Gal Gadot to Play Wonder Woman in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

     December 4, 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our Wonder Woman.  It’s been clear that Warner Bros. is ramping up its DC presence in the upcoming Man of Steel follow-up Batman vs. Superman, and rumors have swirled that Wonder Woman would be introduced in the film along with Ben Affleck’s Batman and a few other comics characters.  A report surfaced last month that Olga Kurylenko (Oblivion), Elodie Yung (G.I. Joe: Retaliation), and Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6) were auditioning for the female lead in director Zack Snyder’s upcoming film, but the nature of the role was being kept under wraps.  Well now not only do we know which actress won the role, but also that the identity of the character is indeed Wonder Woman.  Hit the jump for more.

gal-gadot-wonder-woman-batman-supermanWarner Bros. announced today that Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman.  It’s unclear whether we’ll just see shades of the superhero character in the pic or if we’ll get to see plenty of Wonder Woman in action, but Zack Snyder had this to say about the casting:

“Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character.”

Gadot is an Israeli-born actress best known for her role as Gisele in the last three Fast & Furious films.  This will be her first starring role in a feature film and is also no doubt the beginning of a series of appearances by Wonder Woman, likely in Justice League and a Wonder Woman franchise.  WB has been trying to get the character off the ground for years, with plenty of feature film scripts developed and a failed TV pilot from David E. Kelley, but it’s nice to see that Wonder Woman will finally get her due in a feature film.  Following the massive success of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Frozen, hopefully studios have learned that female-driven franchise films can be a very, very good thing.


  • THisguy

    Wow. She is stunning. Let’s just hope she does the role justice (pun intended).

    • Brenno

      She certainly had my penor sitting up and saying “hi”
      We know she is pretty, but here’s to hoping she can act, train and bulk

    • The Flobbit

      Yes, she certainly looks the part, and has the required charisma and acting range. I just don’t know if she’s…big enough…for the role. Gadot is pretty slim-built, while Wonder is more heavy set, if you know what I mean.

      • HeliopanND09

        She’s extremely thin and has a small body frame. I’m not sure how they’re going to pull it off. She would have to gain about 15lbs of muscle on that small frame. I don’t see that happening. Height really isn’t a factor for me. But, I prefer my Wonder Woman with a bit more mass. Actresses that come to mind are — Gina Carano, Katheryn Winnick (from Vikings), and Alexandra Daddario.

      • The Flobbit

        Hollywood trainers are very good at putting a lot of muscle on anyone, fast. Point in question, Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, Christian Bale, and Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Frank

    Man of Steel had trouble making time to develop one hero, how the hell are they going to handle three?

    • axalon

      “F*ck it, they’ll pay to see it anyway”


    • wa

      yeah, wish they were going forward with superman only movie. But WB wants justice league quick as possible and want to rake in the money.

    • Jamesy

      Exactly, especially with Snyder & Goyer writing. This could easily get over crowded, Supes, Bats, WW…possible Bat drones Nightwing, then the villain or villains. They should just focus on developing Superman and have Batmans presence be felt throughout the movie but not be too in your face. I really don’t know how all of this will work especially with pacing issues, it just seems like its trying way too hard to rush Justice League.

      • axalon

        Goyer needs to go. We need fresh writing blood in the D.C. movie universe otherwise we’re going to keep getting sub par movies.

      • JBug

        You’re probably right, but I feel wrong writing off the guy that touched TDK.

      • axalon

        Ehhh I think Chris Nolan and his brother had a HUGE part to play in the Batman trilogy scripts.

      • Ben Wigler

        agreed. Dude is a total, complete hack, especially with dialogue.

        Sooo… you came back to die with your city!
        No. I came back to stop you.*

        So. Freaking. Bad.

        *Granted, that wasn’t nearly as bad as the clumsy attempt to have Martin Sheen’s Uncle Ben deliver the “with great power…” line without actually using the time honored words.

      • Jamesy

        I had a Bat marathon the other day and watched Begins through to Rises, and while I applaud Nolan and co for what they done with Batman, the dialogue was so so bad on repeat viewings. “Nice coat” “I’m not wearing hockey pads”.

      • King of Collider

        Good, good let the hate for The Dark Knight Rises flow through you all. I knew if I kept the hate going at a steady pace people would start seeing how terrible it is.

      • Ben Wigler

        I know. Every time I post about the Nolan trilogy, I inevitably get called a hater-of-all-haters, but the fact is, I wanted to be a fan-of-fans. I saw Equilibrium 4 times in theaters, Memento twice when it first debuted, and I’ve been a fan of Ledger’s since A Night’s Tale. I love Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, etc. Do we even need to mention Rutger Hauer??

