GAME OF THRONES Recap: “The Mountain and the Viper”

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To quote Time‘s TV critic James Poniewozik, “said it before, but for all the spectacle, Game Of Thrones is never better than when it’s about one person talking to another.”  Amen.  The last ten minutes were brutal, and next week teases an epic battle between the Wildlings and the watchers on the Wall, but one thing that this season of Game of Thrones has done so well is bring the show down a notch, and return it to the essence of what makes the books so compelling: characters.  (And scheming, of course).  But by focusing on only a few stories each week, Game of Thrones has made things simple while keeping it twisted.  “The Mountain and the Viper’s” finale had a big impact, but perhaps even more shocking was the transformation of another character.  Hit the jump for more.

game-of-thrones-recapWe might as well get to the final fight first, since the sight — and worse, the sound — of the Mountain crushing Oberyn’s skull is likely still fresh in your mind.  For those who thought Oberyn would win the fight, bless you and your optimism.  You are a rare rose still finding sunlight in which to bloom under an otherwise gray and gloomy sky that is Game of Thrones.  Joffrey’s death in the second episode of the season seemed to portend a sea change.  Maybe in the wake of Robb’s death, this has evened the scales, and others will triumph?  Oh you sweet summer child …

The chilling irony of Oberyn’s death though was that it was his hubris and focus on revenge which killed him.  After delivering several mortal blows to the Mountain, it would have been easy to finish him off.  But he lingered, desperate to hear him repent his sins, and let the Mountain regain some of his strength instead.  In addition to the series losing such a great and charming new character, Oberyn’s death also means that Tyrion will die as well (or, is scheduled to.  There was a lot of foreshadowing in this episode if you knew where to look for it).  And on a much more macro level, one can only assume that the Martells of Dorne, of whom we know next to nothing at this point in the show, are surely going to be pissed that their prince went on a friendly mission to King’s Landing, only to end up with a crushed head.

Timing was an important element in “The Mountain and the Viper.”  If the mail wasn’t so slow, for instance, maybe Dany would have kicked Jorah out of her ranks a long time ago.  Now though, it was an extremely painful expulsion, because he had become one of her most trusted allies (even though he was indeed spying on her since the first of their time together).  Grey Worm also speaks about cause and effect and time in his apology to Missandei, stating that had he not been taken captive and castrated, he never would have ended up with the Unsullied, been freed by Dany, or have met her.  This romantic deviation from the books was one to embrace with open arms, not only in the wake of the breakup of Dany and Jorah, but because we just deserve something nice, damnit.

Timing was also important with Arya’s story, as she and the Hound reached the Eyrie just in time to learn of Lysa’s death three days before.  Her bursting into laughter at that fact was the perfect response — everywhere they go, death proceeds them.  The Hound can’t seem to hand Arya off to anyone before they are killed.  It’s a tragic fact, but even more tragic given that her sister Sansa is just beyond the gate.  Another near-miss with the Starks that is positively heartbreaking.

game-of-thrones-recapThe overarching theme for all of the stories in “The Mountain and the Viper” though was identity.  In addition to these other narratives, there was the moment when Roose Bolton legitimized his bastard Ramsay, his sole heir as Warden of the North (Roose wisely decided that it didn’t matter who Ramsay’s mother was, he shares the same black soul as any good Bolton so might as well carry the name).  In one of the biggest changes to any character so far, though, the meek and stumbling Sansa takes a leaf from Littlefinger’s book, and re-imagines herself as a femme fatal.  She tells everything to Lord Royce in total truth up until the distinction of suicide versus homicide, and in doing so, saves Littlefinger and herself.  She’s learning.  Moreover, she finds a revealing black frock to wear to tempt Littlefinger as they go visiting in the Vale, knowing that his protection of her is all she has left to go on.  “You know what I want?”  he asks her.  It’s not hard to guess.  He’s made that pretty clear.

