Warner Bros. to Edit GANGSTER SQUAD in Response to Colorado Shooting

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In response to tragedies, studios quickly react in order to avoid any semblance of indifference or callousness on their part.  After the Trayvon Martin shooting, Fox decided they should change the name of their comedy Neighborhood Watch to simply The Watch.  Warner Bros. is faced with the challenge of more than just a title change following this past Friday’s tragic shooting at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.

The studio has already removed the trailer for their upcoming 1940s crime film Gangster Squad because it features a scene where characters start firing machine guns through a movie screen into the audience.  Hit the jump to find out how the studio plans to alter the actual film in order to respond to recent events.  Gangster Squad is currently set to open on September 7th.

gangster-squad-emma-stone-ryan-goslingAccording to Variety, Warner Bros. has not only pulled the trailer because of the movie theater scene, but they plan to pull the scene from the final film.  The studio is also “putting reshoot plans into motion” which means the scene must have been fairly important to the plot.

I don’t condone Warner Bros. cutting the scene (I don’t think the horrible acts of madmen should get to dictate the art of others), but the political reality is that the studios and the filmmakers would be accused of being insensitive if they decided to leave it in, and then the entire movie will be overshadowed regardless of quality.  Furthermore, the studio wants the picture out this fall, and even if they delayed it until 2013, people would always make that association of someone shooting into an audience full of moviegoers.  Ultimately, when looking at the ripple effect of the shooting in Colorado, reshooting a scene in a gangster movie seems relatively minor.


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  • rxn

    Disappointed in this. That scene looked pretty interesting in the trailer.

  • Budders

    I’ll actually agree with Goldberg here, I think it’s silly and laughable that they are planning to remove this from the film. I can understand removing the scene from the trailer before TDKR, and I do remember immediately thinking upon hearing the news of the shooting about that scene in the trailer, however for something like that to go as far as affecting a film that much, I think is really overdoing it. However, it is also true that in today’s society, the amount of hypersensitive people will lead to them being accused of being insensitive (which they’re not, its part of the movie and was put it WELL before the event occured, not in response to), and I really find it difficult to take people who will make arguments like that seriously because it’s all purely coincidental and things happen.

  • Sajorij

    Goldberg is absolutely right with this one. The amount of over-sensitive people in the world scares me. Hope the new ending turns out alright…

  • gcm443

    What bullsh*t

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    Ugh…I could see taking it off the print of TDKR but this is getting ridiculous…again. Every time something like this happens for a short period of time all entertainment and political parties treat American citizens like they’re small children that can’t have the blindfold taken off or ear plugs pulled out for fear that we might see or hear something that will make our poor little eyes leak.

    It’s horrible what that scumbag did but taking things like this a removing them from sight just because (in the studio and PR departments eyes) we’re not emotionally stable enough to see it is insulting to me. What’s next, no Expendables 2 trailer cause it has a list of actors that in all of their combined films have killed a small country? Luxembourg gonna get all up in arms now?

  • Decado

    Will it be included (uncut) from the blu-ray/DVD?

    • Yuichi

      i would predict not. if WB is going to reshoot the scene it is likely that will be the complete and finished version. maybe some time from now, a few years perhaps the director might get to release a directors cut version. but for now i don;t think it will see the light of day. shame really. it looked like a great scene.

  • Tyler

    This is ridiculous. As a whole, society has become “desensitized”. They don’t want people to see the violence in movies and video games, but the truth is, they need to. People need to see that there are sick people in this world, people who “just want to watch the world burn.”. Another thing, how can they do this to a movie? This was the director’s artistic vision, what was written into the screenplay. Not only that, but I believe it was also based on a true story? (I might be wrong) They’ll probably reshoot this to where the cops and gangster hug, kiss, and make up, becoming the best of friends because thats how society is. We’re all kind, gentle, loving creatures, right?

    • Janus

      That’s not what desensitized means. Desensitized means society has seen so much violence that they stop giving it significance or being affected by it.

