Friday Box Office – TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Primed for Second Weekend on Top

     July 9, 2011

In 2009, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen barely eked out a victory in its second weekend at the domestic box office.  Two years later, its follow-up looks much better situated.  On Friday Transformers: Dark of the Moon took in an estimated $15 million, bringing its domestic total up to $228.9 million in ten days.  Though it still trails the $269 million Fallen had earned at its ten day point here in the US, worldwide Tf3 passed the $500 million mark on Thursday and should pass $600 million sometime today.  In second place, Warner Brothers’ Horrible Bosses brought in an estimated $9.9 million from 3,062 locations for what looks like a weekend total of $26 million.  Meanwhile, Sony’s Zookeeper looks like 2011’s latest disappointment with a first day estimate of $7.4 million and a weekend projection of just $20 million.  Details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Transformers 3 $15,000,000 $228.9
2 Horrible Bosses $9,920,000 $9.9
3 Zookeeper $7,400,000 $7.4
4 Cars 2 $4,825,000 $138.4
5 Bad Teacher $3,000,000 $72.7
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  • Aaron

    Just came back from this 2 1/2 hour life sucking pile of cinematic crap that is Micheal Bay’s new abortion, all I have to say is I want my $19 back. the movie has a really awesome concept but the script it terribly executed, I really hope that Sam’s idiotic parents died at the end of this one, because you never do see them in the finally.

    • Jeff T.

      Cry, cry, cry….

      There’s nothing more hilarious than a nerd who’s whining like a little bitch. Thank God people like you are the complete minority.

      Oh and yeah, Transformers 3 was great. Easily the best summer blockbuster this year. I’m glad it’s doing so well at the box office.

      • Aaron

        See that’s exactly the type of comment I would expect from such a simple minded, easily entertained individual such as your self, this movie is meant for a certain target audience, you seem to fit that criteria quite well, I went to see it because my daughter wanted to, sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your children, she’s 13 and didn’t like it either. What’s up next for you? Smurfs I bet!

  • Team BRING IT!!!!!!

    Dark of the Moon is the best movie of the summer.
    The critics are WRONG, the fans are RIGHT!!!!!!!!
    TF3 is the summer movie to see in kick-ass 3D.!!!!!!
    ” Today in the name of Freedom, we take the fight to them”

  • J.R.

    Wow Mediocrity is the new wave, i am certain that i wont jump in that wagon too!….. btw witch one is better for you guys Transformers or Green Lantern??

    • Aaron

      Oh Green Lantern kills the new Transformers!

  • Kevin

    OOOH how wrong is that!!! Transformers own green lantern. GL sucks very bad, sorry but TF is the best movie this summer, but HP7 also will be!! so two great awesome movies this year!!

  • Steve

    Okay TF3 isn’t a good film but it’s a great movie. It’s a fun summer blockbuster. Also who the fuck pays 19 bucks for a movie… it was 15 for me. I fucking hated Revenge of the Fallen…. I thought it was waaaay too long and just all around terrible. Dark of the Moon was actually entertaining the whole way through and I never once checked my phone to see what time it was. The final action scene (like the last 45 minutes of the movie) is absolutely stunning in 3D. Everyone who’s hating on Michael Bay needs to chill the fuck out… grab some popcorn… and fucking enjoy themselves.

    • Aaron

      $19 for both my daughter and I.

  • Chris

    I don’ t why but I found Horrible Bosses to be smarter than Transformers so I think it should be at top, but then again anything would be smarter than Michael cough*Explosions* cough cough Bay’s steaming pile of c-cinematic excess.