Friday Box Office – X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Scores $21 Million Debut

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After a record breaking Memorial Day, it looks like the good times are going to continue to roll this weekend thanks to X-Men: First Class.  The Fox/Marvel release had no trouble landing at number one on Friday with an estimated $21 million from 3,641 locations and is projected to earn $53 million through Sunday.  That is more than all four of 2010’s wide releases earned on their post-Memorial Day frame.  In terms of its mutant predecessors, First Class is on par with the $54.4 million the first X-Men took in on its debut in July of 2000 and is also just above the $48.7 million that Batman Begins made in 2005.  Considering that, like the latter, this film attempts to reset a popular franchise with a young, new cast, that is pretty much as it should be.  In terms of the last X-offering, X-Men: First Class will not get near the $85 million that X-Men Origins: Wolverine made in May of 2009, but with 87% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes next to Wolverine’s 37%, I’m sure that’s a discrepancy they can live with.  Details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 X-Men: First Class $21,000,000 $21
2 The Hangover Part II $10,460,000 $164.8
3 Kung Fu Panda 2 $6,300,000 $82.4
4 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 $5,087,000 $177.3
5 Bridesmaids $3,620,000 $98.7

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  • nawtnt

    Good for X-Men: First Class and The Hangover Part 2 was a smash hit in the UK so it made lots of money.

    Will First Class manage to hold on to the top spot against Green Lantern?

    Maybe not but it will make lots of money before Lantern is released.

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  • Hannah Torres

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  • Wladi

    The best of the X men series next to X2…this is how they should have made X3…

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