GAME OF THRONES Showrunners D.B Weiss and David Benioff Talk about Tonight’s Season Finale and Plans for Season 5

     June 15, 2014


I’m eager to see tomorrow’s ratings for tonight’s terrific Game of Thrones season finale.  Game of Thrones is the highest-rated show in HBO’s history, and season four did not disappoint.  It came with the various twists, turns, and major deaths we’ve come to expect, and, as always, I was surprised by who lived and who died.  Following tonight’s episode, showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff talked about this season, the season finale, and what lies ahead for season five.

Hit the jump for more on Game of Thrones season 5, and click here to read Allison’s recap for the season finale.  [SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven't seen the finale plus some minor spoilers from the books]

game-of-thrones-season-4-poster-peter-dinklage-tyrionIn the books, Shae is simply an unlikable character who’s conning Tyrion from day one.  The show gave her depth and shading, so when Tyrion killed her, it had serious weight.  Benioff talked about the scene to THR:

The murder of Shae, in particular, is emotionally much different than in the book. In the book Shae is a gold-digging prostitute from the beginning. She never loved Tyrion and betraying him came easily for her. But we knew our Shae would diverge from book Shae the moment we saw Sibel Kekilli audition. Sibel brought such life and intelligence to the part; her intensity inspired us to make the character more complex. Our Shae loves Tyrion, and Tyrion loves her. For us the tragedy is watching these two people trying to kill each other when they love one another. If only Tyrion had taken Shae up on her offer at the end of season two, they could be living a wonderful life in exile right now.

Another big death, and one of my favorite, was Tywin getting killed by Tyrion.  Rarely does this show give us what we want, but this was a glorious moment where Tyrion not only got his revenge, but got to kill Tywin in the most embarrassing way possible.  It was a fitting end to a man who had done nothing but insult and humiliate his son.  “To see Tyrion’s entire, troubled relationship with his father distilled into three minutes, that’s a lot of weight to put on two actors,” said the showrunners. “It was our good fortune that the two actors in question were Peter and Charles, who are both power-lifters in this category.”

game-of-thrones-mountain-viper-iain-glenEven though the show probably won’t return until April 2015, we’re already eager to know what happens next.  Unsurprisingly, Benioff and Weiss are tight-lipped, but Deadline reports:

The two do hint on future alliances and outcomes when they say that the boat carrying Dinklage’s Tyrion from King’s Landing is heading “east.” As followers of the books and the series know, east of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, which Tyrion was fleeing and across the Narrow Sea is Essos. To get really insider, in Martin’s Dances With Dragons book, the now banished Jorah Mormont character meets up with Tyrion and hopes to use him get back in favor with the dragon controlling Daenerys Targaryen, who is still learning to be a Queen unto herself.

But let that be next year’s problems.  For now, let’s just enjoy season four ending with a glorious voyage across the Narrow Sea rather than Daenerys crowdsurfing.

Also, if you want to hear the choral version of the Game of Thrones theme that closed out this season, check it out below [via Vanity Fair]:

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  • Redjester

    Weiss and Benioff were right, that was the best hour of television the show has ever produced, perhaps even the best hour of television I’ve ever witnessed. Granted, I’m sure plenty will disagree with me there, but I don’t consider that claim in any way hyperbolic.

    I’m also glad that they’re saving some goodies for the first couple episodes of next season. No reason not to spread it out a little bit.

  • vitextreeradar

    well done

  • Michael

    where the hell was Stoneheart ???

    • Jeremy Flores

      Disappointed, but didn’t really fit in the context of the episode. I’m sure D&D will work it in in the early episodes of s5.

    • Sweet Pea

      I don’t want to see Stoneheart. Would ruin it a bit imo. Leave it in the books and even there its debatable whether it was a good idea or not.

      • HeliopanND09

        I, respectfully, disagree. Lady Stoneheart is integral to the story. Particularly as it pertains to the Freys, Lannisters, the Brotherhood without Banners, Boltons, Podrick and Brienne. Plus, why reveal the resurrection power of the Lord of Light and Lord Beric in Season 3′s Episode, “Kissed By Fire?”

      • Andrew

        Why do you assume we’ll never see her? This show isn’t even half way over yet. Quit focusing on what the episode didn’t do and focus on all the amazing things it did.

      • saywut

        Why settle for mediocrity? Bran meeting Peter Pan and fighting skeletons. Brienne fighting the Hound instead of focusing on Tyrion’s important resolution? Arya standing on a ship like a dog sticking its head out a window and panting? Stannis was fun. That’s about it. Tonight’s episode was C- at best. The likelihood of LS sounds unlikely unless there is a fan outcry.

