Friday Box Office – THE VOW in First with $15.4 Million; SAFE HOUSE a Close Second; Overall Box Office on Track for Record-Breaking February Frame

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Far from ending 2012’s winning streak, this weekend is on track to become the biggest February frame of all time as each of Hollywood’s three new releases outstrip their financial forecasts by astonishing margins. Meanwhile, the 3D reissue of The Phantom Menace did not embarrass itself on Friday but it didn’t blow away early expectations either. Details after the jump.

Title Friday Total
1 The Vow $15,400,000 $15.4
2 Safe House $13,800,000 $13.8
3 Phantom Menace 3D $8,700,000 $8.7
4 Journey 2 $6,600,000 $6.6
5 Chronicle $3,500,000 $31.3

safe-house-movie-image-denzel-washington-ryan-reynolds-01Tracking indicated that Screen Gems/Sony’s The Vow would come out on top, but few foresaw the huge numbers attending this romantic drama. From 2,958 locations, The Vow earned an estimated $15.4 million on Friday on its way to a three-day total of almost $40 million.  A debut like that is almost unheard of for a February release and this weekend we get two of them.

Universal’s Safe House is also expected to earn over $35 million by Sunday or 40% more than early projections for the Denzel Washington action-thriller. Wrapping up the newcomers, Warner Brothers’ Journey 2: Mysterious Island may have come in fourth for Friday but its earnings point to a three-day take of more than $20 million instead of the low teens that was expected. The only film not smashing expectations this weekend is the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace; but, to be fair, that’s because the expectation-bar is set pretty high for anything Star Wars. From 2,655 locations, Episode One 3D earned an estimated $8.7 million on Friday, including $1.1 million in midnight grosses. That means a weekend of approximately $24.5 million or precisely the amount that Fox and Lucasfilm projected.

Details and analysis tomorrow.

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FB Comments

  • chris

    Doesn’t surprise me Tatum is a favorite with the ladies, and after Green Lantern many people are doubting Reynolds.

    • a fan

      The GL was disliked only by a lot of the so-called die-hard fan base. The people who like Ryan Reynolds are still here and since it supposedly failed at the box office maybe not that many people saw it eh?? and just what are people doubting Ryan about??

  • Kimian

    Saw The Vow ,solid romantic movie for the season and Journey 2 will be enjoyed by kids more than adults,but was fine.

  • John Shutt

    I’m not surprised that The Vow did nearly $40 million but am shocked at how amazing Safe House did as well. It just shows that Denzel is one of the remaining few A-list actors who can still put butts in seats, especially when he plays the villain.

  • BMAN

    The success of Safe House proves that a R rated action movie can compete with the PG-13 crowd.

  • Grant keanan

    Safe House was pretty darn good! I mean i liked the trailer and ent because I really like Denzel but was pleasantly surprised ( By the way Man on Fire is among my Top 10 movies of all time)
    There were hardly any lines for Phantom Menace 3D,I think they will be making less than the predicted. Haven’t come across anyone that wants to go see it.

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