To go back to Poniewozik’s thoughts on the show, each of these little scenes packed a very powerful punch this week.  These conversations and schemes all showed a lot of character growth, and also helped viewers to get to know the characters better.  It makes the more overwhelming moments of spectacle all the more emotional if we are given time to really invest in these stories, rather than just being jettisoned from one beheading in Westeros to a bloody battle in another.

The best conversation of “The Mountain and the Viper” was of course between Tyrion and Jaime.  His extended meditation on his afflicted cousin Orson was one of existential dread.  Does any of this mean anything?  It’s easy to think it doesn’t, and that the cost of life in this horrible world that Game of Thrones paints is cheap.  Or maybe it does, so much so, that no one has time to give a dusty fuck about beetles.  It’s time to formulate a plan.

Episode Rating: A

Musings and Miscellanea:

game-of-thrones-re– I totally ignored everything that happened in Molestown and on the Wall this week because next week looks exclusively devoted to that fight, but did anyone else kinda forget about Ygritte?  Also, it was nice to see the boys all back together (Jon, Sam, Pip, Grenn, Dolorous Ed), with Ed giving a pep talk about their chances.  Their chances are pretty grim.  102 versus 100,000?  As long as they stay humble …

– Nice equal opportunity nudity, more or less, in the scene with Grey Worm and Missandei by the water.  On the other hand, had Grey Worm stood up, all of our questions (and Dany’s) might have been answered … “just the pillar?  Or the stones too?”

– In the books Jorah kisses Dany at some point, and is a lot more overt in his affections.  Looks like that’s not going to happen here (or it would have happened pre-exile).  Then again, this Jorah is a lot hotter than book Jorah, so it might not have made as much sense for Dany to rebuff him so quickly …!

– According to Roose, the North is essentially the Canada of Westeros.

– I like that Jaime brought up cousin-slaying, which there is no word for (which he has partaken in, in Season Two? or Three. Unlike in the books. They’ve done odd things to his character).

– Poor Gilly.  But as Ed said, she’s a survivor!

– Some great shots in this episode, particularly when Royce and the others were questioning Littlefinger.  They looked like statues.

– No one gives a blank stare like Alfie Allen.  I loved the surprise that the Pyke guy killed their leader so that they could leave that stinkin’ Moat Cailin.  On the other hand, they all got killed and flayed so … not really a great decision.  Theon/Reek did a good job of selling it, though.

– “Time for Robyn to leave the nest” – Littlefinger.  Through the Moon Door, preferably.

– Arya: “I would have killed Joff with a chicken bone if I had had to.” Hound: “And I’d pay to see that.”

– “You think being tormented from birth would have taught you some affinity for the afflicted” – Jaime.

– “Who gives a dusty fuck about some beetles?”‘- Jaime.

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  • Matt Goldberg

    I did have a slight bit of hope in the final battle, but once Oberyn went full Inigo Montoya, I knew it wasn’t going to end well. I can totally see George R.R. Martin watching The Princess Bride, wearing his one outfit, eating popcorn, and chuckling to himself.

    • Redjester

      Agreed. Hell, I knew what was coming and I’m still in a state of shock! That was as gruesome a scene as the show’s produced.

      The overriding lesson here is never go full ‘Inigo Montoya’ when in a duel with a giant and your life is on the line.

    • bernardg

      Funny, having said that. Prince Oberyn looks a bit like Inigo Montoya, sans the long flock, off course.

    • brNdon

      I always saw a bit of Inigo in him but they really drove that reference home tonight.

    • Pk

      Agreed. I thought it was stupid of him to try and get a confession from a monster like that. He should have just finished him when he had the chance. It’s sad he had to die a brutal and painful death like that. He was a very likeable character who I wanted to see more of. Pedro pascal truly is an underrated talent to watch out for…

    • tarek

      I didn’t see it coming. I hate you G.R.R. Martin

    • Muhammad Alif B As’shaari

      This ending left me with a twisted stomach… it is a first for the series to do that to me; yes, even with all the previous death scenes…
      I love to read these recaps of the episodes; a nice written review that perfectly accompany the in-depth dialogues in a Cast of Kings. :D

  • YodaRocks

    Is anyone else as aghast and disgusted as I am on the skull crushing death? I think this was as brutal as Cersei’s rape in the first episode.

