FUNNY PEOPLE Wants You to Laugh Your Dick Off with RAAAAAANDY!

     June 30, 2009


“Funny People” is continuing its viral onslaught with, homepage to the character “Randy”, or, as he is more affectionately known, “RAAAAAANDY!”  This past January at the stand-up showcase “A Night of Funny People”, everyone I spoke with who attended unanimously reported that “Randy” (played by comedian and IMAX Foe Aziz Ansari) absolutely stole the show.  This new website lets you know why.  This may not be your type of humor and you may not get the joke (he’s not exactly riffing off Dane Cook but it’s close; Dane Cook doesn’t have a guy behind him as a comedy back-up), but I can definitely understand why he was such a riot with the audience.

The site has four clips from Randy’s act and a couple of them are from “A Night of Funny People“.  I haven’t seen “Funny People” yet but I hope that they haven’t spoiled the character with this.  Actually, I just used the soundboard again.  It can’t be spoiled.

Hit the jump to hear about Randy’s problem with Smart Type (it’s from a site called “” but just in case you couldn’t figure it out, it’s not safe for work if your work doesn’t appreciate naughty language). “Funny People” hits theatres on July 31st.

If you dug that clip, click here for three more.


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