FRINGE Ratings Nearly Unchanged by Friday Time Slot

     January 22, 2011


If last night is any indication of its future viewership, then Fox’s Fringe should be in good shape going forward.  Last night, J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Bob Orci’s sci-fi series debuted in its “death sentence” Friday time slot to a viewership almost identical to its previous Thursday numbers.  Per InsideTV, the episode entitled “The Firefly” garnered 4.9 million viewers with 1.9 of those belonging to the preliminary adults 18-49 mold.  In fact, Fox’s coupling of Fringe and Kitchen Nightmares made it the top network among the 18-49 demographic.

For the sake of comparison, if we take Fringe‘s 18-49 numbers from last night (1.9) and pit them against their latest numbers from the fall (1.7, according to TV by the Numbers), we see that the show not only held its own in the Friday death slot but it somehow managed to increase viewership.  Of course, depending on your feelings toward the show, you’re either saying “way to hold strong” or “you’re just delaying the inevitable.”  Regardless, right now the ghost of Joss Whedon’s late Firefly is smiling.

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  • João Paulo

    Just great man just great. Long live for Fringe

  • Ryan Ambrose

    I stopped watching Fringe past the first season’s initial episodes.

    Has the show really improved that much in its second season since then?

    I’m thinking of giving it a chance again.

    • amber

      I think Fringe has always been amazing, but the third season has taken fringe to a whole new level of AWESOMENESS!

      If you haven’t seen the third season yet, do it! It’s great and so addicting. I dare to say I now like this show even more than Lost!!

      I hope they keep it going for many more seasons despite its current ‘death slot’ status.

  • Scott Roberts

    “I stopped watching Fringe past the first season’s initial episodes. Has the show really improved that much in its second season since then? I’m thinking of giving it a chance again.”
    Yes the show has improved dramatically. Fringe in its first season was very much a crime of the week show but now Fringe is truly a serialized sci-fi classic.

    “Of course, depending on your feelings toward the show, you’re either saying ‘way to hold strong’ or ‘you’re just delaying the inevitable.’”
    This statement doesn’t make any sense. Who would say that having strong numbers of Friday (for Fringe or any other Friday show) is delaying the inevitable? All shows end so I guess having strong numbers is always delaying the inevitable end of a show but I don’t see how the argument is relevant here. Moving the show to Friday’s or putting it on an unannounced hiatis, is a move that could be characterized as only delaying the inevitable cancellation of a poorly performing show but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to characterize getting good ratings on what is normally a bad tv night as delaying the inevitable. Who could characterize this news as anything but positive. Even if one doesn’t enjoy Fringe, it performing well in a time slot that no one wants their favorite show to be in is positive for everyone.

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  • Dan Geer

    Fringe has dramatically improved since the first season. Even the first season got better and better as they went, and looking back on it there were lots of subtle hints at what was to come later in the series which makes for great rewatchability.

    I’m so glad the show is still doing alright, although I really hope it actually picks up more viewership. Let’s get it into the 6-8 million viewer range!

  • Elitist Prick

    The second season had a lot of interesting ideas, but I don’t think any of them were fleshed-out nearly enough. With the third season, it just got tremendously uninteresting. Anna Torv is one of the most boring and least compelling actresses on TV (which is saying something), so to have two of her on the same show… ugh.

    • Scott Roberts

      Completely disagree. Torv’s character is incredibly reserve and stoic. She is a throw back to similar male leads in the past. The fact that Torv can play two characters that elicit such conflicting emotions, I hate Earth 2 olivia more than anything but I love real Olivia, shows she can act.

  • aaronsullivan

    The episode itself was one of the best of the series, too. Christopher Lloyd was excellent.

    I always hesitate to blame Anna Torv for her uninteresting character in the first season especially. The story and writing kept undermining her in my estimation. She’s gotten far better and I think the duality was a great shot in the arm to her character and the current dynamic between the main characters is much meatier and endearing.

    The serial plot seems to have taken over and it’s a fun ride. The show was borderline at the start, and now at its worst it is uneven, but at its best it’s the peak of sci-fi currently on TV and right up there with my favorites.

  • Pedro Brazil

    Not a sci-fi guy, not north american, but I keep up with Fringe all the time. The show is awesome, and the characters are pretty charismatic!

    I believe Anna Torv is a great actress, and her character is not uninteresting. Olivia is just subtle, I think.

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  • Fancy

    I read an article about fringe a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it
    a try. I watched all the episodes from season 1, 2 and am up to date with only took me about a week. I am crazy about this show! I really hope they don’t cancel it. Season 3 is crazy good. If they cancel it I will not watch another show on fox because
    I really liked Dollhouse too and that got cancelled. Please everyone watch the show!!