Friday Box Office – THOR Scores $25.7 Million on Opening Day

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OK, so we all know that “summer” started early this year with the $86.2 million launch of Fast Five.  The only question was how last weekend’s massive debut would impact Thor – the superhero flick that, according to the calendar, should have been this year’s first blockbuster.  Thor earned an estimated $25.7 million from its 3,995 locations on Friday including the $3.25 million he took in from midnight screenings.  That puts the Marvel hero on track for a $60 million first weekend or, right about where the big guy was expected to land after Vin Diesel’s crew drove off with his start-of-summer thunder seven days ago.  That same crew came in second on Friday, falling off by 70% for an estimated $10.5 million.  With its new domestic total of $117.8 million, Fast Five should be passing Rango to become the highest-grossing release of 2011 right about… now!  This week’s two romantic-comedy counter-programmers – Something Borrowed and Jumping the Broom – brought in $4.8 and $4.1 million respectively.  Full details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Thor $25,700,000 $25.7
2 Fast Five $10,500,000 $117.8
3 Something Borrowed $4,800,000 $4.8
4 Jumping the Broom $4,175,000 $4.1
5 Rio $1,960,000 $108.6

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  • Reigert

    Chris Hemsworth used to be perfectly healthy and physically fit a few years ago and it is absolutely shocking to see what he has had to do to his body for this movie with those disgustingly huge muscles that he has now built. It is worse though, because he has to maintain it for future Thor and Avengers movies.

    The ultra-gorgeous Kat Dennings should not appear in movies unless she is the female lead or the main love interest. She shouldn’t have been in this movie at all.

    • Wolstenholme

      You’re blind, thete was nothing wrong with Chris Hemsworth. As for Kat Dennings, she is an ugly…hideous hoodrat, please put a bag on her face and don’t let her speak if for some reason she continues to find work in the film industry. Overall I found that Thor sucked, lets hope Captain America doesn’t

      • Sara

        shut up. I think kat dennings is a normal person. not hideous… i prefered her than Natalie Portman… I thought Natalie Portman acting fake in some scenes. But i liked her too. I saw 2 times in 2D here in Brazil….

        but who was truly amazing was Loki and Odin….

    • fabrice

      dude i saw this exactly message on every article about thor

      somebody is obssesed

  • Mollie Drake

    It is unfortunate that Last Night, Passion Play and Daydream Nation are only being released in select cities and that we won’t find out how they would have done commercially if released nationwide. They all have interesting casts.

    It would have been interesting to see how smaller films for the leads would do commercially.

  • Rune Alexander

    Amazing movie! Seen it in 3D twice already. Loved the cast, especially Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman. Kenneth Branagh has done a remarkable job on this film. Can’t wait to see it again, and I anticipate more Thor-movies!

  • Superfreak

    Thor is amazing! Guys, watch it. It’s one of the best comic book films I have seen. The cast is great, especially Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. Anthony Hopkins and Natlaie Portman, as expected, are awesome. The scenes in Asgard are gorgeous. The battle scenes are phenomenal. Do yourselves a favor, watch it in any cinema… 2D, is ok…3D makes it better, IMAX 3D is the best.

  • l4b0Mb4

    its a good movie, but they really screwed themselves by releasing this overseas a week before the U.S.

    A decent copy of the movie has been online for a week now which has to be putting a sizable dent in these early numbers. If anything, movie piracy starts overseas and ends in the U.S., so releasing it ANYWHERE but the U.S. first is idiotic in my eyes.

    • giovanni

      Totally agree. i myself was just too excited and couldt wait so i watched the copy that is online and its actually a very good copy but always had full intention of still getting the theatre experience afterward. Well after watching it i feel like i pretty much got the idea and im no longer in any rush to see it at the the theatre cuz the excitement is gone. and im not sure if i even will anymore, i might just get it on dvd when i consider again paying almost $18 per ticket for 3D Imax for me and my girl for a movie i already saw. Its a shame and i know i sort of ruined it for myself but im sure i wasnt the only person this happened to.

      • Rune Alexander

        “…i know i sort of ruined it for myself” You sure did. “…but im sure i wasnt the only person this happened to.” Nothing “happened” to you, you made a choice and you should have known better. Movies like this are better enjoyed in a theater and you should not support illegal pirated movies anyway, illegal downloading is destroying the film industry. People should support the movies they watch, especially big ones like this that costs a lot and need to earn well for Marvel to make sequels. I want a sequel to Thor! (And I am not talking about The Avengers, although I will see that one as well.)

      • giovanni

        I actually didnt need to download it because its available for instant streaming view on a few websites. i for one dont download anything from those torrent websites because a friend of mine got a notice from cablevision saying that sony sent them a warning for downloading Planet 51 while it was in theatres telling him to stop downloading movies or they will pursue legal action. but when these streaming websites are now available it was too tempting so i took a peak at the first five minutes and i couldnt help myself and ended up watching the rest of it

  • Aaronsullivan

    Word of mouth could make this weekend a bit better than Friday predicts. It’s an enjoyable ride for anyone that gives the out-there premise at the start. I know many who are skeptical that will like it once they see it.

  • Salfie

    Whether Thor makes a fortune or loses a fortune I for one enjoyed it. It was the first time in a while that I left a movie feeling like I was entertained and got my money’s worth.

  • nawtnt

    Thor was awesome, the cast was great, the story was fine, the action scenes was amazing and Chris Hemsworth as Thor? The best choice yet.

    Thor is the best comic book movie of the summer yet.

    Hopefully Red Dawn and The Cabin In The Woods will be released this year as Chris Hemsworth is becoming a star and Thor is being successfully.

    I hope X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern and Captain America: The First Avenger will be great than Thor.

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