Paramount Pushes G.I. JOE: RETALIATION Back to March 29, 2013 for 3D Conversion

     May 23, 2012


Well this is rather shocking.  Director Jon M. Chu‘s G.I. Joe: Retaliation was slated to open on June 29th, a little over a month away, but now Paramount has made a last-minute decision to push the film back all the way to March 29th of 2013.  Deadline reports that the move was made in order to do a “conscientious 3D” post-conversion.  This is a bit nuts, as we’ve already seen a ton of promotional material including trailers, TV spots, character posters, and even a fair share of interviews.  Hit the jump for much more.

g-i-joe-retaliation-bruce-willis-imagePer Deadline, a Paramount studio exec notes that 3D betters the international box office of a film greatly and cites the massive success of The Hunger Games as a reason to move to March.  Currently the only other two films slated for release on March 29th are the sci-fi adaptation of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s novel The Host and Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor.

3D may better international box office, but hasn’t the studio already blown their marketing wad on the film already?  We’ve seen a number of trailers that were precisely made to drum up awareness in increments, but how will they market the pic next year when there’s no new footage left to show without spoiling the movie entirely?

gi-joe-2-retaliation-movie-image-elodie-yungIt’s possible that the 3D may boost international ticket sales, but I’m not convinced that the release date shift will drastically improve the film’s domestic performance.  The Hunger Games made a shit-ton of money because the book series has an insanely large and rabid fanbase, and because Gary Ross made a good movie.  Moreover, I’m confused as to how they plan to launch a brand new marketing campaign early next year.  Are they just going to pretend that all the promotional material released over the past few months never happened?  Regardless, this move definitely allows for greater box office potential for the films opening on and around G.I. Joe’s old date, including Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Amazing Spider-Man.

I was actually kind of onboard with Jon M. Chu’s G.I. Joe follow-up.  Dwayne Johnson adds an enormous amount of charisma to every film he’s in, and the trailers promised lots of ninja goodness.  That said, I’m not sure that my cautious optimism will hold for another nine months.  What about you, fine readers?  Does this release date shift impact your anticipation level for the film?

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  • Josh

    This is simply the absolute stupidest thing I have heard in a long time. I kinda was excited for it. Now I’ll probably just boycott it. What a lame attempt to make more money at the expense of audiences. It’s straight up stupid.

    • Norm

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say they’ll “probably boycott” something before. Normally people are so pissed-off that they feel they HAVE to boycott, you make it sound like you’ll just wake up one day and say “looks nice outside, I think I’ll boycott something today” lol

  • will

    This might actually be dumber than when Warner Bros. pushed back the 6th Harry Potter just so it would be a summer tentpole.

    • John

      At least that one made a little more sense. WB pretty much hit their quota for the year with TDK and didn’t need another monster hit with Potter so they pushed that back to summer so they can use it for that fiscal year. And least with that they announced it months before release date. This one is just stupid. 1 month before release and they push it all the way back to March 2013? What a waste of marketing.

      • SP1234

        Not surprising coming from Paramount since they pushed Shutter Island out of the 2009 Oscars to a February 2010 release. Scorsese deserved a Best Director nomination for that movie.

  • Douche nozzles..

    What the fuck, I was actually looking forward for this. Now they have to be greedy bastards and Posterize the movie…
    I hope this blows up in their face, like the scientist who accidentally discovered Nitroglycerin…

  • Chris Etrata

    I think the battle ship bomb took a toll.

    • paidintern

      Except that they’re 2 completely separate studios, so… that makes no sense?

      They probably just realized that this summer is pretty bloated already.

      March 2013 is probably a better slot but it’s a big decision to make 1 month before opening.

      • SP1234

        They were referring to Hasbro, the Marvel wannabes.

      • SP1234

        He was referring about Hasbro, the Marvel wannabes.

    • Chris Etrata

      A more sensible move would be to move GI Joe to Labor Day. They basically just threw their money away.

  • Norm

    That’s one hell of a delay.

    You know a studio is in full scramble mode when they push a move back 9 months when it was only a month away from release. I blame Battleship. It did gangbusters overseas but got whomped by The Avengers here in the states so now they’re trying to prep it for a good international reception.

