George Lucas Talks STAR WARS with Jon Stewart on THE DAILY SHOW

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Last night, George Lucas appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote his new book “George Lucas’ Blockbusting.” However, as would be expected, the focus on the conversation wasn’t on his new book, but immediately centered on the Star Wars franchise. Every single Star Wars fan should check this video out. I’m a huge, HUGE fan of Stewart as both a comedian and as a journalist. He pretty much always speaks his mind and asks the questions that need to be asked. In this case he just goes for it and asks the questions that fans often wonder about when it comes to Lucas, such as-and I’m paraphrasing a bit-how does it feel to piss off a whole generation of fans and do you still believe you’re as creative as you used to be? The latter one I found especially brilliant and ballsy. Granted, he said it in a nicer way, but the implication of “Hey, what the heck happened in the new movies as opposed to the old ones,” was still there.

But even better than Stewart’s questions were Lucas’ answers. Lucas still insists that people love Jar Jar Binks, one of the most repulsively idiotic characters in the history of cinema. Either Lucas’ pride is pretty out of control and he’ll never admit to the awfulness of the new trilogy or he’s a tad delusional. Either one is likely. [Matt's note: It's also likely that Lucas inhabits a world where no one challenges him and only strokes his ego]

Check out the full video after the jump.

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  • Guest

    I can’t believe people are saying the story in the prequels suck… or at least that’s how I took the comments. I like the prequels a lot because of the story; however, I may be biased because I love prequels, and I love them because you get to see where it all begins and where things come from. And that is exactly what the Episodes I, II, and III did. I mean shoot, how many of you wondered how and why all the jedis were slained, not to mention why Anakin became Darth Vader. I don’t know if any of you guys who dislike the prequels notice, but the story of how Anakin becomes Darth Vader starts on Episode I and follows greatly through the next two episodes. The fact that Anakin admits to his feelings of fear is a blatant foreshadow of his plunge to darkness, especially after Yoda’s words of wisdom. And then in Episode II we see how the anger and hate from losing his mother pushed him over the edge. And finally in Episode III it shows how he is blinded by love and anger which pushes him towards the darkside. I just that it was great how it was told. Not to mention the dramatic betrayal against the jedis and the when Obi has to take down Anakin. I mean come on, what did you expect?

    But then again, I believe I know why most people seem to like the original trilogy. I think it’s because the original trilogy was shot much like an adventure. No time skips and recurring characters that people grew to love. In contrast, the prequels seem to be more of a storytelling epic.

    • Fan

      I don’t want to demean your experience of the prequels, and maybe it is possible to enjoy the stories contained therein. But a lot of clever people watch the prequels and just don’t buy into the rather shallow motivations they provide.

      Allow me to provide but one example. In the original movies, Luke has his hand removed by Darth Vader at the end of Episode V. He has it replaced with an artificial hand, contained in a black glove. There is a poignant moment in VI where Luke returns the favour, cuts off Vader’s hand, and for a moment – there is that triumph in his eyes. Vengeance. Then the Emperor is applauding him. He’s pleased. And Luke raises his gloved hand to his face. His eyes glaze – and we all know what he’s thinking.

      The prequels contain a moment like that, too, minus the point. Anakin loses his hand… and… so what? It’s like George knew that someone had to lose a hand to make a good movie. But he missed the subtler point of his own creation.

      My personal opinion, however controversial, is that Lucas has grown senile. I don’t mean that with disrespect. I simply think he should be looked after, and his ‘works’ quietly shuffled somewhere aside. The money being poured into special effects for his ramblings is more of an embarrassment to the studios – and us, the audiences – than to him.

      Ps. I watched the prequels in the cinema, so I’m just as bad. I watched the original movies at various times on TV, with ad breaks, and out of order. I didn’t see the first half of return of the jedi until a couple of years ago. I’m not suffering from nostalgia.