        What I don’t love: Heath’s insanely brilliant Joker, which he very well may have died to create, having to deliver lines like “We’re Gonna Have Tryouts.”

        I also don’t love that Batman murders the entire League of Shadows, including the guy who they wanted him to execute, because he has a trilogy-defining rule against killing people… let alone any of the inane plot of the third movie which is thoroughly called out in the HISHE, all of which indicates that Nolan’s vision was either lazy, cynically insidious, or… as I highly suspect, flat out incompetent (ie. a guy of his purported ‘genius’ should have never let a hack like Goyer anywhere near this franchise), with the exception of his collaboration with Ledger, which I think we can all unanimously agree was inspired and will be remembered forever despite the atrocious dialogue.

      • Agent777

        And Jack Nicholson danced around to Prince, it’s effing Batman, need I even mention Caesar Romero. It is ridiculous! But not as ridiculous as the people who are still talking about DKR like it came out yesterday!

      • $29319547

        All of Nolan’s scripts suck. The Prestige is one of the most poorly written films in cinematic history.

      • Nadgers

        You would know. …and your film credits are?

      • $29319547

        Lol! The tired “you haven’t written a movie so you can’t judge them” argument. By the same token I can ask you how you would know if it’s good? How many movies have you written? Since we’re on the internet, here are my writing credits (I didn’t receive onscreen credit as I’m only a script doctor): The Social Network, Her, Argo, Manhattan, The Seventh Seal, Patriots Games, Transformers 1-4, Superman, and, of course, Chinatown.

      • Ben Wigler

        You really nailed it on Chinatown, but I have to say I preferred The Two Jakes.

      • Legend In My Own Mind

        So you were the script doctor on all these films, including the Swedish language film, The Seventh Seal, released in1957? Well, this is the internet so I’ll play this game too. I was the script doctor on Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Vertigo, A Clockwork Orange, The Godfather (part I & II), Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark and, of course, Batman & Robin… er, I needed the money. And in my defence, Joel Schumacher ignored all my suggestions.

      • Ben Wigler

        I’d argue that Memento is one of the coolest, most unique movies to date, and I haven’t seen The Following, but the rest of his catalog is inane at best. Insomnia was a total waste of everyone in the film, The Prestige was convoluted and pretentious to the highest order, and Inception was probably *the* coldest, most sterile movie ever made. And between all three of his Batman movies, you could isolate probably about an hour of genuine greatness… and many, many hours of pure garbage.

        Whereas the Burton films could practically be staged as a live drama and succeed on the merits of the plotting and dialogue alone. That was a different day, a different age, when scriptwriting was an actual art form and not a bizarre combination of marketing, networking and accounting… (which, to veer all the way off topic, is why we all loved Whedon’s take on Avengers… HE WROTE A SCRIPT.)

        Also, Hanz Zimmer’s work on the franchise, just for the record, is imbecilic, except (yet again) in the case of the inspired and genius take on The Joker. Nolan’s ear for music is about as good as it is for dialog and coherent plotting.

      • The Flobbit

        Oh please. Your argument is hollow and you know it.

      • Ben Wigler

        Err… My argument is hollow? I’m sorry that I prefer films with compelling narratives, memorable dialogue and a beating heart to cold, cynically constructed cardboard cut-outs.

        Put another way… At least my nose isn’t gushing blood!!!!!!!!

      • The Flobbit

        “compelling narratives, memorable dialogue and a beating heart”
        You just described Nolan’s films to a T. Compelling narratives are present in EVERY one of his films, Memento, TDK, and The Prestige practically GUSH memorable dialogue, and TDKR has a beating heart. Go away. Go love Tim Burton or whoever…

      • Ben Wigler

        Tim Burton (and his boy Johnny Depp) are harder sell outs than even Metallica. Doesn’t mean I can’t love his two, superior Batman films on their own merits.

        For me, there was *zero* compelling storyline to TDKR. Again, TDK was compelling, but not for its story. Heath gave a legitimately super human performance that, despite awful dialog, transcended the genre in a way no other performance in a “comic book” film has. That is where I’m willing to give Nolan & Zimmer some credit, as that performance was a truly, truly inspired collaboration. But I’m sorry, I felt absolutely zero propulsion from the narrative in any of his Batfilms. Ditto Inception, Insomnia and the Prestige. In just about every Nolan film, there is an actor doing so much heavy lifting (Joey Pants, David Bowie, Robin Williams, etc. – I don’t think Inception had one, although I think you could argue for JGL) that the films don’t fall flat on their face.

        I’m also still, to this day, a devoted fan of Memento.