    • Leo Spaceman

      But nothing about being flayed alive? I would rather be raped by my brother in front of my dead son/nephew then have my skin peeled off of me, or my teeth broken and thumbs jammed down my eyes and head crushed until it explodes.

      • YodaRocks

        I think you are under-estimating the brutality of rape. But I agree that this is a new low as far as violence is concerned.

      • Leo Spaceman

        I fully understand how horrid rape is, but especially in this world, rape is very common and unfortunately rape is also very common in the real world too. I don’t mean this is an insensitive way, but to put it factually, the vagina is designed to have a penis inserted into it. Heads are not designed to be popped.

      • Pk

        I’m guessing the main reason Oberyn death has had such an impact with the viewers is because he is such a likeable character who many have started to root for and to have him killed in such a brutal fashion is well…devastating to watch

      • Jeremy Flores

        A new low? I’m glad they went above and beyond the books (his face gets smashed, but no eye gouging ahhh)

      • Guest

        Yep eye gouging is in the books too.

      • BigJimSlade

        They didn’t even show it. Watch the first season with an equestrian girlfriend and talk to me about violence… A “new low”? LOL…

      • Dan

        God, I just rewatched the first season recently. Don’t know how I’d forgotten about The Mountain’s mount, that scene after the joust was the first time the show made me spray the word “WHAT‽” but I’ll be damned if it didn’t still get me again on round two.

    • BigJimSlade

      Not really. They didn’t even show the skull getting crushed.
      I guess watching Hannibal has desensitized me…

      I think it was supposed to be brutal. The most brutal thing about the “rape” was how much they messed up the scene from the book and Jaimie’s character.

      • cloud720

        I wonder though, if Jamie hadn’t raped her, would she be more open to listening him when he told her that Tryion didn’t do it?

      • the king of comedy

        I think it was brutal in the way that it was inexpected and people were invested in Oberyn, he was such a cool new character that you didn`t expect him to die this soon and suddendly out of nowhere the mountain is poking his eyes he`s screaming in pain and even tough they don`t show the head explode the sound and screams where enough, even tough we see more gore in Hanibal I think this was more shoking for the emotional conection to the character and the horrible death he recieves. As a final tought, I don`t think Jamie raped Cersei, she didn`t fight him bakc, she did say this was wrong and that they shouldn`t do this and asked him to stop (because of her death child being there), but ultimately she did open her legs for him kept saying him to stop but went along with him anyways, it was just some rough sex beetwen siblings.

      • Mike

        He didn’t rape her. You have to understand her relationship with him and its twisted sister kind of thing.

      • the king of comedy


    • Daniel O’Reilly

      It was pretty gruesome, possibly because when books describe characters as having their skulls crushed, the film or tv adaptations never usually have the guts to actually do it.

    • the king of comedy

      I truly never understood the hate for that suppossed rape, I don`t think he raped her at all, she did say “no don`t do this, this is wrong” as she did in the books and even tough Jaime made love to her anyways, it wasn`t like he brutaly forced her to do it, she did nothing to stop it and deph down she was enjoying it. It was just some rough sex with the lines “this is wrong we shouldn`t be doing this”, later she never mentions anything of this again and she turns on Jamie for defending Tyrion and not for a suppossed rape that never happened

    • mattinacan

      i thought it was great

    • Gail F

      It was slightly less graphic in the book; and because I had read the book, I knew when to stop watching and turn my head.