      • Duder NME

        Anakin’s loss of a hand was a preamble to his growth as Darth Vader. If he had a Luke moment of reflection, it might have helped him turn to the Light Side, but because he didn’t have that moment, which concludes that he was all alone in his path. No precedent set before him to warn him of his fate. To him, it was just a cybernetic limb, and he had more pressing concerns to deal with. Luke wasn’t aware of a prophecy revolving around him for most his life. Luke didn’t strain under the pressure of a religious and policital power struggle rending his allegiance in two. Luke didn’t experience a recurring instance of personal loss. Just because Lucas liked to repeat themes throughout the Saga doesn’t mean that Anakin and Luke’s tales should be so rigidly adhered.

        And then you follow with glib advice that supposedly benefits us all. Thanks, but no thanks. Please don’t use “controversial” to anything regarding a personal bias. Controversy should be saved for more populist and global concerns. In any other fashion, it becomes an overrated term.

      • Anonymous

        For me, Anakin losing his hand in AOTC worked perfectly, because you could see the first step towards becoming Darth Vader. Your argument is ridiculous. There are countless meaningful moments in the prequels. You must be blind not to see them. Poor you!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I agree with you. The original trilogy was an adventure and therefore more accessible to the average Joe. Han Solo was not at all an important character, yet people could relate to him much more than the wise Qui Gon, because most people are much more like Han Solo, and they like excitement and stupidity. The Prequels tell a much larger story. They are two different angles on something. I am fond of this idea to not just be repetitive, but take another look at things. Well done, George!

  • The People vs. DrBathroomMD

    This is, by far, the greatest comment in this thread. Everyone else: hit the showers.

  • Star Carlton


    • Katei

      LOL! He is the Human Bullfrog.

  • Thiago

    George Lucas is an idiot. He had a great idea in the past, and thats all. And Jon Stewart is amazing as always.

    • Anonymous

      Thiago: Go eat your family loser!

  • Anonymous

    I think Star Wars has potential for more Stories, but let someone else write and direct with Lucas as a producer

  • Will

    Hey All

    The original triology was awesome and the prequels as well..The stories appeal to young and old and are to explore the path of its characters and transformations – such as Anakin as young hopeful boy trying to help his friends in need. The work involved is tremendous to tell a story and entertain the masses. As I worked on Episode One, yes there are always holes in all stories, take the stories as a whole and how young people watch and learn from them and you will find out that the series is entertaining and loved by many……

  • O.Baggins

    Lucas comments state the facts, as based on larger proportionate sales and reactions and spinoffs, and merchandising sales for the new trilogy as opposed to the old trilogy, u culturally illiterate, anachronistic imbecile.

  • Tito

    You also meant “The prequels were horribly miscast,” and “McGregor.”

  • O.Baggins

    Lucas comments state the facts, as based on larger proportionate sales and reactions, reviews, spinoffs, and merchandising sales for the new trilogy as opposed to the old trilogy, u culturally illiterate, anachronistic imbecile.

    • Moodyb

      When you are discussing a topic and you resort to name calling you are illustrating the point that you have lost the argument and all you have left in your arsenal is to spew invective. So sad.


  • TIto

    Better yet, don't see either Transformers.

    Even though people just love bashing the prequels at the drop of a hat, it sure made a lot of money, so even the naysayers saw it more than a couple of times. And there were lots of people who thought they were good enough, even if they were far from perfect.

    Say what you will about Lucas, but he told his story the way he wanted to. He didn't come up with a few ideas and count his money while some other guys did all the hard work. And no, he didn't think special effects were all that mattered. The main problem in the result was that he got too focused on telling that story, and forgot that you need engaging characters and relationships. It got better by the time he made Episode 3, but by then it just makes you think what could've been. And I'd still rather have had the disappointing prequels than none at all.

  • Larry

    It's easy for fans to come up with ideas, it's another to thing to plan out three entire full-length features. It's like saying you would've swung at that third called strike that ended your team's season.

    I liked the prequels more than I didn't like them, but the whole expectations excuse doesn't work for me. Empire had bigger expectations than maybe any movie in history. It disappointed some at the time, but it got a pretty good response, if not a more positive one. Just because people expect a lot from a movie, it doesn't preclude it from meeting those expectations. The new Trek movie didn't do well because people had low expectations. And the LOTR sequels did do well despite people having high ones.