        See, it’s possible to love a film by a director whose work is increasingly difficult to take seriously. Ditto Tim Burton. The films need to be taken on their merits, not because the film watcher is part of some “I’ll love everything they do” club. The classic Metallica records are my favorite rock albums of all time, but there is no amount of mental gymnastics that will allow me to call St. Anger or Death Magnetic high quality albums, even though they are by an artist whose former work I adore.

        So no, my argument is not hallow. It’s well reasoned, supported, and a valid take on the Nolan era. That’s not to begrudge you enjoying the films – obviously we are arguing about opinion. But for me, Nolan is like a band whose label debut was one of the best of all time, whose further work was passable but won’t ever come close to the genius of his debut, with the exception of one mega-hit song on a later record… that song, in this case, would be called The Joker, and that single sold more records than the brilliant debut.

        Get it?

      • The Flobbit

        Go die in a raging fire. Screaming.

      • doctor_robot

        give me some of your examples of “good” scripts. i’m interested in knowing this.

    • Dmula

      The whole movie was about his origin thats development I would think

      • Merlin235

        If you focus only on the time we spent with Clark, learning who he is how/why he makes decisions, and watch him make the decision to morph into Superman you could make the argument that we didn’t see much of his origin at all.

      • Ben Wigler

        No doubt about it, we learned way more about Jor-El & Zod. Hell, I even got a stronger notion of who Faora was, and she had what, one line?

      • Dmula

        I understand what your saying but everything that happened is his “orgin” and its pretty clear why he became Superman,the only problem I had was the action was way to long at the end.Either way Ive been waiting forever for Batman/Superman to be in the same movie

    • frank

      Lots of downvotes on my comment… I would love to explain how that makes me feel, but there’s another set-piece coming up in just like 30 seconds, and dammit, we have to move things along here.

      • Ben Wigler

        nailed it!

      • mattinacan


    • jay

      thank you, these are my sentiments exactly. I thought MOS was an ok movie, but they needed another solo superman movie to really develop the character more before they jammed all this stuff in there. I wish they would have just developed a villian in MOS 2 like Lex Luther, then to try to cram all this nonsense in.

      • Ben Wigler

        if they had kept it to Batman, and truly done this as a versus movie with Batman essentially in the role traditionally occupied by a villain, we could have had all kinds of development. That one high-quality fan trailer, playing with a Wayne Industries/Lexcorp notion was cool too.

      • Thomas K.

        Wait? You mean the whole conversation with Louis in the Interrogation Room wasn’t enough development for you?

        “What do we have to do to please these people?!?!” -David Goyer

        “What do you mean, I was thoroughly pleased, it looks gorgeous.” -Every WB exec

        “I’m calling Hans now.” -Zach Snyder

        “Hire somebody to do a re-write.” -Every Fan Ever

      • Ben Wigler

        Hilarious and 99% accurate. But you know, I think Snyder deserves a little more credit. We all know he’s a pretty boy and not big on brains… but he really does make stuff look good. The Kryptonian tech and all the designs are super spot on unique. Not everyone can excel at every aspect of filmmaking, and Snyder is just not an intellectual with something to say. That’s okay. With a better script, he & cast could have put in the same effort and we could have had a perfect Superman movie.

        Even Hans turned in a reasonable facsimile of musical inspiration, which indicates that the film did SOMETHING for him, and I think you can chalk that up to Snyder… As a guy who has spent 20 years+ as a songwriter, with 10 or so of those years playing around with the cutting edge of instrumentation including instruments that I’ve developed & commissioned, Zimmer did close to nothing with all of the mind blowingly cool stuff he had access to. What little he accomplished is because there really is a degree of soul in Snyder’s film, which I believe was totally absent from the DK trilogy with the exception of the Joker (again, the only part of Zimmer’s score that had a degree of inspiration).

    • Daniel Mitchell

      I agree, we need at least one more stand alone Superman film before they go down this route. They a re obsessed with challenging the Avengers.

  • Person

    Was rooting for Olga, but frankly none of the prospects really seemed like the perfect choice for Wonder Woman. Here’s hoping.

  • Jason Richards

    From a looks stand point this casting is spot on. idk how good of an actor she is though.

    • Ben Wigler

      Does it matter when the woman is THAT beautiful? Sure, she’s skinny, but she’ll be in the best shape of her life. And good lord, I could just stare at her face for hours… and WILL, in 2015!

  • carl napolitano

    For f-cks sake make it stop!!!!! They didnt even develop superman in man of steel, now we have batman…and wonder woman…and whos the villian or villains going to be?!?!?!?
    Marvel did it right, follow there blue print…

    • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

      And if they did, people would moan for following the same formula.

