FULL HOUSE Revival in Development with Much of the Main Cast Poised to Return

     August 26, 2014


Jesse and the Rippers fans, rejoice!  It appears that new episodes of Full House may be on the way, as Warner Bros. Television is reportedly in the early stages of putting together a Full House revival.  The popular (and adorable) sitcom ran from 1987 to 1995 on ABC, teaching invaluable life lessons with equal amounts heart and humor thanks to Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, and of course Mr. Woodchuck.  Aside from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the cast has remained close-knit since the show went off the air and has been vocal about their willingness to return.  Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier even reprised their characters earlier this year on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and so it comes as little surprise that much of the main cast is in talks to return for this Full House revival.  More after the jump.

full-house-cast-reunionNews of this Full House revival was first reported by TV Guide, with THR confirming that Warner Bros. Television is developing a further iteration of the sitcom with Stamos, executive producer Bob Boyett, and series creator Jeff Franklin leading the charge.  Franklin is writing this new version of the series with Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber (the infamous Kimmy Gibbler) onboard, while Saget and Coulier are involved “in some capacity”.

This revival comes as the Disney Channel recently found success in reviving the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World in sequel form with Girl Meets World, which brings back stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel as parents.  With Cameron-Bure, Sweetin, and Barber “onboard”, one imagines this new iteration of Full House might revolve around the former teenage friends as the new central trio a la Danny, Jesse, and Joey.

Whatever comes of this Full House revival, I would certainly tune in to watch the further adventures of the Full House gang.  There was an earnestness to the original series that’s now absent from the traditional network sitcom, and I’d welcome it with open arms if only as a reprieve from the barrage of cynicism and mean-spiritedness that populates most comedies nowadays (thank the Maker for Parks and Recreation).

What do you think about this news, dear readers?  Would you watch more Full House with or without the Olsen twins?  Should John Stamos bring back the mullet?  Sound off in the comments below.


Full House Revival

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  • Jack Dennis

    Thank you Parks and Recreation!

  • sense

    That cast is stronger together then apart, excluding the billionaire twins of course

    I would tune in

  • Pk

    As long as they ditch the Olsen twins I’m game

  • Vomit

    I hated this show growing up. No real man would watch this dorky/cheesy show. My younger brother would watch this and I would be ashamed. This show is essentually a family version of the Three Stooges. How can anymore cheese be made.

    That said, it was a major part of my childhood TV watching. I would never watch it but I remember flipping past it to watch other shows or etc :)

    • LEM

      So how did your brother turn out? Did he ever become a real man?

    • Neven

      It’s the product of the ’80s. Humour was vastly different back then, especially with domestic sitcoms. Like Adam said, it was much brighter and there was not nearly as much cynicism and cultural references as today. It was purely a good-hearted family funtime, and cheese simply comes along with that. Trashy as it may be, I’m sure that it’s good for anyone to kick back and relax with it from time to time.

  • Strong Enough

    who would have thought the twin kids would be the richest ones in the future? lmao


    Honestly not sure how I feel, sure the nostalgia will kick in, but just like almost anything brought back from the 80s or early 90s ( Indiana Jones, Die Hard, Ninja Turtles, Sylvester Stallone) either the nostalgia wears off and you realize how cheesy it was or you have to “update it” to make it relevant to today’s audiences and then it becomes nothing like the original.

  • Anthony Michael

    Full House is terrible television. It’s fine enough when you’re eight or nine years old, but a grown-ass man shouldn’t be amused by this show for more than thirty seconds of nostalgia. I get wanting to see less cynical television, but the writing on this show was the pits, dude.

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