  • Mike Sloan

    Fucking amazing episode, Tyrion and Jamie talking was great, Dark Sansa was fantastic but that head. Jesus, the sound…. dying like that, what a nightmare. Never, ever underestimate the man who cuts horse’s in two with one fell sweep. The teeth flying out, the eyes… Next week is gonna be a tear jerker

    • Leo Spaceman

      I was thinking the same thing about Jaime and Tryion’s chats. They absolutely nail the feeling of two brothers just shooting the shit.

  • Jeremy Flores


    • Mike Sloan


      • Jeremy Flores


      • Redjester

        Prepare to die!

        Sorry, wrong character…

  • Leo Spaceman

    This is the first season, that I am watching one week at a time, and I have to say I absolutely regret not waiting for the entire show to air before starting. It just feels like everything is spinning its wheels. I don’t know if every season is this slow paced or not, but it feels like outside of kings landing everybody else is just waiting in place. We see them, but they don’t progress at all. They have an event, and then return to the status quo. Any group that wasn’t in King’s Landing to start the season is in the exact same place they were at the beginning of the season.

    Castle Black: Jon says the wildlings are coming at the beginning of the season. He has a little adventure to Craster’s Keep and then comes back and just keeps saying the Wildlings are coming.

    Dany: She is marching to a city at the beginning of the season. For the rest of the season she is just sitting around in the city.

    Hodor and friends: They are just walking north. They got captured, but got free and now they are just walking north.

    Arya and the Hound: They are walking to the Veil and once a week they kill somebody.

    Ygritte and the wildlings: They are raiding villages, eventually going to light a big fire.

    Maybe Reek’s storyline has progressed, but basically he is just terrified of Ramsey.

    • PB_2014

      I agree I am not going to watch Game of Thrones in syndication anymore. Sometimes I question whether I would have liked to watch it as a miniseries or film series. It is so BORING to watch week by week. Seems like old throughlines take forever to be resolved while new ones are revealed. I think I need to just fast forward by reading the books. Maybe its the the drawn out scenes or the amount of characters and subplots but I’ve gotten to the point where I am telling myself, “I just don’t give a s*** anymore!”

      • Leo Spaceman

        I watched seasons 1 and 2 in one long binge, and I watched season 3 in one long binge, when watching it like one epic movie, where you don’t dedicate 3 months to it, it is great TV. Same goes for the walking dead season 4 part two. If they all were watched in one swoop it would have been great, but 3 week waits to see the main characters made the show almost unwatchable.

      • BigJimSlade

        Boring is literally the last thing that comes to mind that I think of when anticipating the next episode of my favorite show.

        “I just don’t give a s*** anymore!” Cool story, bro. I definite agree that you should stop watching it. You won’t. Regardless, sounds like you had a miserable weekend or something…

      • PB_2014

        You’re right I won’t. I’m going to read it instead and wait till the season is through to watch the show all at once.

      • Daniel O’Reilly

        The books are quite a bit better than the show anyway, if only for the sheer amount of background and history you get compared the pittance that’s in the show.

    • Daniel O’Reilly

      ***Possible book spoilers*** The wildling attack happens in the book much earlier than in the show. The amount of padding the show has used this season is appalling (particularly because there’s a lot more material in the book that the show isn’t even likely going to get to this season).

    • LEM

      “Hodor and friends” sounds like a great kids show.

    • the king of comedy

      I don`t think this show is boring at all: 1. Bran, we haven`t seem him that much in the whole season (something I`m ok with I don`t care if his storyline doesn`t progrees that much yet as long as the show doesn`t take a lot of time on him either) but that episode of Craster gave him the impossible choice beetwen a Stark reunion or faith that he`ll find something else behind the wall, 2. Arya, I don`t know how you can get tired of Arya and The Hound, that pairing is amazing two of the best characters from the books and their chemestry is the best on the show, Arya isn`t suppossed to play any big role yet she`s just becoming a better killer wich she is with every episode, 3. Daenerys, ok I`ll give you this one since I find her a little boring even in the books, but every now and then she has some great scenesas as she`s learning what it takes to rule and Jhora`s dismissal was heartbreaking, 4. In king`s landing things went crazy this season, 5. The storyline of Jhon and the wildings isn`t over yet, you don`t need every episode to be a giant battle I think the whole season has been building up to that and next week you`ll have what you`ve been waiting for, wich will be much sweeter because of it.

