New Trailer for G.I. JOE: RETALIATION

     February 25, 2012


A new trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation has gone online. I remain impressed by what we’ve seen thus far and I’m hoping director Jon Chu has crafted a really fun action movie. Bringing Dwayne Johnson into the franchise was a very, very good call as his infectious charm and all around bad ass-ness is put to good use in the Joe universe. This new trailer is short, but it’s got a bit of new footage and another fun adage from Johnson. Counting the first theatrical trailer and the Super Bowl spot, this makes the third trailer we’ve seen from the film in the past month or so. With four months to go until its release, I sure hope they don’t spoil the whole movie in subsequent spots.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer. The film also stars Channing Tatum, Adrianne Palicki, D.J. Cotrona, and Bruce Willis. G.I. Joe: Retaliation opens June 29th.

Trailer via EW.


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  • Darth Vader

    not a trailer idiot .. just a TV spot !! dumbass …

    • BeenBag

      Change the way you speak to people. So he made a simple mistake. Big deal. If you dont like this place. Go somewhere else. but be respectful. Starting now.

    • General Boo T. Asses

      Ssssshhh, Darth Vader has the power of the DUMB Side with him, lets show him the true Joe way, BOOT TO ASSES, Go Joe!

    • cloxlider

      Oooops! Somebody’s got messy diapers!

      • james

        Your redundant replies to posts informing people of dirty diapers is both mature and witty…

      • cloxlider

        I’m just here to help.

  • Farzan

    It’s a TV spot not a trailer smart one and the movie still looks like crap.

    P.s How do you go from directing a Justin Bieber concert to this? I guess you fail upwards in Hollywood.

    • Liam_H

      Haters gonna hate. This movie already looks far superior to what Sommers delivered.

      • Grant keanan

        Dont need to hate, truth is it looks like its gonna suck….and big time too!

    • brandon

      I’m confused. Are you saying that directing the Justin Bieber movie was better? If so, then I think you really don’t have any room to talk about anything to do with movies.

      • Grimcicle

        No, he’s saying the guy goes from directing a Justin Bieber documentary (fail), to a big budget action film. Hence, falling upward.

  • Strong Enough

    wack juice

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  • ozzie

    wow … if these trolls ever talked to people in the real world the way they talk to people here they’d be beat to death in less than a day.

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  • sense 11

    Its funny to me that some people enjoy coming to the site but do nothing but insult it while they are here. Its pathetic. And your right Ozzie, the trolls would never ever talk to anybody like that in real life. They would be dead.

    • brandon

      The only thing I hate about this site is Matt Goldberg.

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  • Loonzie

    My keyboard makes me powerful, therefore I am. Good job Vader. Way to tell ‘em….WOW!

  • terry

    Probably a tad cut above what we already see on the SYFY station.

  • MatthewM

    Moving on………..
    I liked the first one as an action movie. Don’t get the whole G.I. JOE nonsense.
    Now they give a second that have virtually nothing to do with the first and only two of the surviving characters return for this one. Not really getting it.

  • Darth Vader

    I apologize

  • Kimian

    Even more excited for this Film !!!! Bring It !!!!

  • Ash Talon

    This does look better than the first GI Joe movie. If you don’t think so, you either don’t care about this film (why would you click on the article, then?) or aren’t paying attention.

    Regarding Chu getting this job. How exactly does one earn an action film, if you’re never given the chance to direct an action film? He made the Bieber movie which cost $13 million and ended up making $73 million domestically. And it garnered a positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes both with critics and audiences. In other words, it was a surprise hit for Paramount who is the studio behind GI Joe. They obviously took a meeting with him asking or offering other projects they had in development. Being a Joe fan (listen to any of his interviews), he wanted GI Joe 2. You make a successful movie, and you get other offers. That’s how it works in Hollywood (and most industries too).

    I love how people jump to conclusions regarding the quality of this movie. It has promise. It’s not going to set any records, but it could surprise many people and do fairly well at the box office.

  • Ryan

    First one was total garbage, how did Wayans get that role? Worse casting in the history of moving pictures. This one looks way better, not that trailers can often be trusted……..I think I will see it!

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