Good News, Everyone! FUTURAMA Gets Another 26 Episode Order!

     March 24, 2011

The return of Futurama last year was something to behold and Comedy Central delivered new original episodes for fans of the previously canceled series in what seemed like a dream come true. Now that dream will last even longer as EW has learned that the cable network has just ordered two cycles of 13 episodes each. For some reason Comedy Central likes splitting an entire season into two chunks over two years. So this new deal will keep Futurama around until 2013. As a huge fan of the series, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have the crew of Planet Express making deliveries for two more years.


  • Stan

    Lol great title. I don’t quite understand though… are we getting new episodes at all this year again?

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  • Bastardo

    Basically, Comedy Central’s original order was of 26 episodes (which counts as a production season) while they’re breaking them up onto two 13 episode airing seasons. We’ll get the rest of the original 26 episode order this summer I imagine, and they’ll probably run this new production season in the same fashion. Needless to say, I’m excited, while it had a not-so-smooth start, I think the new Futurama managed to find it’s footing near the end and there was some truly awesome episode like “Lethal Inspection” and “The Late Phillip J. Fry”.

    • drmar120

      I was on pins and needles re. the return of Futurama. The movies didn’t do much for me and I was worried the new series would not get its (original series) groove back. But it definitely did after the first few episodes. So, fantastic news that there will be 2 more 13-show seasons after this summer’s 13 show session.

  • Elitist Prick

    More drunken robots and alien lobster doctors? Yes please.

  • “BenderBendingRodregez

    Yeah, but whats in it for me!? BENDER!

  • LEM
  • GerryA

    Have been re-watching a couple of Season 1-3 episodes on DVD recently. Still hilarious. The last 2 seasons before it’s initial cancellation we very poor, turning it into more of a soap opera. I really liked the first season on CC. While it wasn’t classic, it was well on it’s way to getting it’s mojo back and I have been eagerly waiting for news such as this. Good news everyone indeed!

    They should have more Zap Brannigan in it, that is if Brannigans law allows it.