FX Has Officially Canceled LIGHTS OUT

     March 24, 2011


As someone who enjoyed the series premiere and the first few episodes thereafter, it brings me no joy to tell you that FX announced today that they have canceled the boxing drama Lights Out starring Holt McCallany. After just one season the series hasn’t been bringing in the ratings to justify a renewal for a second season. However, fans of the show will be glad to know that the first season will play out as scheduled: the final two episodes  air in their normal timeslot at 10/9c on March 29th and April 5th. Combine this news with the recently canceled Terriers and FX doesn’t seem to be having much luck lately. Anyone disappointed?


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  • Wolstenholme

    As long they keep making Archer I’m a happy camper

    • Narcisist

      This show is great I don’t know why it didnt catch on. This is why I no longer F#%^ing get into shows, they are not given a chance to grow an audience.

  • Rick

    I’m truly disappointed by this news. Lights was by far and away my favorite new show and I was looking forward to where they would take the characters in Season 2.

  • Vince

    Yawn anyway boxing dramas old hat, Terriers was a bore and the two guys turned the wife’s and mine guts

  • Peter

    I can’t say that I’m surprised by this news. While Lights Out is a well done show from almost all aspects, it just never found a big enough fanbase. And the same can be said for Terriers. Here’s to hoping that the next show FX picks up can bring the quality of these shows, as well as find those strong ratings that are needed to keep it going.

  • Rashy

    It sucks neither show found a strong fan base, goes to show America loves crap!

  • otto

    im soooooooooooooooooooooooo damn sad over this

  • Austin

    It was a well done show. It just didn’t have a very good hook. After the third or fourth episode I never had the urge to watch it again, and I’m usually very open-minded and patient when it comes to television.

    No pun intended on that hook comment, by the way.

  • LEM

    That show sucks. I really couldn’t care less if that dude got the belt back…did anyone? Bring back Terriers!

  • samir

    And the show was just starting to get really freaking great too.

  • Hairyman

    It is too bad. But, Justified is still on. And Archer.

  • occhile1984

    let’s face it, FX needs a new Nip/tuck like series or a Shield type.

  • Brian

    The idea of the show seemed good at first, but the brother comes off too needy/whiney, the other fighter isn’t enough of a heel, and the father gave up on him. His next trainer got kicked to the curb before he could get started, and his next trainer was too crazy. The theme is the worst I’ve ever heard and does not seem to fit the show at all.

    The show is just too uneven and unwieldy.. I like it to a degree, but I’m not surprised it didn’t catch on..

  • Razalian

    This is really whack. Lights Out was one of those shows that had me anxious, every week. I felt like I was following up on a real boxer’s life. But due to people’s lack of interest in the sport & sucked into Dana White’s watered UFC, Boxing is falling.

    I am also sad to hear Terriers is canceled as well. I thought FX was getting a real year’s worth of watching. For both of those shows, I wouldn’t mind them getting direct to dvd films, just to finish the story arc.

  • colomba

    WHAT!??? this sucks!! the best new show on TV!! amazing scripted, amazing characters.. give it a chance come oooon…

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  • ryan

    This is enough to turn me off FX. We loved Terriers and we love Lights Out. Should we just tune in next season to watch a show we will like so it will get cancelled. It seems they no longer have the patience to build a fan base. Gritty shows like this take time to catch on. Shows like Oz and The Shield didn’t have the most viewers in their first season. Those execs over at FX suck.

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  • FlaGuy

    I’m really disappointed in FX’s decision to cancel the show. Holt McCallaney was superb – I hope to see him in another show soon, and not just in bit parts, but as a main character. After reading a few bios on him on the web, I was quite impressed that he remained focused and goal oriented. Too many kids who run away from home end up on drugs, commit various felonies, and end up in the penitentiary. Holt is a rare breed, indeed! He will, I think, end up a major star one day; he surely deserves to!