  • Tenesmus

    Major studios make movies to make money and to entertain. Why alienate potential ticket buyers? No big deal. This isn’t censorship, it is a business decision. The story the movie is trying to tell would likelyy be lost because of the scene, so good on them for wanting to change. All they will likley do is change a theater slaughter to a restaraunt slaughter, or a boat slaughter, or a train slaughter, no big deal

  • Brett

    Very disappointed that people can’t even enjoy a FICTIONAL movie anymore. We live in a society now where people harp on one topic and won’t let go til the next story comes round. Yes, the shooting was tragic and senseless, and you can’t imagine something like it happening, just like 9/11. But movies are meant to tell stories. And the people offended by the scene in gangster squad should just not see it.

  • Evan

    The scene looked so effin’ cool and was probably the final sequence of the film. I am now worried about this movie and its ending.

  • Leonardo

    Everything is so Politically Correct this days that i don’t even where i’m gonna live, i mean yeah out of respect for the people they could take that scene out from the trailer but reshoot what looks like an immpoortant part of the film! Reshoots aren’t always a good idea so who knows how is gonna be the fiinal product in the end.

  • Mikey Filmz

    Anyone paying a ticket to see this obviously saw the trailer beforehand and know the scene is in the movie therefore they are ok with it. So why change it for the rare occasion of a moviegoer that might stop into a movie theatre unknowing of what film they are buying a ticket for and are about to watch on a whim and find it offensive ?

  • Erik Schmikal

    The news and studios need to stop going on about this shooting being a result of the movies and Batman.

    The guy was an idiot who decided to pick somewhere that he knew would have lots of people and would get a lot of press.

    All the studio does by cutting scenes as a result of this is give other idiots the idea that there terrible actions can make big business change things.

  • Sugreev2001

    Well,that is just BS ! Are Americans becoming so spineless that they cannot even forget a movie is just that…a movie.

    • Tyler

      Yes, yes we are. Glad to see im not the only one who isn’t rolling over for this.

    • FinnGoDo

      Lol, yes blame it on an entire country. garbage.

      it’s a business decision by warner bros.
      a corporation.

      get. over. it.

  • UziGunner

    Its a sad thing sure, but it shouldn’t be effecting movies like this. The best thing was just let that be that.

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  • Mr. J

    funny, the orher day i was watching inglorious basterds on netfix, and when the film reached the part where the basterds raid the movie theater killing a lot of the nazis i thought that with the recent events studios could make a move like this one, i know that gangster squad´s edited scenes will be on the dvd`s additional features anyway.

    • ma

      They wont be on the dvd/blu ray release!

  • James

    What a load of horse shit! I wouldn’t change shit, it’s a movie. Thats interfering with someones artistic vision, such bullshit…

  • James

    What a load of horse crap! I wouldn’t change it, it’s a movie. Thats interfering with someones artistic vision, such bull.

    • Ethan

      haha thanks for the censorship

  • SP1234

    Too bad, really looking forward to this film regardless. Now we may have to wait a little longer to see it.

    Also, I think the studio is partially to blame here, not because of Dark Knight, but they’re kind of taking away the creative control from the director, which always hurts. Reuben Fleischer, while assembling an incredible cast for this and having directed a big success like Zombieland, isn’t a known director, so it’s easier to pull something like this. A bigger director would have been a different story. Say this happened three years earlier and studio executives wanted the theater ending of Inglourious Basterds cut out, Tarantino would have refused. That movie was a big hit and many people said it was a great film, not things like “oh the theater ending was too inappropriate!” This time, I think it will only be this film and The Watch (because of the Trayvon thing) might be hurt in the business, but I think people will still go see a Batman movie, even if it did have alarming scenes with Bane and everything and will still come out an say, “that was a good Batman movie.”

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  • Berek

    “I don’t think the horrible acts of madmen should get to dictate the art of others” You can’t get anymore clear about it than this. If they change the scene I won’t waste my time seeing what will be a patchwork movie with a patchwork story.


    people in america are murdered every day…yet we see violence in movies that mimics these cases all the time.

  • MJConnorz

    This is absurd.

  • Precedent

    After 9/11, scenes were removed from Spiderman and Men in Black II. The original cut of Spiderman had a helicopter caught in a web between the Twin Towers. The original ending of Men In Black II was supposed to be on the roof of the World Trade Center.

    • Chad

      As already stated tirelessly, the Spider-Man scene was never intended to be in the film. It was for the teaser only.