    • Grayden

      You have to realize that while Martin’s books are massive and do give a lot more backstory/history/detail, they have gobs of filler as well. When you cut away the fat, there’s far less to put into a show. Also taking into consideration he’s written two entire books that run congruent, chronologically speaking, that they can’t split into two season each, like this book was. They had to string it out because there was too much for was season, but not exactly enough for two.

      The fact that might be elluding you is that in the books, you have only a few chapters devoted to each POV character, some only get one. Same events happen though. Dany gets to Yunkai and does her thing, then to Meereen and does the same thing. And while showing everything that a character does in the books on the show would make some people happy, you run the risk of having to give a character an entire episode to themselves. Some events are shown earlier in the show simply because we’d lose characters since they’d have so little going on in the books, or what they are doing in the books isn’t necessary for the narrative of the show. I don’t envy Weiss & Benioff.

    • YodaRocks

      Yeah, I agree. I liked the way House of Cards turns out. You can watch all episodes at one go.

  • Tritium3H

    Evidently Prince Oberyn did not heed Tuco’s admonition:

    “When you have to shoot…shoot. Don’t talk.”

    • Josh Harding

      Hahaha. This was literally the first thing that came to my mind too!

    • LEM

      I love that scene!

  • Leo Spaceman

    Any one else think that Sansa’s new outfit looked a lot like the Crow from this season’s “all men must die” poster?

  • lowest1q

    Man that pissed me off, Oberyn was such a cool character to follow. I found it kind of weak how he let his guard down like that, and I understand what he was trying to do before the Mountain surprised him but it seemed a man on a mission like that would be a little more calculated with his plan, tough loss. Now if Tyrion actually gets executed or if Jon Snow dies or god forbid both then I may have to reconsider my investment with Game of thrones moving forward

    • Gail F

      Don’t count Tyrion or Jon out yet.

    • RetortForm

      Painfully lazy writing. Particularly when they had the simple out of Clegane just killing him easily. The way they went was just cheap drama and splatter to wind people up. There just isn’t any way that Clegane would have even had use of his arms after that stab went through his body, let alone be able to pick Oberyn up and crush him. Just misery for misery’s sake.

  • JMD

    Mortal Kombat quotes kept popping in my head “Finish Him” and then obviously “Fatality!” Glad they kept the brutality from book to screen though

  • wESh

    How can this be the supposedly #1 show on TV right now? Basically every storyline is so boring people watch this only with a hope it will get better next week. The only likeable character sits in prison for 3 episodes only to seal his death by watching again GoT unnecessary use of extreme violence. It’s so primitive and dull I am ashamed it’s being put aside shows like Breaking Bad.

    • HerbalHobgoblin

      Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

    • LEM

      wESh, you’re outta your element.

    • the king of comedy

      The storyline isn`t boring at all, it`s one of the most intense and complicated storylines you can possibly find and filled wqith amazing characters, you don`t need to hate a show in order to defend another, I don`t think Game of Thrones has put aside Breaking Bad, both are amazing shows and while Game of Thrones is my favorite show and Breaking Bad my second favorite, I think Breaking Bad is widly considered as one of the best shows ever created along the Sopranos and The Wire ( something Game of Thrones hasn`t achieved yet), and if you want a popularity contest then The Walking Dead would be the Nº 1 show on TV.

      • wESh

        Now, compared to The Wire, GoT is so stupid. You should really think about the “intense and complicated storylines”. The Jon Snow storyline is perfect example of why it’s stupid – I mean, he knows nothing and is waiting an eternity on a castle for army he escaped, so, he is there waiting for weeks, where are they? Also good point from Leo Spaceman about Dany, how boring is that she sit’s on a thrown and fails to control a city of freed slaves. Compared to The Wire, GoT can never achieve that status because it was written by someone with horrible childhood or something.