      • DNAsplitter

        Agreed. Let DC make their characters in a different fashion and not follow what Marvel has already been doing. I actually like that they are willing to let their two biggest heroes share the same spotlight in 1 film. It’s different and never been done before.

      • DNAsplitter on his second beer

        I agree, I’m a DC fanboy shill who has no idea what I’m talking about and will defend every crappy decision they make no matter how stupid and illogical.

      • DNAsplitter

        Where’s your dumbass remark about hiring a Chris Nolan impersonator to come piss in your mouth. Or is Treyvon Martin now? Either way you still suck and unoriginal as you don’t have the guts to stick w your profile and just create false ones to bitch.

      • DNAsplitter on his third beer

        Now, now brah . . . there’s no reason for you to make fun of me for wanting to use the internet to meet a special someone. Speaking of which, do you know where i can find a Trayvon Martin impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “ACTION”? I’d really like that, in fact, i’m pretty sure that it’ll be the best birthday ever! I’m willing to pay $300 cash. $350 if he can make it taste like CORN! LULZ! ;-).

      • $29319547

        Definitive proof I never made the piss remark. This is my true account. Anyone making this remark is only my stalker. Who I have now thoroughly bested.

      • Murdoch

        That’s great . . . except you have already posted on this board under 3 different accounts. Nice to know you finally accepted your love of Nolan by adapting his face as the avatar for the screen-name “King Of Collider”. Now if you could just make a diff account entitled “The reason why i live” next to a picture of Nolan (or trayvon) taking a piss, it would further remove any subtext from your future rants.

      • DNAsplitter

        WTF?!? Joel Schumacher get the fuck off the internet! No one wants to watch your Brokeback version of Batman. Hating on Chris Nolan for making Batman respectable again doesn’t change the fact that you are the world’s biggest hack. Creating several different alias either makes me believe you have teamed up w Michael Bay and Uwe Boll or you have just got way too much time on your hands since you’re a no talented hack.

      • DNAsplitter

        Perfect! There’s my favorite troll. Was waiting for you to show up in your true form. Now if we can just hire a Joel Schumacher impersonator to take a homo-erotic dump on your chest while yelling “ACTION” as you fantasize about bat-nipples as that would make all your birthday wishes come true. I bet you’d even pay $300 cash. $350 if he can make it taste like NUTELLA! LMFAO! ;-)

      • DNAsplitter 3 beers deep

        I’m so drunk right now! I think I might even call someone out for using a different username when I don’t even use my real name! That’ll show em! That’ll show em all! I’ll even beg for the piss comment guy to copy and paste his piss remark below to distract from my constant fallating of DC!

      • $29319547

        Behold! You’re messiah!

      • King_Of_Collider

        Behold! I’m a douchebag! dulz :)

      • DNAsplitter 3 beers deep Pt. 2

        I’m so drunk on Seman right now! I think I might even call someone out for using a different username when I don’t even use my real name! That’ll show em! That’ll show em all! I’ll even beg for the piss comment guy, that would be me but I won’t admit it at this time as I like to have conversations w myself so people think I’m really important, to copy and paste his piss remark below to distract from constant fallating of DC! And please will someone help me get laid as I have yet to have interaction w someone outside of the internet. dulz ;)

      • $29319547

        Mad I beat you again huh? Now that you can’t write your piss remark whatever will you do? I’ve taken away your best and only weapon. LULZ I B HAVEN!

  • Doug_101

    She definitely looks the part, but could that Trinity picture at the bottom of the story have an uglier Wonder Woman? She’s positively mannish.

    • Kota Lancaster

      Oh my god you’re right. It’s like if Rocky Dennis dressed up like Wonder Woman for Halloween.

    • Ben Wigler

      So true. Which would have been one legitimate way to take Wonder Woman. She could have been mannish AND had a huge scar down her face, and if the script/performance was right, could have been super freaking iconic.

      …that said, I’m very happy to have such a beautiful woman playing WW!!! ;)

  • Nemesis11

    this is fcking out of the blue. I dont know what to think. Good that WW is finally getting movie but I personally hope this is just a cameo and movie focuses more on Bat Sup dynamics.

    • bidi

      AGREED. this is getting overwhelming. like carl napolitano said, we still don’t even have the villain(s) yet

      • Nemesis11

        yup. its understandable that Warner bros is trying to use MOS2 as launching pad for her. but i just hope that they find a good balance between plugging for future movies and MOS2 itself. Otherwise it will be Iron man 2 over again.