    I agree with the poster, what the hell are they going to do with all the advertising they’ve been building up here? There’s gonna be a crapload of people saying “I thought GI Joe was out this month?”

    • mattedscreen

      250+ million is hardly gangbusters, it took Battleship 6 weeks to hit an international sales mark the Avengers did in a weekend.

      • Norm

        Okay yeah, technically not “gangbusters”, I’m just playing with words here. Let’s just say it did admirably (and if it didn’t, then I don’t know why movie sites kept posting articles about how it was doing well overseas)

      • mattedscreen

        John Carter also made $200+ million overseas and it’s still a bomb…

      • THomas K.

        Studios don’t see the majority of international box office returns.
        They sell them to international distributors.
        They probably sold Battleship for around $200 million total and therefore covering the budget of the film. Only to have domestic just completely bomb for a “Summer Blockbuster”.
        Blame the idiots who though Battleship would make as much money at Box Office as Transformers which already had built in fanbase from tv shows, comics, and awesome ass toys; compared to just a damn boardgame.

        This move is the result of SEVERAL idiotic moves beforehand. G.I. Joe was the movie that ended up suffering in this, which is a bummer because I had became actually really psyched for this movie.

        Good to know we will most likely not have another G.I. Joe movie for around 5-10 years. No matter how good the movie ends up being, after this move, I doubt it will still make domestically what it was going to.

  • Edward Lee

    What the frak?!?! They’ve been promo-ing this thing pretty crazily … and NOW they decide to kick it back nine months? Now, you’ve gotta double dip into the expensive advertising budgets for all new slicks and stuff? Somebody’s gonna lose their job over this …

  • Sajorij

    Where is Matt Goldberg when we need him…?

    • El Alto


  • Nate

    Not a smart move by any means. It makes me wonder if there’s more to it than just 3D post production. Perhaps the film just isn’t that good and needs some retooling?

  • SP1234

    This means they’re gonna push up Spider-Man to the old date. Only Magic Mike and People Like Us open on that date which is the last Friday before 4th of July and Spider-Man is on the Tuesday. Avengers put a lot of pressure on that and DKR to follow so Spidey might try to make hundred millions of dollars before Dark Knight. Watch what happens.

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  • Casey

    I was actually getting kinda excited for this movie. Now i really have no interest in seeing it. I don’t want to have to wait an extra nine months just to see some shitty 3-D.

    • Andrew

      You’re right there.Audiences are getting wise to post conversions & they don’t always work out all that great or just not worth forking out the extra bucks for.I’ll be catching it in plain ol’(retro) 2D thanks.

  • Rickey G

    Wow, just wow! This is redonkulous! They just realize how stupid teens are now and a post conversion will bring in bigger domestic boxoffice. I know they said over seas but I just think studios get that teens are super morons now and they’ll watch ANYTHING 3D. All to make a good 20 million more. I get teens have always been stupid but now it seems like its on another level of moron. I’m no rocket scientists but I knew a good movie from a cash grab when I was a kid. Now its ‘derp, its in 3D! Shut up and take my money!’

  • Calcazone

    Simply ridiculous. Push a G.I. Joe film I was actually excited to see 9 months, for terrible 3D conversion. 3D conversion has yet to be effective other than grabbing a few extra dollars out of my pocket. Who even sees 3D films anymore anyway? When I went to see The Avenger the 2D projecter was out and they asked if anyone wanted to see a free 3D showing or wait a half an hour for another 2D showing. All but 2 people waited for a 2D showing. Don’t they already have all of the G.I. Joe merchandise on toy shelves that tie into the movie? Completely ridiculous.

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  • Brandon

    I AM SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF BY THIS!!!!! I enjoyed the Rise of Cobra and actually was looking forward to Retaliation!!! This is absolutely stupid and selfish of Paramount Pictures!! They have really lost my respect today!!!