      • Grayden

        There is so much that happens in the books that they can’t possibly write or shoot because the show is only 10 episodes at 50+ minutes long. With a cast this large, yeah, you’re going to sacrifice extraneous stuff. You want to get the full experience, then read the books. Television adapted from literature is always going to be abbreviated. Original television will never have that; there is nothing cut from the story you were shown. That’s all there was. But, imagine everything you didn’t get to see on The Wire that you wanted to, or thought should have been, and then complain. You can’t really compare the two.

    • Grendal Sven

      Speak for yourself, I am “people” and I love this damn show.

  • brNdon

    I hope that Tyrion is kept on track with his character from the book.

    • Daniel O’Reilly

      You can bet on it. The show has deviated from the book a lot the past two seasons, but it’s hit all the major plot points. And what’s coming cannot be deviated from.

  • randommale7

    To quote Hannibal- Another tame episode of Game of Thrones

  • Royale With Cheese

    F**K George R. R. Martin.

  • AndrewK

    “According to Roose, the North is essentially the Canada of Westeros.”
    Or you know – the Northumbria/York of Westeros.

    • Jim El

      Yorkshire is the biggest shire/”Kingdom” of Britain so yeah.

  • Bikoque

    Can anybody tell me why the Wall hasn’t requested reinforcement against the wildlings? I just don’t get it, send a damn messenger bird already.

    • Daniel O’Reilly

      Can’t remember if they’ve done it on the show or not. In the books, they do this as early as A Clash of Kings.

    • MrTexas

      I think they covered this at the end of last season, Tywin says it would benefit them if Mance over runs the wall and raises hell in the north. No one in the south take the threat of the Others seriously yet, except maybe Stannis but he can’t do anything about it yet.

  • Johnny_Mook

    Is that X-shaped torture contraption, actually, the sigil of House Bolton? My, oh my, no wonder!

    • Redjester

      Now it all makes sense, huh? lol

  • RetortForm

    Wouldn’t it all have made much better sense if Oberyn had stung him with poison and then been quickly killed rather than that cliched (and physically impossible) way the the fight went? Was Oberyn really so stupid as to not cut off Clegane’s hands while he taunted everyone? No. It was just a case of idiot ball in favor of drama. Boo.

  • Bo

    All the people who keep whining, and whining is what it is, about spoilers continue to make me laugh. I haven’t read the books and I don’t whine about spoilers as I refuse to give any one the power to spoil anything for me. Now I just google what is going to happen. Like I know what happens with the whole dwarf guy and his brother and find I just can’t wait to see it now. Just as I googled who won and how this battle played out and fully enjoyed having known about it ahead of time. Perhaps all the whining spoiler kids should try this tactic. Oh, but wait. Then what would you whine about? Ah, you’d find something as whiners need to whine and blame others and don’t want to give up that ‘ole poor me the victim’ stance you all love so much!!…lol…now come on…you all come on now and go crazy and attack and whine at me…come on now…lol…

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  • alonzop

    Great review! (Roose wisely decided that it didn’t matter who Ramsay’s mother was, he shares the same black soul as any good Bolton so might as well carry the name).

  • Polarboy

    Really, are you so starved for attention that you have to write book spoilers in a section about the tv show. I know even replying is playing into your hands but I just have to say, you’re a moron.

  • the king of comedy

    You should know the no spoilers from the book policy being someone who constantly writtes in these forums.

  • Koroko

    Wow, thanks for the spoiler, dick.

  • The Flobbit

    I’m sorry. I though everyone here had read the books. I’ve certainly read book spoilers here before. I was merely trying to point out the full picture, and if you’ve read the books (which I though you had…), you’d realize the importance of that – the Dornish mindset and the ramifications of that fight.