  • Will

    O. Baggins were you commenting to me in your two blogs, or you talking to society as a whole. As the films are to entertain people and teach values of good and bad

    • moodyb

      Especially when you do it twice in a row. (see previous reply) So incredibly sad.


  • Pai

    For everyone who claims the prequels were more than pretty shlock, I wonder if you all could refute the claims made by this (7-part) review which points out every illogical, contradictory, and pointless element in the Phantom Menace:

    Seriously. The prequels are indefensible as anything other than preschool-level storytelling and flashy eye-candy. As films they don’t hold a candle to the original trilogy, which Lucas had a lot of input and help in writing. Once he got to the point where he could do whatever he wanted, his blatant lack of talent for writing screenplays became obvious.

    • Duder NME

      That review sounded like the mumbled ramblings of a nitpicking fanboy. A few points of his were of the disillusioned nature I’ve heard about for a decade, but for the most part, he merely used his preferences as a means of critical objectivity, and then dismisses it all with non sequitirs. It just doesn’t fly. Plus, not funny.

      His Star Trek Generations one, however, is funny.

    • Anonymous

      That review is obviously from one of the dumbest people on earth!
      It’s almost funny how deranged some people are.

  • Anonymous

    Great interview, it’s nice to see Lucas doing interviews, even if he’s selling his book.

  • Da

    Um, you got the interview all wrong. Watch it again…

  • Muncho

    um Transformers 2 was way better than the first

  • Kinspin

    Man quit trolling =p

  • bwycke

    Star Wars haters just can’t fathom that people genuinely like the prequels. And they go on an on an on debating spewing venomous phrases and words…I think you obviously have no lives to spend so much time obsessing about a make believe story .

    You are just as bad as you accuse GL of being because anyone who loves the prequels you attack with angry words it’s and can’t accept that millions of people like the prequels.

    Big Deal they are entitled!

  • CTEd

    The great thing about the old trilogy was that the characters felt real and the audience wasn’t spoon fed. In the original trilogy Obi Wan considered vader his one true failure, his fault. In the new trilogy his is absolved with a nice neat bow by his promise to his teacher.

    The new trilogy recycles ideas. Obi Wan & count Dooku…. “Ill never join you” is the same scene as Vader and luke in cloud city.

    And wouldn’t that scene with Yoda and Dooku been so much better if they had just whipped out their lightsabersand had at it? Did we need Dooku’s line telling us they had to settle it with sabers?

    The new series treats fans like they are 2 year olds, and pounds you over the head with everything, leaving nothing to nuance. But then that’s what movies are becoming – the intellingence is gone.

  • Khimarhi

    Just like George Lucas said in the interview there is a generational divide between fans of the original trilogy and the prequels. The younger fans like the prequels a lot more then the originals. If people wouldn’t be blinded by their nostalgia a lot of the older fans would find that the prequels are more enjoyable then what they allow themselves to think. No movies would ever measure up to the original trilogy because they were SO MUCH better then anything out there. In this day in age if the original trilogy was released they would be just another summer blockbuster and nothing special.

  • Vorador

    Answer your questions, I will.

    1. What mechanism of the force keeps the Jedi from discerning the presence of the Sith right under their noses?
    a. It is not the faulty mechanism of the Jedi that blocks their discernment. It's the powerful mechanism of the SITH you are underestimating. Generations of manipulation and deceit honed and crafted to perfection. Even the most discerning wont find something they do not know they are looking for.

    2. How do medichlorians grant force powers to their host?
    a. The same way FAITH empowers humans to do incredible things when properly trained and enough energy is placed by the intention. Medichlorians, represent the tangible substance that is faith. How one decides to use this substance is based purely on the host.

    3. ….and what mechanism keeps the Sith from discerning the presence of Anakin's children?
    a. The Sith DID discern Luke(Anakin's son). But, only when he became a real threat. Sith strength is a dual-edged sword. Sith values power and conquest over perception and awareness. The new “Avatar” movie underlines this point clearly. Great power to dominate others comes at the price of overlooking the less obvious details. That's why they(sith) failed ultimately.