  • mattedscreen

    A 9 month delay for a movie they’ve already spent mega millions promoting for a release a month away, CAN NOT simply be for 3D. No studio, no matter how stupid would pull that risk. This smells like they got a turd of a film they’re trying to polish and add some 3D varnish for extra measure. Especially when you can walk into any target or walmart and buy the toys. No there is more afoot here that we’re not being told about

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  • SP1234

    This means they’re pushing up Spider-Man to the old date. That will give them a chance to make a lot of money before Dark Knight. Watch it happen. As for the 3D, it does sound like an awful excuse, but the conversions have actually been getting better since this past year. I thought the conversion of Avengers for instance was really, really good, so, we’ll see what happens.

  • Ray

    Lets Be Real. They Got Scared because og Magic Mike lol

  • Rev. Slappy

    Moving a big movie this close to it’s release date makes me think the movie just sucks.

  • BMTO

    I read the article title at least ten times looking for the typo

  • Rockslide

    My initial reaction was the same as a couple others here, Battleship. Hasbro is also behind the sinking Battleship and I’m sure that it scared them to death. They couldn’t have two of their big properties both capsize within a couple weeks of each other.

    They saw the crowded marketplace, saw what the competition was doing and turned tail. Truth is that I had some hope for this second outing. I figured it couldn’t be anywhere near as bad as the other one and that’s good news for a huge Joe fan from the 80′s.

    If anything, I hope they take a good look at it (the creatives, not the suits) and see if there is anywhere to improve. Reshoot some things, work out the bugs, get a better cut. If it means a better pic, I’m all for the move, but don’t try to hide it behind a 3D conversion ploy. Everyone sees right through that.

  • Robb

    Wow. I really doubt the 3D thing is the main reason for this. I bet it’s more about not wanting their movie to get completely swallowed up by the sure-fire mega-monster hits on either side of its release date.

    They may have spent a ton on marketing so far, but moving it to a clear spot on the calendar (where it probably should have been all along) may make up some of that difference. That plus the extra 3D cash.

    Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t move it to the wasteland that is January or February.

  • Lance

    Studios work directors and everyone else involved on a movie to the bone just in order to make a previously announced release date. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen!

    I think Battleship really must have scared somebody up the chain. Maybe Hasbro now needs GI Joe 2 to be a huge performer in order to keep going with these movies. I’m guessing there’s polling data suggesting GI Joe 2 is not high on everyone’s watch list right now, either.

    I could have seen them moving the picture to August, the end of summer. But to March of next year? Wow.

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  • Yahzee

    Wait what? It’s not April 1? Stupidest thing I’ve heard since Joel Schumacher decided to put nipples on Batman…

  • mattinacan

    this really doesn’t look like a good movie anyway, this shouldn’t make a difference

  • aaronsullivan

    Movie will be just as good/bad 9 months from now. Not sure why some people are so mad at them. lol.

    It is a bit unprecedented, but I’m sure someone looked at Battleship and John Carter and realized just how badly big movies can tank nowadays. Spiderman looks better and better, Avengers is going to have legs like no movie in recent memory, and The Dark Knight Rises is a hugely anticipated sequel. There’s Prometheus. Even Total Recall is looking darn good. Hobbit takes Holiday time, too. It’s crowded.

    Someone decided that there was a reasonable chance that the other movies were going to win out and balanced that against the current money spent on advertising. Still takes guts to make a move this big.

    • Underground Anthem TX

      Not sure then why Paramount would want to release in the also-crowded month of March 2013; Elysium, OZ The Great and Powerful, Jack The Giant Killer, etc.

      This should be a late summer 2012 entry.

  • Mike

    Here is a idea Paramount, release it in June, and then do a 3D cash grab in March.

  • Reymundo Salao


    I was planning to see this movie
    Although I hated the first movie, I am INCREDIBLY OPTIMISTIC for this sequel (my excitement for this is next to Dark Knight Rises)
    I was planning to see this movie MORE THAN ONCE because im optimistic is really giving me this high right now
    I have no plans to watch it on 3D on the other hand
    If it’s not animated or is merely converted to 3D, I dont waste my money on those things.

