it how the writer of this article who apparently hates Avatar,tries to spit his vitriol against the movie using its BO re-release performance but he ignores (or avoids deliberately?) to put these numbers into perspective: its 1.2m from 700 theaters in the USA compared to the 4000 theaters who play the new released movies.

    Avatar’s re-release is NOT a big re-release like some other previous re-releases were like the SW OT SE,or E.T. and so on.Frankly even 50m worldwide grosses for this re-release is a over-optimistic speculation.

  • jamais

    Well, the film bloggers’ mantra for the past few weeks was “cash grab” while Avatar enthusiasts were saying “a nod for the fans”. Turns out fans were right, and since no one likes to be proven wrong then the new mantra from bloggers right now will be – I guess – “failed cash grab” ;-)

  • Jymmymackiv

    The reason writers said “cash grab” is because Cameron said that the re-release was in order to take some “money left on the table.” Interesting how you can call other people haters and completely ignore the filmmaker himself who admits that this was released now, in a lackluster time, in order to make more money that he felt he was owed.

  • jamais

    I could write a longer reply but Ayepecks said it all already in a comment under this newer report on weekend BO.