Gary Oldman Says Villain in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is “From the Old Comics”

     March 9, 2011


Poor Gary Oldman. The man is busy doing press rounds for his upcoming film Red Riding Hood and all anyone wants to talk about is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Though I’m not complaining; everyone in their right mind is chomping at the bit to hear about Nolan’s final film in his Batman trilogy. While Oldman has been remaining rather quiet on details (and understandably so), he recently opened up on the villain of the film to E! Online:

“I think it’s a villain from one of the old, old, from way back from the old comics. It is a Batman villain… It’s not going to be the Joker.”

So far, we know that Tom Hardy is playing Bane and Anne Hathaway is playing Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman). Bane first appeared in the comics in 1993, but Catwoman showed up in 1940. Could the feline villainess be Batman’s primary nemesis in the flick? Or is there a third villain in the film that we haven’t heard about yet? While initially skeptical as to whether Kyle would don the Catsuit in the film, Hathaway recently confirmed that Catwoman does appear. The Dark Knight Rises starts filming soon, and is set for a July 20th, 2012 release.

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