FUNNY PEOPLE Says YO TEACH to Viral Marketing

     May 28, 2009

funny_people_viral_jason_schwartzman_yo_teach_01.jpgSometimes a parody can play it so straight that folks miss the joke.  Hopefully that won’t happen here as Judd Apatow and Jason Schwartzman have absolutely ripped apart touchy-feely sitcoms with a parody called “Yo Teach!”  What makes this so vicious is that it’s not parodying one specific show.  It’s lampooning an entire genre of television and it’s using a real network, NBC, to do so.  It doesn’t help that NBC is hopelessly stuck in fourth place in the ratings and could conceivably do an awful show like this even if it looks like that show was conceived in the 90s.

But the purpose of the parody isn’t just to smack NBC across the jowls.  It’s to introduce Schwartzman’s character in “Funny People”, Mark Jackson Taylor.  In the film he’s supposed to be kind of a conceited douchebag and I think that comes across pretty clearly here, especially in the EPK material.  Hopefully we’ll be getting more of this stuff down the line, especially when it comes to Aziz Ansari’s character “Randy” who apparently brought down the house for “A Night of Funny People” a few months back.

Check out the spot-on awfulness after the jump and click here to see the full website along with the fake EPK.  “Funny People” hits theatres on July 31st.

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