FURY Release Date Moved Up to October 17th

     August 12, 2014


Sony Pictures has shifted the Fury release date for director David Ayer’s (End of Watch) World War II tank drama up nearly a month from its original release date of November 14th to October 17th, which could signal a strong awards play for the promising film.  Brad Pitt leads the original story of a tank crew battling a desperate Nazi army in the last days of World War II, and the film’s first trailer makes the pic look rather excellent.  Instead of battling for screens alongside Interstellar and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 in the middle of November, Fury will now open opposite Dracula Untold, the animated film The Book of Life, the romance The Best of Me, and the Jake Gyllenhaal-fronted Nightcrawler. 

The October launching pad has given us recent heavy hitters like Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, and Argo, so this new release date could certainly kick off a strong awards campaign for Fury.  Of course no one’s seen the film yet so it’s tough to predict its prospects with any degree of certainty, but Sony is clearly bullish on the pic.



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  • jay

    excellent news. ive been looking forward to this one all year, nice to see it a month earlier than expected.

  • Neven

    Well, in the midst of all these pushbacks, it’s really nice to see something move up.

    • jay

      my thoughts exactly, plus October is a good month for big movies. Look at Gravity and Captain Phillips last year. Both films had time to let strong word of mouth spread and remained readily available in theaters without being bombarded by the onslaught of films that come out from the middle of November to the end of December.

  • Vulcan

    Wasn’t even on my list of movies I want to see, but after the first trailer, I’m interested in it. And it seems like all of the studios are getting their movies the hell out of November to keep them from having to compete with Interstellar and the Hunger Games.

  • DEADP00L

    I’m not in the mood to watch war right now I’ll see what October brings.

  • Heytherebro

    Adam all films you mentioned (Gravity, Argo, 12 Years a Slave) premiered on festivals. FURY doesn’t hit any festival, so i’m not sure about it’s awards prospects, though the picture is really interesting, surelly gonna show some nice quality.

    • Adam Chitwood

      A good point. Fury is Sony’s only awards play this year so I’m very interested to see how things shape up. Could be that it’s just not a festival kind of film.

      • Person

        There is always the chance that Sony moved it up because they realized it’s not going to compete for major awards, so they want to give it the most commercially viable date, but have enough confidence in the pic’s chances for getting technical nominations (sound, sound editing, editing, production design, etc.).

        Still, I hope it does turn out to be a major player. I don’t normally like war movies but just from the poster and few images, it looks promising.

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