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  • Underground Anthem TX

    Not to be a troll, but this movie looks terrible from all the trailers I’ve watched, and has been gaining negative buzz from various places. This is now just a built-in excuse for why this movie will suck.

    Off topic, I like how the movie banner names EVERY actor (even one NOT present!) except the 2 minorities. Funny!

  • Chris

    Stupid. All this does is draw attention that this film had a theater shooting scene. By the time the film came out, it could b controversial but not that big of a deal.

  • Hunter

    Pathetic this is being edited out. Don’t let that idiot continue to change going to the movies more than he already has. His actions should have no more impact besides having remorse for those who lost their lives.

  • buck

    WTF!!! thats completely stupid it looked like a badass scene, the people that cannot handle watching the scene don’t watch the damn movie simple solution. society today is full of p***ies everyone is too damn sensitive.

  • junierizzle

    Who gives a sh*t? Scenes get cut out all the time for different reasons. It’s really not a big deal. Channing Tatum is being re-written into the new G.I. Joe movie to have a bigger role because the studio wants more of him. Where’s the outrage there? I’m sure the filmmakers “artistic vision” didn’t want Tatum’s character in there all that much.

    • Thomas K.

      You sir, are talking out of your bum-hole.

    • Thomas K.

      Scenes DO get cut out all the time… Do you know why? Because they aren’t necessary, or the studio feels it ruins the pacing of films for larger audiences.

      G.I. Joe got BAD reception BECAUSE Tatum didn’t have an extended role, hence the reason the studio put him back in.
      G.I. Joe “2″ is also a sequel, franchise film, and technically reboot. It is a film where a Studio already has a screenplay in hand which they hired someone to write for them, and then hires a Director to then take the Producers/Screenwriters vision from paper and put it on screen for us to see, with our eyes, ya know.
      Tatum’s character in that film was killed off VERY early on BECAUSE the STUDIO wanted to REBOOT the series but since they had JUST made a film <3 years ago, they tried to sell it as a sequel, which obviously during test screenings, didn't work out too well without Channing Tatum's character.

      THIS on the other hand…. Is a COMPLETELY FINISHED PRODUCT, that is now, not just being altered slightly…. But supposedly, at least story-wise, this is being changed drastically. After months of planning, and weeks of writing and filming these scenes, All these filmmakers, actors, interns, etc. work that they already put a lot of EFFORT into is now being wasted and thrown away, and most likely won't be seen, Ever. At least no time soon, that's for sure.

  • poolerbear

    screw you you dipshit for ruining not just 1 great movie but 2… hope you burn in hell for what you did to those people… no burning in hell is too good for a child killer… hope the devil rapes you him self every day for the rest of eternity.

  • Strong Enough

    wow a whole Goldberg article and no one complaining? thats a first


  • Stan

    What bugs me is that now the rest of us around the world who wanna see this movie have to suffer because of one stupid asshole. Of course in the US too. But I hate how they take this out on moviegoers. They are letting him win by doing this. I can appreciate them pulling the trailer or the scene from the trailer but taking it out of the movie completely is ridiculous. Seriously it’s a movie.

  • Grayden

    if we’re going to condemn the movie industry for being “insensitive” for showing violence on-screen, then we have to condemn the entire entertainment industry for showing violence on-screen. This means all film, television, video games, and sports. The movie studio’s need to tell America to effing get over it already. If we’re going to be the nation that glorifies violence across the board, but then abhors it when actual violence occurs, we should at least have the self-respect to admit our hypocrisy.

  • dwijdis

    And the amount of soulless, cold-hearted and emotionless degenerates like you (and James Holmes) in the world scares me. Families and children were murdered, normal people are shocked and saddened by this and yet here you are bemoaning this tragic event for spoiling your lovely movie going experience.

    I\’d rather be \"oversensitive\" than being a apathetic cretin who is incapable of empathy.

    • Thomas K.

      Whoa whoa whoa.

      WE ALL, are deeply hurt, saddened, and affected by this.
      We are ALL Film lovers.
      ANY ONE of us could have been sitting in any theatre, anywhere.
      This could of been ANY ONE OF US.