        Graves tells EW:

        “It was never on the docket to do this season — ever. The
        [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] have such a challenge adapting the books into a really focused television experience. It’s very hard, it’s very complicated, it’s much harder then they’ve been given credit for, I think, and they do a brilliant job. But to bring back Michelle Fairley, one of the greatest actresses around, to be a zombie for a little while — and just kill people? It is really sort of, what are we doing with that? How does it play into the whole story in a
        way that we’re really going to like? It just didn’t end up being a part of what was going to happen this season. And finally one reason, in case you didn’t notice, a lot happens this season … To add that in is something they opted out of. But what’s funny is that it was never going to be in the season, yet it took off on the Internet like it was going to happen.”

      • Me

        Isn’t half way over? 4 of 7 seasons completed, my math is bad but I think the show is more than halfway over…

    • HeliopanND09

      I was expecting a teaser ending like maybe: DARKNESS. We hear a prayer to the Lord of Light — FADE IN — Following the prayers we soon see Lord Beric Dondarrion hovering over a corpse. ECU of eyes opening. The End.

      I even sat through the credits hoping for a tease.

      • Sweet Pea

        I’m glad you’re not a TV writer. That’s the corniest sh*t I ever read.

      • saywut

        Corn is better than peas.

      • Sweet Pea

        Maybe in your household pal, we love peas where I’m from tho. I only like my corn on the cob.

    • Oolie zool

      I hoped for that to be the final scene. They find her, prayer, eyes open, cut to black, but maybe the season opener now?

  • HeliopanND09

    GoT’s final episode felt rushed and a bit hollow. Daenerys’s scene(s) were simply filler that took away from the more important storyline involving Tyrion. Tyrion’s actions felt odd considering the writers removed the discussion between the brothers over Tysha. Tysha was discussed in Season 1 Episode 9. In the book, if I remember correctly, Jaime reveals to Tyrion that Tysha wasn’t a whore, but a peasant that truly loved him (his father lied to him), sent Tyrion off the rails a bit and seeks him out. Instead, in the show, the way Tyrion just for “sh**ts and grins” turns around and heads to the upper floor, instead of knocking on the door and heading to freedom… going back to the chambers where Shae was located felt odd. I felt the writers dropped the ball on this episode. Arya, Bran, and Jon’s story lines were “okay.” Having read the books and knowing the chronology, next season will be interesting. I have to believe Lady Stoneheart will make an appearance. But, maybe not. The TV show already has one foot in “A Dance with Dragons” territory. What’s the plan? Tons of unnecessary filler? I doubt they will keep Tyrion on the Narrow Sea for an entire season. We’re already
    delving into the Children of the Forest plot and so on. Having said that, I felt last week’s episode was pretty great.

    • Oolie zool

      Her scene didn’t take away from anything. It highlighted one of the two huge problems for her going forward, the dragons.
      I agree about the Tysha convo though. That was the entire reason he went to Tywin in the first place.

    • Bo

      Remember the last line in the great movie, Chinatown? ‘Come on, Jake…it’s Chinatown’…Well, here in regards to the Jamie/Tyrion sequence, etc….’it’s TV Heliopan’…key word for TV stuff…simplify…make it simplistic for the herd. I agree with you that that sequence of him escaping and the brothers and Tyrion then deciding to go to the upper floor was not very good. They (TV) just do not want to take the time and needed to get him up there so they just got him up there…lol…anyway…who cares…it’s TV…take what it is and suffer from what it ain’t…lol…

    • Aquartertoseven

      I agree, not finale-ish at all, mostly. Daenarys scenes shouldn’t have been in the finale, more important things should’ve been focused on, however touching it ended up being. Once again, just like in the Mountain and the Viper, Tyrion’s scene was easily the weakest. Which is due to Tyrion’s story being dragged out so much this season, I’m glad it’s finally over.

      The Tywin scene felt kinda odd and more so with the Shae scene. The generic skeleton fighters was weird, not necessarily a good weird.

  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    Varys going to Essos too? That wasn’t in the books if IIRC correct me if I’m wrong please!

    • Sweet Pea

      That does happen in the book.

      • justkiddingnobutseriously

        So what he does in Essos is still a mystery then?

      • justkiddingnobutseriously

        Wait, I just remember Tyrion arriving in Pentos alone though? Nothing was ever said about Varys joining him on that boat. Perhaps Varys followed Tyrion to Essos afterwards in the book?

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