    I am pumped up to see this movie NOW

    NOW they’re moving it A YEAR AWAY???

    wait for a year, and the hype might die out….
    delay this movie….and you will kill it

    and oh, piracy may beat you on the deadline, studios

    [i dont usually comment here, but now i really have to, coz this is really really stupid]
    i dont give a shit for 3D, and there’s a vast number of people out there who also dont give a shit for 3D

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  • MR.Rich316

    I think its brilliant. Make the move to a dead time of year,do the 3D conversion,add or make changes to the flick if needed…With all the big movies coming out this summer no one will even remember this move a week from now. Better to throw out a marketing campaign than to destroy a potential franchise ( if its a problem with the actual film). Wish this would have been done to/for The Green Lantern.

  • Snakebitey

    I think this is. I don’t mind the wait especially if its in 3D. I don’t know why they don’t make all movies in 3D there so much cooler than regular.

    • THundersauresrex

      You are either James Cameron or sucking his dick……

    • Thundersauresrex

      You’re Either James Cameron orrrrrr you’re sucking James Cameron’s Dick…….

      • Snakebitey

        Why did you say that again? your not very nice. and why don’t you like Cameron hes amazing and made the best movie ever.

      • Thundersauresrex

        my computer froze up. apologies for the double there. but as for your other comment i can only come to a conclusion that you mean the SEMI live action version of Fern Gully known as AVATAR. money wise you are right it holds the crown but does not make it the best movie ever. myself not a fan of Aliens (Thought that it was what made the trilogy fall into generic territory.) Terminator Ive never been a fan of. Abyss was good back then. Titanic dont get me started…. and Avatar. not to mention is pull for everything to be 3D including small time indie movies and drama TV. and the fact that now he just wants to Make AVATAR movies. the dudes cracked and retarded. he marketed avatar as an original and inspiring story…but followed fern gully to a T. so no i do not like james cameron and i am awaiting the time when he retires.

  • Brandon Avery

    What the fuck! This is fucking ridiculous! The 3D will suck! Post conversion sucks! This idea sucks! What the FUCK!!! DUMBEST DECISION EVER!!!

  • Jack

    Proof that this movie sucks donkey balls.

  • Tim25

    More times than not, when a movie is moved off its release date it is because focus groups don’t like the movie and the suits decide they need re-shoots to try and salvage their investment. This is a sequel to a mediocre movie at best with some serious A-List actors (arguably anyway) brought on to salvage a franchise and that screams summer popcorn action. The track record for moves like this are not good. If I was a GI Joe fan, I would be concerned. I am not buying the 3D conversion excuse. That was a decision that should have been made over a year ago.

  • Juanotaco

    With all this money that paramount and hasbro is throwing away, might as well just give it to me and the rest of us fans who wasted our time giving a shit. What a dame shame to make an extra buck

  • Javyb1980

    What a kick to the balls this is!!! The 3D better be worth the wait but I am sure it will end up just as bad as the 3D in Clash Of The Titans.

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  • KBeat

    Damn!! Instead of not seeing this in June, I have to wait until March of next year to not watch it.

  • Dman

    Didn’t like the first one but was really looking forward to this one. But to announce a 3D conversion this late means it is just a money grab move. I would hate to see this become a trend among films I’m waiting to see so for that reason I will no longer see this in theatres and I hope it bombs when it does come out. I think a boycott is totally the way to go on this one.

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  • Toastman

    If you ask me, it seems fairly easy to read between the lines here. Sounds like the studio brass saw the finished film and went “what a steaming pile of turds!”, and realized a movie that terrible had no chance in a summer stuffed with so many highly anticipated movies (The Avengers, Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, etc). Thus they moved it to a date with little competition, and are using adding 3D both as a excuse for the move as well as to increase the price of tickets in the hope of making back the budget. Which is too bad, I was actually cautiously optimistic about the film, but this news just killed any anticipation I had.

  • BG

    Simply put, this is idiotic. I was embarassed by the way the first G.I. Joe film wasted almost thirty years of work by much more talented creators. But this second film showed promise. Whatever they are doing, they better not screw it up twice. Thank God the comics are still good. Why doesn’t someone get Larry Hama involved in the films? He IS G.I. Joe. What a waste …

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