      But for you to sit there at your computer screen and insult every person on here who truly appreciates and loves the escapism that the Art of Cinema can bring to our lives is horrible, disrespectful, and just wrong.

      We cherish that feeling of safety, excitement, and love we have when we sit inside of a Movie Theatre.
      We don’t want that to be ruined because of a single persons horrifying, un-sensible, tragic, selfish act…
      We as a whole are not saying that it is wrong for them to pull the scene in respect to the victims…
      WE are saying it is wrong to pull it from a film that Billions and Billions of people could end up seeing, just because of One persons selfish act.
      WE feel as if by doing so, you let the terrible human being win.
      WE feel as if sometimes, you have to accept that this world is a dangerous place, and whether a MOVIE displays violence or not, should not affect anybodies day-to-day lives.

    • John

      I’d rather be an apathetic cretin who is incapable of empathy, but unfortunately I’m just apathetic

  • Arturo

    This is silly. if we are going to be pulling movies out of theaters for every act that happens in real life then, there should be no war movies. No political dramas, no historical pieces. No form of entertainment alone. this is cinema and it will always imitate life in one form or another. if events take place during a movie and it occurs in real life well……nut up or shut up!!!! no one was running in tears from the movie theater when the building collapsed in the Avengers and it was reminiscent of 9/11 when the dust flooded the streets. i dont here any one thinking of the nazi dependents when they make war movies, it may be offensive to them. what about violence against blacks in movies with gang bangers and latinos and drugs its association but still come on. why dont we ban the movie the savages because it depicts the violence taking place in mexico with the cartels. lets think of those families who have had members killed by the cartels. this is just a usual american reaction. lets knee jerk a response. america its time to nut up or shut up. you have lost your way!!!!!
    That sucks that scene was awesome in the trailer well i hope they put it in the bluray. But i think that move is just plain stupid so no because of one shooting now no movie can show scenes like that one please it was a tragedy what happened but the entire world cant pay from the actions of some loon who actually deserves the electric chair in my book but i think this Colorado shooting has been blown way out of proportion how many people get killed in wars or on the street in worst ways and people dont care about it because it has nothing to do with them this movie has nothing to do with the colorado shooting so i say leave it has it is or at least release it on the bluray.

  • Max

    I bet the whole uncut version will be on dvd anyways so I might just wait to buy it.

  • Carlos

    terrible that this had to happen. i say take it our of the trailer but leave it in the film, it is Rated R and the people who see this should be mature enough to know that this was filmed way before the event that just happened.

  • Janus

    That\\\’s not what desensitized means. Desensitized means society has seen so much violence that they stop giving it significance or being affected by it.

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  • John

    The fact that they pulled the trailer makes me glad that I already downloaded it to my phone. As for them cutting the scene from the movie… I agree, it’s retarded, and it makes me want to boycott it to show that I don’t support stupidity.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch the ending of Inglorious Basterds

  • John

    The fact that they pulled the trailer makes me glad that I already downloaded it to my phone. As for them cutting the scene from the movie….I agree, it’s retarded, and it makes me want to boycott it to show that I don’t support stupidity.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch the ending of Inglorious Basterds

  • Herman McClain

    America is filled with children.
    They can’t separate a film from reality. So this is what Warner does.
    I will not PAY to see edited footage. I’ll wait for Netflix.

  • Herman McClain

    America is filled with grown children, not adults.
    They can’t handle a film over an actual tragety. So this is what Warner does.
    I will not PAY to see edited footage. I’ll wait for Netflix.

  • Mark Wizard

    I remember seeing the trailer (uncut of course) before PROMETHEUS. When they got to the theatre scene, I was like whoa, I can’t believe I just saw that. It’s scary and yes, also offensive, but I have to wonder if editing scenes like that is unnecessary. There are countries where movies are allowed to run uncensored, and yet they don’t have the mass shootings we have here. I think there are multiple causes to the tragedies we are having, other than just violent movies. Otherwise, every country that has imported DIE HARD or LETHAL WEAPON would be having mass shootings on a regular basis. We need to look at other solutions to the problems we are having, like better background checks for purchasing guns, providing housing and other services to the mentally ill, etc., and not just watering down movies and expecting that to cure everything.

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