George Clooney to Direct Phone Hacking Scandal Movie for Sony

     September 3, 2014


After tackling World War II with this past February’s The Monuments Men, the multi-talented George Clooney has settled on his next directorial feature.  THR reports that Clooney will produce and direct an adaptation of journalist Nick Davies’ book Hack Attack (great title or greatest title?) for Sony Pictures, which chronicles the recent British phone hacking scandal that surrounded Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation empire.  In 2011, the company was caught hacking into the voicemails of everyone from celebrities to politicians to families of soldiers who perished in the Iraq War.  The unveiling of the scandal led to News of the World closing its doors after 168 years and a subsequent government investigation that lead to the arrest of the publication’s former executive editor Neil Wallis and former editor Rebekah Brooks.

More on the film, and Clooney’s upcoming slate, after the jump.

george-clooney-phone-hacking-scandal-moviePer THR, production on Clooney’s phone hacking scandal movie will begin next year.  Unlike The Monuments Men, however, Clooney will not appear in front of the camera this time around.  While Clooney and his Smokehouse Productions producing partner Grant Heslov set out to make something that wasn’t cynical for a change with Monuments Men, it appears that they’re ready to delve back into heavy drama territory with this next feature.  The last time Clooney tackled journalistic issues the result was the terrific Good Night, and Good Luck, so my hopes are high for this next feature.  The duo also recently signed on to produce a remake of the Norwegian thriller Pioneer for Sony, which is currently in development.

Right now, though, Clooney is gearing up to star in the next film from directors Joel and Ethan Coen, the Hollywood-centric Hail, Caesar!.  He will next be seen in front of the camera in director Brad Bird’s mysterious Disney project Tomorrowland, which opens in theaters next May.

George Clooney Phone Hacking Scandal Movie

  • kps

    If only this came out a few years earlier. Could have saved America from Piers Morgan.

    • Tommy Boy

      Yeah, I wonder if they will mention Piers Morgan, because he allegedly encouraged encouraged phone hacking, and didn’t think it was a crime.

  • James Franco

    Wonder who’s going to tackle the iCloud hack movie?

    • Bob and Rob Piccob

      I don’t know, but hopefully Jennifer reprises her role and does her first nude scene.

      JK photos of naked girls gets almost no reaction out of me.

      • Mb

        Jk photos?

  • Leo Spaceman

    I tried to watch both Leather heads and The Monuments Men and they were both just so horroridly dull and underwhelming. I realize I’m not his target audience but his movies are horrible.

    • Neven

      You picked wrong movies of his to watch. Those two are easily his worst ones yet even though I find them okay and far from horrible. I strongly recommend you to check out Good Night, and Good Luck and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

      • Chris

        I only liked Confessions, Good Luck was boring and dull. Clooney is a hack, as an actor and director.

      • lord jim

        i haven´t seen the movies he directed, but he is absolutely not a hack as an actor.He was great in Michael Clayton (fantastic movie by the way) and he was the best thing about the Solaris remake (and I thought he would be terrible miscast before I saw the movie).

  • Tommy Boy

    According to Piers Morgan, in America, when the government hacks phones, it’s an “invasion of privacy.” But in the UK, when the press hacks phones, it’s “free journalism.”

  • Vulcan

    Careful Sony, Rupert Murdoch might give up his quest to buy Time Warner, and attempt to buy you instead to stop this movie from being made.

    But I am interested in this, and I wonder who is going to play Murdoch, or if he is just going to be an unseen figure.

  • kemo

    zzzzzzzzzzzz…THUD, what’s that? George Clooney’s new directorial movie. it fell just like a lead balloon..ok….zzzzzzzzzzz

  • Mixed race rich kid NYC

    George Clooney is devolving as a filmmaker

    His first movie was great (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind), his second one was alright (Good Night, and Good Luck), his third one (Leatherheads ) bad, his fourth one amateurish (The Ides of March)and his last one atrocious (The Monuments Men )
    I expect this one to be razzie awards bad

  • Mike

    Next Summer from Sony and George Clooney comes The Fappening.

  • Strong Enough

    i thought this was about The Fappening

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  • Greg B.

    Great news now because it has George Clooney involved it will never be biased or terrible. (Note* – Please read everything previously written as the most sarcasm anybody could ever put into one sentence)

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