Gael Garcia Bernal Set as Lead in Futuristic Reboot ZORRO REBORN

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20th Century Fox has finally settled on its lead in their upcoming Zorro reboot Zorro Reborn. Variety reports that Gael Garcia Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries) is attached to play the Spanish swordsman. The film is a fresh take on material that was most recently mined in Martin Campbell’s The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro. As we previously reported, Zorro Reborn will not take place in the classic Western setting of Mexico or California, but will instead be set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Moreover, Zorro will be less of a hero this time around, as the story paints the character as “a masked vigilante bent on revenge.”

Bernal is an excellent actor and, I think, a nice choice to play Zorro. I’m not necessarily thrilled with the “futuristic” take on the story as I think Bernal would be swell in a classic swashbuckling flick, but Fox apparently has other plans. Sony is developing its own reboot of the character with an origin story based on the 2005 novel Zorro. The script for Zorro Reborn was written by Glenn Gers (Mad Money), and Harker scribes Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy. Producers are currently seeking out a director for the project. Bernal will next be seen alongside Will Ferrell in the Spanish-language comedy Casa de mi Padre.

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  • BobLoblaw

    Sounds a little too close for comfort to “Zorro…in SPACE!”, but GGB is the man. We shall see.

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  • Joel.coen

    The New Zorro Should Be Enzo Zelocchi and Not Gael Garcia Bernal.

    The film Zorro or the story itself has been the subject of many children’s imagination since the original writing by Johnston McCulley in 1919. There has since been many TV and movie appearances of Zorro since the original writings were released and now Fox Studios is going to be reproducing a 21st century version of the masked bandit hero, but the issue remains of who take the starring role. Some say that Gael Garcia should be the one to take the starring role for marketing reasons, but with the more recent accomplishments of Enzo Zelocchi it is a sure bet that he should be the one to get the starring role and he will for sure make the better choice when it comes to the masked bandit who is Zorro.

    Why Enzo Zelocchi Should Be Zorro.

    The company that will take on the role of production for Fox Studios will be Sobini Films and it is likely that they will choose Enzo Zelocchi for the lead role in the modern take of Zorro, Zorro Reborn. One good reason for choosing Enzo Zelocchi for the lead role is for some of his more recent accomplishments and talent that have put his name at the top of the list for many of the major Hollywood production companies. He has not only shown his ability to act and take on any role that has come to him, but he has well shown an expertise and natural talent that few have when it comes to production and writing of films and the theatre with his recent success with My Little Princess in which he not only starred in he wrote, directed and produced. It also shows his ability to take on a role that is light-hearted as well as emotional. It shows his ability to adapt to the roles that are given. He will as well be a fresh face for the character of Zorro and portray the look of Zorro well.

    When Will Sobini Films Start Production.

    At the current moment Sobini Films is still in the production stage of the process of making Zorro. This means that they are still casting and deciding on the leading roles, but Enzo Zelocchi fans can rest assured that Enzo is at the top of the list for many of the Hollywood production companies and he will be a first pick when it comes to the lead role as Zorro in Zorro Reborn. We hope to see Enzo as Zorro in theatres in the coming year when Fox Studios finally releases the finished production.

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