“Blackwater” Helmer Neil Marshall May Return to Direct GAME OF THRONES Season 4 Finale

     July 5, 2013


One of the best episodes of HBO’s immensely popular fantasy series Game of Thrones thus far is undeniably season two’s “Blackwater.”  The installment is singled out for good reason, as the hourlong chronicle of the Battle of Blackwater Bay is heavy on character, intensity, and fantastic pacing.  Book series creator George R.R. Martin wrote the episode, but it was director Neil Marshall who brought “Blackwater” to life, and now it appears that the The Descent helmer has been asked back to helm the season four finale of Game of Thrones.  Hit the jump for more.

game-of-thrones-blackwater-peter-dinklageSources tell the folks over at Empire that Marshall has been asked to return to direct the final episode of next year’s season four, though this has yet to be confirmed by HBO.  Without getting into spoilers, the finale involves The Wall.  If you want more information, click here for a spoilery summation of what to expect from the season four finale.  Marshall is currently developing the vampire feature The Last Voyage of the Demeter and last helmed the pilot for the upcoming Starz pirate series Black Sails.

Production on Game of Thrones season four doesn’t begin until later this month, so Marshall has some time to decide whether or not to come back to the series, but I’m sure most fans would be pleased to see him return.  The events of season four will roughly cover the second half of Martin’s third A Song of Ice and Fire book, A Storm of Swords, and I’m eager to see how the series progresses following the grim events of the season three finale.  The new episodes will kick off on HBO next Spring, but Game of Thrones is sure to be holding a panel at Comic-Con this year so we can expect to learn a bit more about season four in a couple of weeks.



  • elikias

    I’m going to act like I know what I’m talking about and say that the battle in question will probably take place earlier in the season than the finale, but clearly Marshall is the go to “epic medieval battles director”, so I assume he will be directing an episode besides the finale, the one the battle takes place in.

    • Eoin Daly

      I agree there are many more events that take place after this battle that can end the season since so much more events take place in the book that are even more dramatic. Season 4 will be the peak for the show and I wonder who the writers will deal with the fourth book which is the weakest. Also George needs to hurry up and finish the books.

      • Jeremy D

        Yeah I’m quite curious as to how the fourth book, fifth (maybe sixth as well if they split it up) season, will be received by audiences. I’m not sure if some watchers will be too excited on being introduced to so many new characters and leaving out many of the other main characters. That being said, I do think the fourth book is really good, but I could see the casual GoT watcher hating it.

      • Grayden

        Since books four and five largely run parallel to each other, chronologically, it is likely the show runners will splice them together over two to three seasons. That gives Martin at least three years to finish book six and get started on seven. Which I have a hunch is mostly plotted out already.

      • AManWithAKilt

        There’s been some hinting that they’re going to combine books four and five into one season

      • Jeremy D

        That’d be a lot of stuff to pack into one season

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  • matt

    I’m kind of surprised that the Battle At Castle Black is going to be considered the season finale. The end of season 3 kind of set it up as something that was going to happen a lot sooner. I can’t imagine them having 8-9 episodes of Stannis and Davos making their way to the wall to fight the wildlings. I originally assumed that if anything it was going to open the season or be in the first few episodes.
    Story wise though, if they can pull it off, there is really no better way to end the season than a victory for the good guys finally.

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