      • DNAsplitter

        I also feel like this is the path they are heading towards w IM2. Trying to do too much in one film by introducing too many characters w not enough time to develop them may ruin the film. I hope they get a good screenwriter who can do a good polish to the script before they start filming. I don’t mind Goyer’s story telling I just don’t think his actual dialogue is any good and someone to help tighten up any areas.

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        Now, that my friend, is the most thought out and diplomatic response I’ve ever read in this site. Kudos, bro, I mean it.

      • Jamesy

        If Goyer and Snyder write the screenplay and allow Affleck to come in and basically “tighten it up” as you say I would be happy with that, they really need to use Afflecks talents as a director and story teller. What’s the point in wasting his talents when they have him RIGHT THERE for advice?

      • DNAsplitter

        I really think that was WB’s intentions when they hired him on as Batman was to also help w the behind the scene issues. They probably saw the quick decline in boxoffice returns w MOS and realized that the movie was good but could have been great had they tightened it up (mainly the 3rd act) as well as some of the dialogue and so hired Affleck to help w their next film. It really was smart on their part.

      • $29319547

        Translation: Man of Steel was a Nolan-inspired failure and now I’m desperately hoping against hope that Ben “Reindeer Games” Affleck will save a movie directed by the Sucker Punch Guy. LOL! lulz ;)

      • Ben Wigler

        lulz for sure.

      • King_Of_Collider

        Translation: I’d rather keep posting under different names as I have nothing original to add to my arguments against films that are successful. I’m a virgin living in my parent’s basement and I can only post up the same joke as I have no new material. Outside of the internet I know no one. My jealousy is the only thing that keeps me going as well as the thought of someone pissing in my mouth. In fact I would even pay $300 cash. $350 if they can make it taste like CORN! LOL! dulz ;)

      • Ben Wigler

        I have to believe that you are right. Purely based on physique/appropriate acting chops/persona Josh Brolin was the infinitely better Batman/Bruce Wayne… but would have contributed cynicism & boredom behind the scenes. Batfleck really knows cinema, and can contribute a lot just with “advice.” He’s got the right star power to make those guys listen.

        Totally off topic, but I’m also thrilled about a certain aspect of Batfleck. Imagine that Bruce Wayne existed in our world; a billionaire who people were aware of, and let’s just say that he was as infamous as Gigli-era Affleck. Would you *EVER* guess that *HE* was Batman???? He of the shit eating grin? The kind of dude you just would love to slap in the face? It’s a really cool take on the Bruce/Batman dichotomy which I don’t think has been done yet. A dude whose public persona was so annoying, but who, behind the scenes, was everyone’s #1 favorite hero.

  • KryptonianWarrior

    QUICK…….Someone give that girl a sammich!

  • Danny

    I love this casting!!

  • bidi

    also, she should get in touch with Hugh Jackman’s trainer, cuz i would like to see her put a little more meat on them bones

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  • DNAsplitter

    Not concerned w her actual physique as all of these actors always get in a great shape for their perspective roles but I was just wishing they would have cast Gina Carano from FF6/Haywire as she has the look of a real warrior who could go toe to toe with someone (She is a good MMA fighter in real life). Oh well these things happen and I’m definately not a casting director so I’m not gonna crap all over their choices. I just hope they develop the characters correctly, as their was no prior films to their introductions, or stick to small cameos that will be developed at a later time. Maybe release WW and the Flash films in 2016 before the JL film in 2017.

    • Liderc

      NO. Gina Carano is a freaking terrible actress. I don’t care that she can fight, she CAN’T ACT. She’s possibly the worst actress to ever grace the silver screen, seriously. God Haywire was bad.

      • DNAsplitter

        Agree to disagree. I think her acting was fine in Haywire and she was pretty bad ass in FF6. Again, i’m sure they’ll beef this chick up before the start rolling the cameras in February but she just seems kinda mousy looking to me.

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        Gina WAS badass in FF6… but then again, she didn’t have to do that much. Kick Michelle Rodriguez’ ass, say a few lines, cut. Gal was pretty much sweetness incarnated and a serious badass there (almost cried when she… you know, spoilers… died). Not to say she’s too skinny but I do think she needs to bulk up a bit….

      • DNAsplitter

        Yea she is a more experienced actress and I’m sure w the right material she will nail it. Just cautious about this movie as I feel like it’s just getting cluttered w too many characters (Batman, Superman, Nightwing, WW, Flash cameo, and whatever villians they decide to choose). If not done correctly it will be the next Green Lantern and basically kill the DC franchise before it really ever gets off the ground in this new universe they are creating.

      • $29319547

        DNASplitter: “DURRRR!!!!!”