    I apologize to everyone who read that. I will delete my spoilerific comment.

  • Bo

    Come on, quit whining man. It’s unbecoming and moronic! Read my original reply above for my solution to your whining about spoilers.

  • The Flobbit

    I did not know this forum had a no book-spoiler policy. I do now, and will not post any more spoilers. I have deleted the offending comment.

  • Polarboy

    The comment still hasn’t been deleted so your apology seems fairly disingenuous. If it turns out that your ignorance and apology are genuine then I accept the apology, it is just a tv show after all, no need to be too serious about it.

  • GrimReaper07

    Dude, never put spoilers in a Game of Thrones review. I stopped reading after the word “killing” but some things cannot be unseen :(

  • The Flobbit

    I deleted my comment. Someone else must have reposted it. Once again, I apologize for spoiling your viewing experience.

  • Bo

    The solution…find out ahead of time what’s going to happen. I find that much more entertaining and exciting when I know already what’s going to happen. Plus, I don’t have to whine and blame others for ‘spoiling’ anything for me. That’s a position I find quite distasteful. Although many others here on this site seem to enjoy the victim bit a bit too much…lol..

  • Bo

    You didn’t spoil their viewing experience, Flobbit. They choose to be in the position of having it spoiled so they can continue to find themselves victimized. It’s all on them. I admire your spiritual forthcoming and apologizing, but it seems to not make a difference. Probably wise if one knows something ahead of time to not divulge it, least you get attacked. As I state above I google now to learn what’s going to happen and have found it makes the viewing experience even better than not knowing. Ummm…guess I just don’t like being a victim and refuse to allow myself to be victimized or place myself in that position.

  • GrimReaper07

    How can knowing what’s going to happen a good thing? One of the amazing things about Game of Thrones is its unpredictability. I’d rather not go near a GoT comment section ever again. That’s probably what I’m going to start doing.

  • Bo

    lol…thanks Grim…I don’t know, man. It’s still unpredictable for me…until I google it and find out!! So it’s just a matter of how and when you find out. I like knowing before hand. I read novels before they are made into films. I’ve read scripts before seeing the films. I just read Tarantino’s newest script a few months back…I’m not a big fan of his, but having read that script I now find myself looking forward to seeing the film to see how it turns out. It’s just a personal preference is all. I must say it’s a bit more grown up and mature to take the road you say you are going to take and stop reading a GoT comment section. That way one doesn’t have to take the unreasonable stance of demanding others to behave the way they wish for them to. Eh? Those that have read all these books have as much right to demand that others read them too so they can discuss them in the way they wish to discuss them too. At least, that’s my view. Look, the whining is immature is my point. Hope you follow thru and stop reading the comments until you’ve gotten to a place where you are safe to do so…good luck!

  • GrimReaper07

    Well this is the Game of Thrones TV series comments section is what I’m saying. People can talk about the book in other places because this place here is for people who watch the TV series, which doesn’t necessarily mean they read the books. Its kind of sad that you find out things way in advance before they happen too. I understand the urge lol, but trust me, you’re really underrating “surprise” in film or TV.

  • Polarboy

    This isn’t a section dedicated to the books, there are countless sites that discuss the books exclusively, this isn’t one of them. Are you saying that there shouldn’t be a site where fans of the TV show can discuss it without fear of being spoiled, because that is complete bullsh*t.

    And you know what is unbecoming, your attempted level of condescension, I say attempted because you are clearly talking complete nonsense.

  • GrimReaper07

    You’re just too curious and have no self control lol.

  • Polarboy

    So wait, you google to find out what happens ahead of time, and supposedly enjoy it better, so you expect EVERYBODY else to feel the same way when we are in a section for the TV show which is known to have a spoiler free policy, and you are calling me moronic.

    I can’t really fully express how stupid that statement is without using expletives but suffice it to say I would be using pretty much every swear word I know to make the point.

