GALAXY QUEST Cast and Crew Reminisce About the Film and Express the Desire to Make a Sequel

     August 8, 2014


Confession.  I haven’t seen Galaxy Quest.  I mean, I’m sure I’ve technically seen the whole thing in bits and pieces on cable (and my best friend’s dad in high school was a huge Star Trek nerd so he had the laserdisc of this on repeat at their house),  but I’ve never actually sat down to watch the entire thing.  I think this has a lot to do with the fact that it came out in 1999, a year in which I was an insufferable faux snob, only deigning to watch stuff like Magnolia, Fight Club and Being John Malkovich.  I just didn’t have the time for a goofy movie with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman and Sam Rockwell.  Turns out I was likely wrong, and I continue to pay the price.

Time has been kind to Galaxy Quest in terms of cultural response, and from what I gather this is exactly the kind of movie I’d be into these days.  So I’ll watch it at some point soon I’m sure.  Nudging that progress along are those comments from the producers, writer, director and stars.  Hit the jump for their comments and their take on the prospect of a Galaxy Quest sequel.

galaxy-quest-oral-historyIn a fantastic oral history conducted by Jordan Hoffman over at, producer Mark Johnson remembers that the original script wasn’t in such great shape:

The original David Howard draft of “Captain Starshine” – very few people have ever read that. The original concept was brilliant, but we needed someone like a Bob Gordon [the film's credited screenwriter] to take it from there.

Sam Rockwell initially passed on the project:

I originally turned it down. I loved the script, but I was committed to do a small movie as a lead opposite Marisa Tomei, but Kevin Spacey convinced me to do it. I went and saw him in “The Iceman Cometh” and he knew I was struggling with this decision and he said, “I think you know what to do.”

galaxy-quest-oral-historyMark Johnson gets a little bit into what it would take to bring a sequel to the screen:

If we announced a sequel or a TV show, there’d be genuine excitement, not “It’s too late.” We’ve tried. I’d do it, Dean would do it. But we need Bob. It’s a Bob Gordon joint, but Bob is a very specific guy.

While almost the entire cast expresses a desire to make another film, Tim Allen offers up a more specific pitch:

How’s this for a sequel: it’s 15 years later. The Thermians come back, but they haven’t aged. Maybe they don’t have warp anymore so it took 15 years. They have to search for a new homeland. Sarris [the main villain] is gone but his family never forgets and you take it from there. . .

If you’re a fan of the film, you owe it to yourself to check out Hoffman’s entire article (linked above). It’s fantastic and really has me primed to finally see the movie.

  • livingformusic

    Fucking A, did you really just spend a paragraph explaining that you haven’t seen the movie? Jesus.

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      agreed. Waste. I mean sucks that you didn’t see it, but no need to use a full paragraph to whine about it!

    • bumby

      Not the first time… In fact, he is Matt Goldberg.
      Every month brings a new confession.
      For example, he hasn’t seen Planet of the Apes movies, etc. so he started watching them last month and wrote articles about them.
      I think the nick ‘mattinacan’ is him as well…
      And Nicole Pedersen, too… :)

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    i hear you, i haven’t seen it either

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  • doctor_robot

    galaxy quest was pretty damned entertaining.

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    Okay, this has to be an April Fool’s Day joke or something. This is now THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK that Evan has written an article on a movie he hasn’t seen. Seriously, is this a joke?

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      Evan is Matt Goldberg and he is so productive in posting that he uses different nicknames for his articles.
      The good point is that he makes confessions frequently…

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      It’s worse than that: where do you find so many writers who apparently don’t give two sh#ts about movies EXCEPT they want to write for a movie blog?

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    G T F O O H ! You HAVEN’T seen Galaxy Quest AND you’d be stupid enough to admit it in the opening paragraph?

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      Yeah, that is a fuck-up, for sure. Evan, see it ASAP, you won’t regret it.

  • Drake

    Bring back Justin Long! + the rest of the original cast :D It would be legendary!

  • Matt

    I read “Confession” and stopped reading. Write what you know – maybe it’s just me…

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      Yea, how lame. He shouldn’t have written this article then.

  • tarek

    This is the best comedy I’ve seen so far.

  • erasmus654

    Galaxy Quest was funny as hell, and Sigourney Weaver was
    (in this film and this film alone) really freakin hot.
    Which was kinda strange, to be honest.
    Still, I most definitely loved the movie and I’d totally dig a sequel.

  • theseeker7

    uhh yea, a few years ago I wrote sort of a mini-thesis on why 1999 was a truly incredible year for film, and Galaxy Quest was one of my examples just as prominently as any of the other titles you mentioned at the top of your article.

  • MJ

    Evan will tell us next that he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  • KISSman

    I just watched this movie for the very first time in its entirety last weekend. The only reason the cast wants a sequel is because the majority of them would like the work. Aside from that, I can’t see any reason why there needs to be another. It wasn’t especially good or funny.

  • Lee Harvey Cobblepot

    “That was a hell of a thing.”