    4. Given that Anakin was born on Tatooine and knew Owen personally, why does it make sense for Obi Wan to hide his son from him by taking him to this planet and hiding him with Owen?
    a. This question is it's own answer. Owen is the child's technical 'grandfather'. When Anakin turned to the 'Dark Side' he CEASED TO BE ANAKIN. He then became, Darth Vader. When you take on a new identity, you shed the old one. Obi-wan knew this all along. This was actually one of the more brilliant points if you look at it more closely. Obi-wan always knew that Anakin still had some good in him. He anticipated Luke making a change in his father at some point. So, leaving him with Owen was no threat at all.

    May The Force Be With You, Always

  • Anonymous

    I stand aside Smike and a few other people on this message board. I too loved the prequals. True, they were very different from the original trilogy films, but different in a good way. Less action, more political upheaval, more CGI. I still loved them.

    I never understood this brutal backlash everyone in the online community has given Mr. Lucas since 1999. They fail to see the problems in such recent films like the new Star Trek or Transformers which (in my opinion) were inferior to the prequals. As far as I’m aware, there is no armed resistance against JJ Abrams or Michael Bay.

    I think the main problem is that the guys who hate the new films grew up with the original Star Wars and loved it to death. Anything that goes against their predisposed image of what a “Star Wars” should be is immediately rejected. As kids, we were more accepting of silly things. I was (and still am) that way too! Don’t forget people, the original trilogy featured big-headed aliens playing saxaphones in the cantina or my favorite: the one-eyed, stop-motion monster living in garbage disposal. Give old George a break!
    And oh yes, call me a loser, but I didn’t mind Jar Jar Binks either. (I like his floppy ears.)

  • Doyle

    Come on, these films are PG, Lucas tells you himself, these new films were made for CHILDREN, not the older fans, my children love Jar Jar, they could care less what some 40 year thinks. My opinion, I wish Speilberg or J.J. Abrams would have been given the helm. But it's always easier to criticize than to actually go out and make one yourself, and have it be any good.

  • Doyle

    I can't remember, did it win anything? Maybe an award in visual effects and sound? That's probably it. What alot of people fail to understand, is that It's a movie, that's all. It's not meant to dwell our rest of our know natural lives about it. People take things so seriously. And why do people always have to insult people. I don't understand it. Like I said earlier, if people don't like his movies, go make your own, and lets see if they're any good (which they probably won't be). The prequels had alot of good and cool moments. My children love them. I like them their ok. The originals will always be the ones I like, but even those I can only watch once a year. Who wants to watch a movie over and over, boring.

    • Will8889

      It won six Oscars, for art direction, costumes, visual effects, editing, original score AND sound, and it was nominated for 10 awards that year.

    • Will8889

      It won six Oscars, for art direction, costumes, visual effects, editing, original score AND sound, and it was nominated for 10 awards that year.

  • James
  • Mike

    Ridiculous! You make it seem as if the guy walked around with a miraculous vision handed down to him by God himself. Like a man burdened with a genius that could hardly contain if not penned onto parchments of sheepskin or tablets of gold. Blessed be Lucas, the anointed one!

    I'm not saying the guy's an idiot. But, he is by no means a good story teller. The movies were good entertainment for the young, the illiterate and the die-hard fans, but as far as good stories go they don't even come close to something like Lord of the Rings. Good stories are made of engaging characters and the interesting events they experience which change them in irreversible ways. Good movies are made by directors who can tell a story through actors that become their characters. The prequels fail on all accounts. The only good thing: awesome special effects!

  • Eric

    I’m sorry but the prequel trilogy is AWFUL. Jar Jar Binks goes down in history as the most annoying character of all time. What is missing from the prequels is the sense of adventure, everything feels artificial in the prequels and aside from Obi-Wan and Yoda none of the characters feel real. Anakin is as stiff as a manaquin, and Padme looks as stiff as a statue. None of the characters are nearly as interesting as they were with the classic films. By the way, none of the prequels won a single Oscar, whereas everyone of the original films picked up at least one Oscar a piece!

