GHOSTBUSTERS 3 and GREMLINS 3 Possibly in 3D; Matt Remains Skeptical

     January 25, 2010


According to MarketSaw, the third installments of both Ghostbusters and Gremlins will get the 3D treatment.  MarketSaw cites unnamed sources that say both films are going 3D.  This may be true.  Avatar has changed the game as far as 3D is concerned and both franchises appear 3D appropriate.  But have the Ghostbusters crew really already decided on 3D when they’re still working on the script?  And yes, Gremlins director Joe Dante’s next film, The Hole, is in 3D and maybe he’s fallen in love with the technology.  But any rumblings about a third Gremlins have been few and far between.

These are both exciting prospects, but I just don’t trust them.  I’m not going to rail against their site like I did last year, but I feel that they’re drawing hits on sensational headlines rather than doing their due diligence in their reporting.  Editor Jim Dorey may trust his sources, but his sources might just be making educated guesses, especially when these projects are still in their nascent stages.  I’m not saying that these movies won’t happen or won’t be in 3D.  I just think it’s premature to offer it as hard fact.  There’s no shame in saying “may be” instead of “will be.”


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