GHOST RIDER 2 Revs Up on February 17, 2012

     September 17, 2010


It looked touch-and-go there for a second, but Nicolas Cage confirmed he will reprise his role in the sequel to Ghost Rider.  Per Box Office Mojo, Sony has set a date for Cage’s return: Ghost Rider 2 hits 3D theaters on February 17, 2012, five years and a day after the original hit on 02/16/07.

I know, I know — you weren’t clamoring for a sequel.  But the studio entrusted Ghost Rider 2 to Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.  The unapologetically bonkers minds behind the Crank series.  If you want to make a fun movie about a flaming skeleton biker, you hand the keys to Neveldine/Taylor.  Done deal.  For more information on the film, check out Steve’s interview with producer Mike De Luca.

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  • wojtek grześ

    o długo trzeba czekać ale kuwa

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  • Excpired

    I’m sorry, but how is handing the movie off to a couple of morons who can’t make a movie going to help?

    Crank is one of the worst things to happen to films in the last few decades, now we can expect to see Cage riding through cities lopping peoples heads off throughout the entire movie.

    • Excpired

      The series itself is doomed seeing as it has Cage as the lead; a complete miscast, even if Cage is a good actor he certainly doesn’t belong in this role. You may as well make him Hellboy.

  • DFM725

    Lets be honest excpired, crank was genius…

  • Ruiner

    The Crank series has really been love it or hate it, personally I loved them. Regardless I am not sure the guys behind those films are the right fit. The first GR film was extremely goofy intentional or not so this news doesn’t exactly excite me. I think a comic property they could make a successful film treatment would be with a character like DC’s Lobo.

  • Nvppark

    just keep Ghost Rider away from the original director “Steven Mark Johnson”…he’s the same guy that ruined DareDevil.

  • Nvppark

    just keep Ghost Rider away from the original director “Steven Mark Johnson”…he’s the same guy that ruined DareDevil.

  • Elrushbo

    Just another paycheck for Nic.

  • Morbus888

    Cage got the role right. who else would you have play Ghost Rider? I can’t think of anyone else. I cant wait for the new movie. I watched the film so many times and it hasn’t gotten old yet!

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