      • YodaRocks

        You speak as if Gal Gadot has displayed amazing acting talent in her minuscule roles.

    • Doctor Reality

      I like Gina Carano too but she’s a little too mannish. WW is athletic and warrior-like but still beautiful (like Paula Patton).

  • Blitz

    Is it just me or is she too skinny for the part ? I was hoping for something along the lines of gina carano ,physically speaking .

    • Snarky

      This woman is beautiful and everything but she certainly doesn’t look like an Amazon.

  • Doug_101

    It’s also clear now with this official announcement that this is no longer Man of Steel 2, but Justice League 0.

    • Snarky

      “It can do two things! Why can’t it?!” – Professor Farnsworth

  • Jamesy

    She looks the part if she puts on a bit of weight I think, but can she act? From what I’ve seen of her so far, no not really. But how much of WW will actually be in this movie?

    • Doctor Reality

      Yeah, agreed sir. She is not much of an actor at all. She’s pretty but WW isn’t just pretty. She needs to have authority and presence. Gal Gadot wouldn’t look intimidating no matter how hard she trained. She just doesn’t have that kind of face or acting range.

      Then again she could prove us wrong, and I certainly hope she does.

  • mattinacan

    i was expecting a female with a little more meat on her bones like Paula Patton, but there’s no doubt she is gorgeous and will probably do great.

    • Doctor Reality

      Holy shit Paula Patton would have been amazing. I was rooting for Olga Kurylenko as she has the best acting chops out of the bunch (and looks the most like WW).

      Gadot is a bit of a dark horse though. Could surprise us. I am cautiously optimistic…. leaning towards skeptical.

      Now, I don’t know if Julia Voth is a good actor but LOOK AT HER:

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        Well, let me just pick up my lower jaw up the floor….
        But seriously, what is it with Canada? Is it really THAT crowded with gorgeous babes?

      • Grayden

        Yes. Step-brother was in the Navy and drydocked in Vancouver once. Said he’d never seen so many beautiful women. That was after he’d been to Hawaii, Japan, and Australia.

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        Well, you just picked my first destination for vacation after college, lol

  • glubar

    Gal is beautiful no doubt, but i’d be happier if they have casted a voluptuos lady like lets say Hayley Atwell or something.

  • Masshuu il Malacandra

    O.K. Looks good. Of course they will ruin it by having her two thirds naked in an ill-fitting costume.

    • Liderc

      Kind of the whole point of Wonder Woman isn’t it?

  • Gorp the Wanderer


  • Merlin235

    I’m sure she’ll do fine. My concerns about this film don’t revolve around the casting decisions, it’s more about how in the world they’re going to combine all of this and make it feel organic. It was incredibly fun watching Cap and Iron Man and Thor individually before watching them together. I’ll be interested to see how they handle doing the opposite with the Justice League.

  • Blitz

    Hope they pull of the costume right , otherwise its going to be very distracting/cheesy. I’m sure the batman suit is going to be on par with Nolan’s suit at the very least and i like the superman suit. All that could change if WW’s suit sucks

    • Grayden

      After seeing how Snyder’s creative team tackled the Superman outfit and delivered something modern, yet recognizable, I have faith they will do right by the Wonder Woman costume, if Diana’s character is even shown wearing it. For all we know, she might not don her amazonian duds just yet.

  • Blitz

    So many superheroes . I guess the tone of the movie is going to be somewhere between avengers(funny/light) and watchmen(dead serious).

    • Doctor Reality

      I.e. Normal?

  • White Rose Brian

    As with Ben Affleck, I’ll
    wait and see how this casting choice turns out. I did expect someone
    more robust and statuesque, though.

    • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

      Well, she is 1.75, just as Jaimie Alexander and taller that Alexandra Daddario. She has to workout some and she will do fine.

  • Werefon

    Only a few months left for breast implants. Not that it defines WW but she has the package. Also, Gal is model not an actress and it showed in all Fast films. At least Batfleck is an actor and physically right for the part and still got hate…. This is not very promising with all this characters. Better left it with B and S doing their shit.

    • Jamesy

      Exactly, you can spot a model turned actress miles away they just seem like they’ve been dropped in randomly to look good and you can usually tell. But who knows how large a role she will have in this or how long it will be till a solo WW movie so she has time to grow so to speak.

    • Jamesy

      Exactly, you can spot a model turned actress miles away they just seem like they’ve been dropped in randomly to look good and you can usually tell. But who knows how large a role she will have in this or how long it will be till a solo WW movie so she has time to grow so to speak.

