Gerard Butler to Star in Curtis Hanson’s MAVERICKS

     February 11, 2011


Gerard Butler has signed on to play surfer Rick “Frosty” Hesson in Curtis Hanson’s Mavericks.  We first reported on the film about a year ago when we learned that Hanson was developing a movie based on the late legendary surfer Jay Moriarty and that Sean Penn was considering the Hesson role.  According to Variety, the story will center on Moriarty’s “quest to ride the iconic Northern California break known as Mavericks, where winter swells bring in treacherous waves the size of five-story buildings. Moriarity trained for more than a year under Hesson, forging a relationship that transformed both their lives.”  Hanson, whose last film was 2007’s Lucky You, will direct from a script by Kario Salem and Brandon Hooper.

While Lucky You was a misfire, Hanson tends to deliver solid movies and I’m interested to see what he’ll do with this story.  I’m also thrilled to see Gerard Butler in a movie that isn’t a disposable, lowest-common-denominator, get-a-new-agent rom-com.

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