GAME OF THRONES Season 4 to Premiere April 6th; BOARDWALK EMPIRE to Conclude after Season 5

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The Television Critics Association panels are currently underway, and today was HBO’s turn to drop some news nuggets.  Chief among the cable network’s announcements is an official premiere date for the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones, which will kick off on Sunday, April 6th at 9pm.  The insanely popular fantasy series will be joined on Sunday nights by the third season of Veep and the debut of Mike Judge’s (Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill) new live-action comedy series Silicon Valley, both of which will also premiere on April 6th.  Additionally, Ryan Murphy‘s feature film The Normal Heart will premiere in May, and Damon Lindelof‘s new series The Leftovers will debut this summer.

The fourth season of Game of Thrones will largely cover the second half of George R.R. Martin’s third book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Storm of Swords.  We’ll see our first trailer for season four this Sunday, in front of the premiere of True Detective.  Good luck watching the opening credits without this song stuck in your head.  Hit the jump for news on the final season of Boardwalk Empire.

Additionally, HBO announced today that this fall’s fifth season of Boardwalk Empire will act as the show’s last.  Steve recently spoke with creator Terence Winter about his plans for the end of the period series, and he revealed that he and his writers would be determining an end-date when they reconvened to start planning season five.  It appears that they settled on one final string of 13 episodes to conclude the exploits of Nucky Thompson, who is played by Steve Buscemi.  No official premiere date for season five has been announced, but it will likely be sometime in September.  Look for more from the TCA’s soon here on Collider.



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  • James VDB

    RIP Boardwalk Empire

  • Marissa Evans

    That’s good news about Boardwalk Empire. I’m not sick of it just yet, but if they went beyond a fifth season I probably would be. But I look forward to a fitting conclusion. :) It’s been a hell of a ride.

  • J

    Very disappointed. Far too early for Boardwalk to end, it’s been fantastic for 4 seasons and there is plenty more story to tell, it’s going to feel very rushed wrapping these slow-burned arcs up in one season.

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  • Leo Spaceman

    I saw the title had Game of Thrones, I didn’t see the title also had Boardwalk Empire, my heart stopped for a moment when I thought Game of Thrones was ending.

    I have been avoiding Boardwalk Empire, I think Buscemi is a terrific actor and I’m glad to see its ending because I can watch the show in one large binge end to end late next year.

    For Dexter I started watching it a week before the Season 4 ended, so to have one long binge leading up to that great finale was incredible. Then I went to the week to week basis for the show and by season 8 I almost dreaded having to watch the next episode.

    • Rick

      I can see GoT going for another four or five seasons after this one as long as it still rakes in money, and it most likely will.

      • Leo Spaceman

        I truly hope so. The cast changes often enough that I can’t imagine it getting stale anytime soon.

  • Christian Grey

    Worst News Ever…
    Why not end like the way The Sopranos did…
    5 seasons, 12 episodes in one year followed by another 6 or 7 episodes the following year.
    Boardwalk Empire is one the few groundbreaking series going around at the moment.. I hate it to end prematurely. It totally deserves another season. I dont want it to end quickly like breaking bad or 1, 2 many like it did for Dexter. :(

    • Rick

      I thought Breaking Bad ended at the perfect time. There was no more story after the ending of season four other than a) what we got in season five, or b) another big bad dealer, which would have been boring, in my opinion.

  • Mekt_Ranzz

    I hope they get Leonardo DiCarprio for Season 5 of Boardwalk Empire. He and Terrence Winter are good friends and Terence Winter wrote the screenplay for The Wolf of Wall Street.

  • Tyler

    Looks like Boardwalk Empire pulled a Seinfeld. Concluding the show at the height of it’s popularity, leaving the audience wanting more, and leaving on a high note (season 4 was the best since the first season).

    • Darren

      Disagree with you about season 4, I thought it was kind of jumbled – I thought season 3 was far better.

    • milo

      Disagree about Seinfeld, it did drag on too long and the last season or two were a step down from earlier seasons.

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  • Werefon

    Too bad that GoT has fantastic 1 season and than only one good episode in season 2 (Directed by Marshal) and almost 0 good episodes in season 3. I if ended I would not cry, It is sad true that it seasons 2 and 3 sucked.

    • jim

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My opinion on yours is that you’re terribly wrong.

      • Werefon

        My is that blind followers are not the people to judge an opinion that goes against theirs.

    • mattinacan

      you must have been dropped as a child

      • Werefon

        What? How you found out? oh No. Sherlock is here!
        You must open up to your parents. Today is nothing wrong to be Gay!

    • milo

      I wasn’t surprised season 2 wasn’t that great considering I thought it was the weakest of the books. But 3 was a return to form and knowing what’s in the book, 4 has a ton of potential. There are episodes where not a lot happens but I wouldn’t say any of it has sucked, not at all.

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