Fantastic Movie-Style Trailer for Season Finale of FRINGE

     May 2, 2011

The regular TV season is winding down, and it looks like Fox’s death-defiant sci-fi series Fringe is really going to deliver in their season finale. Fox has just released an epic new movie-style trailer for the finale, and it’s pretty crazy. I can’t imagine where this series is going, but I’m glad that a fourth season has already been greenlit so we can see what’s in store down the road. Rather than take up anymore of your time, I’ll just let this fantastic trailer speak for itself.  Check it out after the jump.



  • RickC

    Why this show isn’t more popular than it is is completely beyond me. It is easily one of the best shows currently on TV. John Noble and Anna Torv are outstanding and each week the creativity of the entire crew shines through unlike any other genre show out there.

    Can’t wait to watch the finale and I’m sure develop an ulcer waiting for the next season (THANK YOU FOX) to begin.

  • David Con


  • SaschaD


    Agreed. The reason why is that the rest of america are (sorry) tv watching idiots. How do you think crap like the kardashians or Jers shore makes it big yet quality tv like Fringe is struggling.

    I cant even believe that the show was on the edge of being cancelled. Gotta give it to FOX by sticking with it. What other show has the movie like quality on tv then Fringe? Not even csi can touch it, imo.

  • BPSwanky

    Best show on television, bar none! I love how the stakes just keep getting higher. They never retread on old material. Awesome stuff, and I can’t wait for season 3 to come out in box set so I can catch up on stuff I’ve missed.

  • Dogg

    The overall plot is great, but the individual episodes are often embarrassingly bad. They often jump to ridiculous conclusion based on nothing at all. If a new viewer catches it on a bad night, that’s a lost viewer. Plenty of basic cable shows blow it away: Justified, The Killing, even the second season of SG-U is more consistently good.

    • David Con

      I do agree that if a new viewer were to watch this show at any given episode they would be confused, but they would see the beauty of the action, the emotion, and the mystery.
      How misinformed you are my friend.
      Fringe keeps up the pace in each episode by telling a new mystery, but not undoing what [the characters] know and understand. That is what makes this show good: it presents a new story while deriving back to the original plot; most shows keep on the same and only original plot. Fringe explores more than the average show because it is not average. Please, understand what makes a Television Show great, or don’t watch it.

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  • wacko3205

    I gotta tell ya…FRINGE has some of the craziest story lines in TV’s SyFy history & they ALWAYS pay off!!! The acting is just top notch & the story line gets better & better as do the emotional attachments between the characters. I swear…I wish that the bulk of the American public (of which I am a part of) wanted more thinking television instead of scripted reality television.

  • Jay Rubi

    Why does it say “you were right” in reverse at the end? sounds like Sam Weiss…

  • Matthew

    Dear Fox – if you read this, I don’t like much (~95%) of what you do, but this (and Family Guy) need to be fostered. Keep it up.