George Lucas Thinks the Czech Republic Should Give Him Financial Incentives for the STAR WARS TV Show; Czech Republic Should Say LOL WTF

     June 1, 2009

headline-2.jpgThe fact that George Lucas has the gall to ask anyone anywhere for a financial incentive is instantly hilarious.  He could buy and sell most of the larger studios several times over.  He could purchase flannel shirts for every man, woman, and child on the planet and still have plenty of cash left for beard maintenance.

But he thinks the Czech Republic should give him some financial incentives to film the “Star Wars” TV show there.  Is Lucas aware that the Czech Republic is a country and not a giant green screen?  During the 90s, he filmed several episodes of “The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones” in Prague and praised their dedicated crews but according to ScreenDaily, he notes that “the Czech government hasn’t noticed that the world has changed since then.”  For example, the Czech Republic still looks like a country and not a giant green screen.

Lucas notes that a production would be a great boon to the country as it would create up to 700 jobs and employ hotels, cars, and other services.  What Lucas neglects to mention is that most of those jobs will be done by computers and digital actors don’t use hotels, cars, etc.  But yeah, George, you go ahead and try to save a few million bucks.  The man can already afford to paint the entire fucking country green but whatever.