  • Bo

    Ya gotta relax, buddy…it’s just a silly TV show. Plus, your emotions cloud your perceptions as I never said, and certainly don’t, expect anyone to do anything as that’s what the spoiler whiners do…expect people to take care of them and behave the way they expect them to. I don’t give two shits what any of you do. I watched several years of GoT not knowing what is going to happen. This year, as a change of pace and in want of a different experience I google to find out…and surprise! I kinda like knowing then seeing how they pull it off. That’s just my experience and I don’t have a care in the world of someone ‘spoiling’ something for me. How very, very childish and immature. You don’t like that I feel that way…tough shit, man! Live with it and grow up as your replies are very childish and immature….we’re not 5th graders playing in the sandbox here; or at least I’m not. I got my doubt about you…lol…look, soo sorry…you’re making it so easy for me…I’m sliding down to the depths of communication here…it is making me laugh though. All over a pretty dumb TV show…now that’s idiotic!

  • Bo

    So much is unbecoming to you, Polarboy…pity as we live in a very unbecoming world so it’s gotta be rough for you. Hang in there…it’ll all be alright…

  • Bo

    Okay, righto. Jeez, I’ve not encountered people so strict and rigid about rules and regulations…but so be it. I certainly would never divulge info about what’s going to happen as that’s just rude, but I also ain’t gonna whine when others do as that’s just immature. As I’ve said, best to be a man and take care of yourself without demanding others to do so. Easy to do here, just get off the comment section if these so-called ‘spoiler’s ruin your day as you suggested you might well do. Right? Plus, this is a whole new thing what with these very popular books having come out and now a show based on them so many know what’s gonna go down. I wasn’t a fan of the Harry Potter stuff, but from my understanding almost all of that very huge fanbase had read the books before going to see the movies…so evidently they were able to fully enjoy that experience…so, as they said in Miller’s Crossing…’what’ the rumpus’? And let’s not forget…it ain’t the end of the world here…it’s, in the end, just a silly TV show…eh? Take care…

  • Polarboy

    Again with the attempted condescension, I don’t know if you realise this or not or you are just trolling but you come off as a complete moron to anyone with a modicum of sense.

  • Polarboy

    Do you get simple English, this is a spoiler free section for discussion of the TV show, only a moron would try to argue against this being so or indeed for the right of someone to not adhere to this rule.

    Your preference is entirely irrelevant and again your attempt at sounding even vaguely intelligent or in the right is completely in vain.

  • Bo

    Your replies indicate to me that I’m dealing with a very immature, not very intelligent person with serious distorted perceptions. You simply seem to not be smart enought to understand my views and they are as relevant or irrelevant as yours. Your demands for the comment section to be the way you insist it to be without anyone else having other views again indicates your level of maturity and intelligence. I can’t be bothered with the like of you anymore and thank the gods for the delete button because if I get a reply, and I’m certain I will as childish as you are, I have the option to hit the delete button and not even read it…and I shall excercise that option. Oh, by the way….the dwarf’s bother frees him and he chokes his whore girlfriend to death in his father’s bed and then kills his father while the father is on the toilet! Hope you enjoy having that bit of info before its time. Now see if you can actually like it even more having known about it before hand! Again, remember that I have my finger on the delete button which makes you and your reply really, really irrelevant and meaningless…lol…

  • Polarboy

    “Serious distorted”, I think you mean seriously, “enought”, I think you’ll find that is spelled enough, what I have read of your comment seems like it is written by someone with the literacy level of somewhere in between a relatively advanced 7 year old and a slow pre-teen.

    What you still don’t seem to be getting is that this is not about my demands, they are the basic rules of this section, if you care about not being a douche you don’t ignore these rules, simple as that.

    Oh and I stopped reading before your attempt to throw in a spoiler, you really didn’t disguise that well, “oh by the way the dwarfs brother” seriously you didn’t think someone would stop reading, again, total moron.

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