Friday Box Office: ZERO DARK THIRTY Tops GANGSTER SQUAD and A HAUNTED HOUSE with $9 Million

     January 12, 2013


She may have been overlooked by the Academy, but director Kathryn Bigelow has been avenged at the box office. Zero Dark Thirty, the “controversial” CIA thriller that has been enjoying incredible success in limited release, is now a success on a much wider scale. The Best Picture nominee took first place on Friday with an estimated $9 million from 2,937 runs. With its three-day take expected to top $25 million, Zero Dark Thirty will remain on top through Sunday, giving Bigelow the first number one hit of her career. Once the presumptive pick for the top spot, Warner Brothers’ Gangster Squad had to settle for third on Friday. The R-rated crime drama, which has had its own share of controversy following the events in Aurora and Newtown, earned an estimated $6.6 million from 3,103 locations – just under the $6.7 million estimate of the new R-rated comedy A Haunted House. With Django Unchained in fourth, it looks like the four highest-grossing domestic films will all carry an R-rating this weekend – the equivalent of a solar eclipse in box office parlance. We’ll have full details tomorrow.

  Title Friday Total
1.   Zero Dark Thirty $9,000,000 $14.4
2.   A Haunted House $6,700,000 $6.7
3.   Gangster Squad $6,665,000 $6.6
4.   Django Unchained $3,456,000 $117.7
5.   Les Miserables $2,800,000 $111.8
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  • Griz

    OK, who the fuck went to see A Haunted House? Exactly what aspect of that gag reel of a trailer made you think it was going to be worth watching?

    • daveyboy

      Modern Black exploitation movies have built in audiences. Mainly urban audiences and young White teenagers who also went and saw all the Paranormal Activity movies. I know when I was 15 I was down for anything with Martin Lawrence or any one of the Wayan’s Brothers. Then I grew up.

  • Sugreev2001

    Frankly,To see A Haunted House in the top 10 is embarrassing.

  • Zero Dark Extra-Judicial Execution

    Zero Dark is the worst piece of Jingoistic propaganda since Triumph of the Wil. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • BIgelow is a genius

    It was super clever of Bigelow to take a ripped from the headlines approach to this movie and slap on a real world event to her HBO tv movie level film to lend it gravatas it would otherwise lack. Just look at how the bloodthirsty ‘Mericans showed up to fap to a snuff porno about how their seal team righteously slaughtered a man without trial. Remember when America beat the Nazi’s? That’s right kids, they put them on trial. They didn’t summarily execute them.

  • IT UP

    PC torture porn and propaganda (Zero Dark Thirty)

    ——-’MANDINGO’ meets ‘BLAZING SADDLES’ (Django)

    —–Spielberg’s latest piece of ‘on board’ cultural incest (Lincoln).

    And so franchise slum Hollywood outdoes itself yet again —for STALENESS.

    MEANWHILE, in 2012 alone

    —–the 40th Anniversary of BOTH the Nixon handover of the American
    economy to MAO —-and ROE v WADE

    —the 100th Anniversary of the Jeckyl Island USURY coup against our Republic

    —–the 200th Anniversary of the Defeat of Napoeleonic Globalism

    —and the 60th Anniversary of the KOREAN WAR werre —one and all —-’overlooked’. . .