Limited Paper: Gallery 1988 Reveals the Full Lineup for New Gallery Show Featuring Jay Shaw, Josh Budich, and Jeff Boyes

     August 3, 2012

Earlier in the week, we ran a brief preview about Gallery 1988’s latest show, a “three-man solo show” featuring new art from Jay Shaw, Jeff Boyes, and Josh Budich.  At the time, we shared about half a dozen pictures, bringing you what may or may not’ve been your first look at Shaw’s Klute and Invasion of The Body Snatchers, Budich’s Sorceress and Tetsuo, and—last but not least—the one-two punch of Boyes’ Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and The Wolf Mobile (based on the original Teen Wolf).  Those pics were all great, to be sure, but they did leave us a little wanting…but all that’s over now.

Wanna see every other print that’s on sale via the good folks at Gallery1988?  Meet me after the jump, folks (and be sure to bring your wallet).

star-trek-2-mondo-posterIf you’re a screenprint collector, then I probably don’t need to tell you that this summer has visited quite the merciless beating upon bank accounts everywhere:  the Alamo Drafthouse’s Summer of ’82 series kicked things off a few months ago (accompanied by new Mondo prints based on ET, Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Khan, and Rocky 3, and Drew Struzan’s insta-classic screenprint for The Thing), while Gallery1988 held an Arrested Development-themed gallery show, Mark Englert released prints based on Stephen King’s It and The Walking Dead, and the good folks at The Phone Booth Gallery dropped three new sets of prints by Martin Ansin, Rich Kelly, and Ken Taylor.  All of that was followed by the tenth Mondo Mystery Movie, an event that kicked-off Mondo’s Lord of The Rings series.

Oh, and then Comic-Con happened, and everyone who wasn’t already broke by then skipped right over that step and went straight into “all-out homelessness” upon returning from the Con (pro-tip:  use your GID prints as blankets once night falls and you’ll be 50% less likely to get run over while sleeping beneath that overpass).  And so, when I returned home from the Con and found out that Jay Shaw, Josh Budich, and Jeff Boyes had just announced yet another event worth traveling outta town for, I swore to myself that I’d exercise a little self-control (for the first time in months!).  In other words, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another poster until all of August’s bills were paid.

Go on:  guess how that turned out.


First up, we’ve got a selection of striking images from Jay “Iron Jaiden” Shaw, last seen unveiling a pitch-perfect poster based on Mimic at Comic-Con.  I had a chance to speak with Jay earlier in the week, and asked him if he could tell me a little about the series he’d produced for Gallery88’s latest show.  Here’s what he had to say:

Beginning in 1962 with John Frankenheimer’s brilliant film adaptation of Richard Condon’s novel The Manchurian Candidate a handful of American filmmakers began telling stories of corrupt nefarious forces embedded in the highest levels of authority of our country. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s with the war in Vietnam, various political assassinations and very public scandals like Watergate the American public trusted their leaders less than ever before. Films like The Conversation, All the President’s Men and Three Days of the Condor underscored the sociopolitical climate of the era and resonated with audiences looking to affirm their own personal paranoias and distrust of the established power structure.

I made a handful of simple single color posters paying tribute to some of my favorite conspiracy films of all time.

You’ll probably recall that Jay’s previous gallery effort—a one-man show at the Mondo Gallery entitled Don’t Go Out Tonight—was also based on creepy cult films from decades past.  The vital difference between that show and this one (in our opinion, anyway)?  We’ve actually seen most of the movies represented in the Gallery1988 series, and some of ‘em are amongst our very favorite movies.  Don’t Go Out Tonight was a great show, of course, and its success is absolutely a testament to Shaw’s talent…but I gotta admit I’m digging this particular series even more, and not just because it includes a print for The Conversation.

Let’s check ‘em out.  For brevity’s sake, be aware that every print in Shaw’s series was 18×24”, that each was numbered out of an edition of 100, and that each print sold for $30 (we just double-checked, and Gallery88 confirmed that every print that’s still available for sale will drop at the G88 website later today, so keep your tabs open, your fingers crossed, and your F5-button in motion).  Without further ado…

Let’s say it again, because what else can one say:  holy shit, someone made a poster based on The Conversation.  Bravo, sir.

Click on over to Page 2 for much more, including prints for JawsGhostbustersDriveand Akira.

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