HBO Planning to Shoot GAME OF THRONES Season Three and Four Back-to-Back?

     November 30, 2011


Though the second season of Game of Thrones won’t even premiere until April, rumors are already swirling about seasons beyond. The series fansite Winter is Coming has apparently heard from multiple sources that HBO is planning to order seasons three and four of the fantasy epic and shoot them back-to-back. As of now this is just a rumor, but since there has been talk that adapting the book A Storm of Swords to series would take more than one season, shooting seasons three and four back-to-back makes sense. Of course, it would also make sense to just have more episodes ordered for a third season. Otherwise, shooting the seasons back-to-back might result in a longer wait between the second and third seasons. Either way, it sounds like the crew has been told to prepare for a longer shoot to compensate for this forthcoming order, but we likely won’t hear anything further until the likely huge ratings for the second season premiere come through.


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  • Strong Enough

    They better renew HTMIIA. Bored to Death gets like 150,000 views per week and its on its 3rd season.

  • disco violenza

    I Can not wait for the next season, although HBO has a tendency to screw up good shows with the second season like Rome and Carnivale hopefully this doesn’t happen to this series.

  • Chris

    @disco violenza
    Thanks a lot buddy, I was pumped for this second season until you mentioned ROME. You are dead on right and now I have fears. 1st season of ROME was one of the best seasons of television ever………..then 2nd season FAIL.

    • Eric

      @Chris I wouldn’t worry too much, quality wise. Rome was all original material, so when they made S2, they just didn’t have the same spark; but this is based on previous works, and the second book is fantastic, so unless the producers just completely drop the ball (and with Martin himself writing the episode with one of the most thrilling battles I’ve ever read and Neil Marshall directing it, I doubt it), it’s going to be better than S1.

  • Dannyboy3030

    I have no doubt that this season will be amazing. These books are amazing.

  • Tiblehbleh

    In my opinion the second book takes a while to get interesting, but it’s aigret book nonetheless, the third is simply amazing, probably the best one out of them all

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  • chuckles

    HBO should buy rights for chuck.. Best show in the world and it needs continuing