New Trailer for GAME OF THRONES Shows off First Footage from Season 2

     December 11, 2011


HBO has released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.  The new trailer provides the first glimpse of the second season, mainly with characters looking pensive and/or worried.  But what sells it is the voice over from Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane).  You may recall that King Robert (Mark Addy) bequeathed the Iron Throne to his brother Stannis until the Wretched Little Shit Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) came of age.  However, Joffrey and his mother Cersei basically usurped the throne, and Stannis is clearly none too happy about it.  Last season, the tagline was “Winter Is Coming”.  Now it looks like “Cold Winds Are Rising”.  BRING A JACKET (or pelt, or whatever).

Hit the jump to check out the new trailer.  Season 2 of Game of Thrones premieres April 2012.

Via HBO.


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  • Kurt

    HELL YEAH!!!!!

    Can not wait for this, Dillane as Stannis is great casting.

  • Matt

    Screw GoT, where is the Luck review.

  • James

    Same here. A Clash of Kings is one of my favorite books ever.

  • Evelyn

    Just had to point this out: neither in the show nor in the book does King Robert bequeath the Iron Throne to Stannis… it was given to the Hand.

    • tehx3n

      …who sortof died a bit, and since robert has no trueborn hiers, and he’s now the oldest baratheon the throne is rightfully his.

  • nex

    wait…are those unsullied?? isnt that on the 3rd book? or who are they?

    • amrojare

      Yes in the 3rd book. They are eunuch slaves who only live to obey and die, like robots. Don’t want to spoil more tho, so just google for more info.

    • amrojare

      oh shit… read too quickly.. sry guys… you can delete these 2 posts of mine.

  • WizofId

    Winter is coming

  • Jay McKells

    Season 2 is going to be terrible after Conan died from a staph infection…

  • Dsimolke

    Joffrey obviously sucks. Everyone knows that. But I may hate Daenerys Targaryen just as much. She thinks she’s SO cool and important. It drives me insane. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly a good show. Especially in how it takes a fairly realistic approach to the fantasy genre. I just can’t stand these two.

  • Dsimolke

    Hopefully Dillane destroys everyone.

  • Shaun

    The first season of Games of Thrones was very well done. I think they could have gone into a little more detail in it, but in 10 episodes, what can you do. Over the holidays I’m going to watch the season again just to refresh myself on the show. Thankfully HBO still has the season up to watch, either on HBO GO or DISH online. Before the first season launched HBO came around to the DISH call center I work at and gave out shield key rings, I thought it was odd, but I still have that thing on my key chain with the dire wolf on it. Reminds me every day that I can’t wait until season 2 to start. I mean I think we all deserve more blood, guts, and losing of one’s head.