George Lucas Leaves the Force Behind to Open an Art Museum

     March 5, 2013

Forget Jar Jar Binks.  George Lucas has announced that he’s taking the Death Star-load of money he just made selling Lucasfilm and opening an art museum.  Yep, you read that right.  Turns out that four decades plus of filmmaking was all just a lead up to his true passion: becoming a museum curator.  The director revealed that he started collecting art when he was in film school and hasn’t stopped since.  “At one point, I wanted to become an illustrator,” Lucas told CBS News. “My father said, ‘No way I’m going to pay for that…You’ll never make a living as an artist.’”

Lucas added that he hopes the museum will inspire a world of young people, much like the way he was inspired to create the world of Star Wars.  “This museum, if anything, is a dedication to cultural fantasy,” he said.  “How do you design environments, how do you design sets, how do you design characters, how do you design costumes.  Part of the museum is designed to educate people into the idea of storytelling, into the idea of being able to paint your fantasies, which is what Star Wars was.”  Hit the jump to see else what Lucas had to share about his new project in a video interview.

Via CBS News.

Will you be visiting Lucas’ new museum?

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  • Devin R.

    Very cool! I admire the support that George gives to education and the arts. I hope I can visit the museum in person someday.

  • JKL08

    What’s up with his neck

  • Lance

    I would definitely visit a museum like that. Go, George, go!

  • Strong Enough

    His neck is sitting on that billion

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  • Lawrence_8

    Grew up on his movies, gotta say he’s a big inspiration to me.

  • Lawrence_8

    Grew up on his movies, gotta say he\’s a big inspiration to me.

  • Convoy

    This sounds like a cool idea. I know plenty of people hate him now because he “ruined” their beloved franchises. Regardless, he’s still the man behind them, and without him, there would be no Star Wars or Indiana Jones for people to bitch about. So give the man a break. This museum is a great idea, and if it inspires a young mind to create the next whatever, even better.

  • Duder NME

    Lucas continues to lead by example, championing art and education, while the cellar dwellers spit their fundamentalist rhetoric. Long live Lucas.