  • LL

    My reading on the question of why Obi Wan took Luke back to Tatooine is that Anakin (even as Vader) would never want to return to that planet. You consider the trauma of losing his mother and then succumbing to the dark side and slaughtering those Sand People……..

  • Daryl

    All I can say is that I enjoy all six movies. Of course they have a different feel to them, but there are things about the new series I love such as the pod race, underwater gungan city (the name of which escapes me) and the epic lightsaber fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin in revenge of the sith. Of course it still feels like they could have been much better but I'm certainly not like many fanboys and critics who absolutely hate them. ………….also movies based on KOTOR would be amazing….just saying.

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  • Dsa

    Wow, I can't believe someone called John Stewart a journalist…

  • Get over it.

    You CANNOT call yourselves true STAR WARS fans if you side with one trilogy or the other! ORIGINAL fans, step back, look at the WHOLE picture. Isn't it nice after watching the original trilogy to have some HISTORY on ANAKIN and the REPUBLIC?
    PREQUAL fans, go watch the original trilogy. Now aren't you glad that you KNOW what happened to ANAKIN and his CHILDREN?

    You shouldn't CARE about bad ACTING or an overload of CGI. I mean, SERIOUSLY, its a MOVIE series. Appreciate the fact that a GREAT mind like LUCAS was able to come up with such a FANTASTIC UNIVERSE, and that there were realistic STORIES about the CHARACTERS who live there.

  • Katei

    We should get over it because it's a movie, but we shouldn't care about the movie-aspects of it, such as the acting, directing and special effects? LOL! Okay.

    I will grant that the universe he created is pretty fantastic. If it wasn't, none of us would be wasting time defending or criticizing it. But if you think the stories are realistic, I hope you are still in grade school. That would probably explain your Caps Lock stutter as well.

  • Get over it!.

    Of course the stories aren’t realistic… they can fucking fly faster than the speed of light! I meant that if these characters existed, they would most likely go through the events that the movie portrays them going through. And I felt like emphasizing some words.

  • Darth Burden

    I pretty much could give a damn if people did not like the prequels, I liked it, and more, and I’m pretty sure Gorge Lucas could give a damn what you think too, its his baby.

  • mitapacha

    the original triolgy is a masterpeice but the prequels are rat shit in comparison

  • Robert

    You people are morons star wars was a phenomenon it was perfect bad acting… Didn’t care to busy watching Liam neesan playing qui gon jar jar bunks was hilarious the second the phantom menace was over I went to walmart and purchased a jar jar binks. Sold it four weeks ago for $300 cause it was a mis coloring bad plot… Please I knew how the prequels were going to go but I didn’t see alot of it coming… Visual effects… At the end of aotc I got chills from seeing all those clones it was awing… Romance a little dry… I was a kid I didn’t care about no romance I wanted to see anakin get his ass handed to him by obi wan… And I wasn’t dissapointed… In the end it was a good ride, a ride I take quite often but when it’s all over it’s just a movie I salute you Mr. Lucas. My final thought GET OUT OF YOUR BASEMENT, TAKE A SHOWER PUT SOME ZIT CREAM ON GET SOME CONTACTS AND GET A LIFE and maybe you too can take your first steps into a much larger world MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

  • Acetysl

    Basically George Lucas sold out. He doesn’t want to admit it, but the greedy fucker knows it.

    He says that the newer prequels were for a newer generation. In other words he completely changed everything about the series and marketed it for kids. Slap star wars on everything that can be sold and use special effects in every shot!! Forget dialogue and plot!

    I like how defensive the arrogant doublechinned fucktard gets when people criticize the prequel movies. He’s so used to being praised and adored while he bullies everyone else. Jon Stewart put him in his place with his comedic jabs.

    He also says that people should grow up and get over star wars. But why is he going to release the series again in 3d during 2012-2019 ?? Clearly he’s a money grabbing asshole who wants tons of cash and to never let the series die.

    Fuck you George, you money grubbing fat asshole.

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