  • Cedhollywood

    Not exactly the statuesque voluptuous Amazonian I was hoping for that has been established in the comics for years. Diana has been described as 6’0 tall and more with heels ranging from 130 lbs or more. Not to say they should get a exact carbon copy but I was hoping for someone that really stood out from the crowd.

    • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

      She is 1.75 (almost 6′) so…

      • Snarky

        1.75 m is not almost 6′. It’s much more like 5’9″.

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        It isn’t? how many inches are needed for 6′? I really don’t know, I just use the International System lol.
        Still, 1.75 is still quite tall for a woman

      • Snarky

        6′ is 72″ (1.83 m) or, in another way of saying it, 5′ 12″. Three inches makes a big difference when it comes to someone’s height. Like you said though, 1.75 is indeed taller than average for a woman.

      • Snarky

        6′ is 72″ (1.83 m) or, in another way of saying it, 5′ 12″. Three inches makes a big difference when it comes to someone’s height. Like you said though, 1.75 is indeed taller than average for a woman.

      • Snarky

        6′ is 72″ (1.83 m) or, in another way of saying it, 5′ 12″. Three inches makes a big difference when it comes to someone’s height. Like you said though, 1.75 is indeed taller than average for a woman.

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        Oh, there you go. Thanks for the info, I thought a foot was 10 inches, not 12.

  • sense11


    I like the choice but she seems too thin, luckily they can make anyone bulk up now a days so it shouldn’t be an issue,

  • Let The Wookie Win

    She is 5’9″ so with heels she’ll be as tall as Cavill (6’1″). Kinda weirdly Affleck is the tallest at 6’3″

    • stephenmonteith

      She’s actually just a little bit taller than Gina Carano, and the same height as Jaimie Alexander and Bridget Regan.

    • sense11

      that’s the way it should be

  • JoeNiqua

    Never seen her act, she doesn’t really boast a large resume but she should be fine. How long can she possibly be in this movie anyway?

  • Jack

    WB screws up again….zack snyder screws up again….and so on….

  • grapes9h5

    Not a bad choice at all if I may say. I am worried that the story will be a hot mess though.

    • SamBerns

      you’re a hot mess mother

      • Jamesy

        ^^ I lol’d

  • stephenmonteith

    I think she’ll be a great choice. First, she’s at least as tall as the other “fan picks” for the role, including Gina Carano, Jaimie Alexander, and Bridget Regan. Second, considering how perfect a job Zack Snyder did getting Henry Cavill and the men of “300″ to bulk up for their roles, I have no doubt Gal Gadot will have an equally good trainer for her role. Third, being a relatively unknown actress is not a strike against. How many times have we been surprised by unknowns in famous roles, or even by knowns? Snyder has always done a good job of casting his films, and despite the backlash over casting Ben Affleck as Batman, who can doubt that he made great choices for the first “Man of Steel” movie?

    As for having Wonder Woman in the film, I’ve always been of the opinion that a “Justice League” movie should come first and THEN the origin films; the reverse of Marvel’s method, in effect. It would give WB a chance to evaluate who the fan favorites are, letting them decide which projects Really need the attention, and preventing any more blunders like with the “Green Lantern” movie. As for her role, I think it will be fairly important to the story, not just a teaser, or why else would they bother with the big reveal? It’s not like there was a huge deal made about casting Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in the first “Iron Man” movie. Maybe that’s why they’ve kept the title secret for so long; maybe the title is “Trinity” or something else that would have given away the fact that WW’s a major player this time around. We all know Batman and Superman already; maybe this movie’s point is to introduce Wonder Woman.

    I understand that this is WW’s first turn on the big screen and everyone is anxious for her to have a grand debut, but I have faith that Gadot will be phenomenal in the role.

  • Captain

    They could wait to Jamie Alexander to make Wonder Woman in a different film. She is the perfect choice. But it seems that this superman “sequel” has to be as big as possible. Batman superman Dartagnan Wonderwoman duffy duck everybody is showing off

    • Strong Enough

      jamie is a slave to marvel

      • $29319547


  • Christian Grey

    Ah!! Steve Buscemi was, this close to, getting that part :( Gal Gadot A.K.A. Wonder woman.. more like wonder where that womans tits are ??? :)

  • Pingback: Gal Gadot has been chosen to play Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman()

  • poppincherry

    They are just going to throw that bitch in there as eye candy. She is going to get in the way like Ann Hathaway’s sorry as excuse for cat woman. This casting is a signal that they have nothing to really say in a Batman vs Superman vehicle so they decide to toss in WW! Pah lease.
    The only two female heroes that have been successful were Ripley(you know what I mean) from the Aliens franchise and Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games.
    I see pure hack n slash coming to this movie.
    Dude, they couldn’t even get Thor nor Captain America right. WW?

    • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

      Whaaaaaaat??? It’s like you wanted to say something but it got lost somewhere!!


    i’m less concerned about her being cast than the fact that this character is in the film. i really hope that it’s in a very small capacity, like the carrie ferris easter egg in man of steel. i’m all for universe building but it needs to be done tastefully. I keep hearing rumors that the flash is going to be included as well. if warner bros doesn’t smarten up and use the same actor that is playing him in arrow then we are in for a cinematic clusterfuck of epic proportions

  • LEM

    She looks just like the picture…it’s uncanny.

  • Thomas K.

    It’s safe to say, they’re looking for the best looking cast.
    Not the best possible acting cast.
    I mean, WB marketing team is great, and no matter how the film turns out… they’ll be able to cut some amazing trailers for this I’m sure.

    • Tom

      If they’re looking for the “best looking cast” then why is Ben Affleck Batman? He isn’t that good looking haha.

      • Thomas K.

        Not trying to defend the man…
        But he DID pull J-Lo AND Jennifer Garner.
        Gotta give him some props. haha,

  • Brenno

    “At the age of 20, Gadot joined the Israeli Army. Throughout her two-year service term as sports trainer in the Israel Defense Forces, she continued to work as a model.[5]”

    I reckon she’ll own this role. Was I expecting somone a little more ‘busty’? Yep. But the more I think about it, the more I like her in this role

    • Jamesy

      Ok I did not know that, that’s pretty awesome. It’s not her looks or kicking ass ability I’m worried about, its her acting ability. The only movies I’ve seen her in so far are the F&F movies and she didn’t exactly steal the show acting wise in those.

  • Thomas K.

    Once again,

    Why didn’t Eva Green get the role?!

    I mean how was she not even in final contention?!?!
    Was Snyder not even paying attention to the 300 movies while Directing, and subsequently, Producing, these films?

    Or did he go to her and she was just like “HA! YOU SERIOUS?! It’s called Batman vs. Superman.”

    Somebody call her agent for Me, I need to know.

  • jk

    I was hoping for a Wonder Woman, not Wonder Girl… but I’ll still line up for this.

  • Sean Chandler

    Wonder Woman or Skinny Woman?

  • Tom

    Gal Gadot will fucking own this role. She’s a pretty good actress and was in the Israeli army for two years while also being a model. All my luck to her.

  • Strong Enough

    put some meat on her bones first

    • $29319547

      Always about the bones eh?

      • Strong Enough

        you really have problems don’t you lmao

  • jonski22

    people here can whine and bitch about the casting…but still we are just spectators….i just really wish they make a movie about Justice League (to be honest, i’m not into “comic”, i am from the Philippines, we rely on T.V. So know them as Super Friends…wit the Wonder Twins..)..i’m already 40…i just want to see a live-action of Justice League…but for me, a big NO, for Ryan Reynolds as GL…i did grew up with a white GL…but John Stewart as GL could do…i’m lucky enough to see The Avengers assemble, even though they are not my cup of tea…i really like Superman, Batman, WW, GL, FLash, and Aquaman…hopefully before i turn 50, i can see them “FULLY ASSEMBLE” even with an aging Ben Affleck as Batman…

  • Nagders

    Get down the gym, girl!

  • Giovanni Luis Jiminez

    Unless she blows us away like Mark Ruffalo did with his small sidekick role in Avengers, I just dont see fans looking forward to a solo W.W. movie with this actress. I just dont think she has the Screen Presence that was pulled off by Chris Hemsworth despite being the only unknown new comer in that film but at least he looked the part. Not sure about this, hopefully they prove me wrong. If they mess this up we may never see a worthwhile Wonder Woman Movie.

  • Steve Trevor

    AWESOME! This angel just need to bulk some and WB needs to fire Affleck and we are good to go!

  • sense11

    I hope she can bulk up a bit ,

    Gal Gadot measurements

    Body shape:

    Dress size:

    34-24-34 inches (86-60-86 cm)


    Bra size:


    5’9″ (175 cm)

    110 lbs (50 kg)

    Natural breasts or implants?

  • Kelloway

    Don’t ming the casting. However, the writing is a different story. If they follow her character writing from the comic Wonder Woman in new 52, fantastic! However, if they treat her like they do in Justice league it will be monumentally disappointing.

    Oh, and this boob controversy is seriously trollish.

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  • Private_Eyescream

    Then Amazing TITLESS Wonder Woman.
    Watch her bounce bullets off her amazing FLAT CHEST.
    A Wonder Woman less endowed in the breast department than a 10-year-old boy.

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