Paul Feig Eyed to Direct GHOSTBUSTERS 3; May Be Total Reboot with Female-Led Cast

     August 2, 2014


The Ghostbusters 3 saga continues.  It seems like we’ve been reading about/reporting on a third Ghostbusters film or reboot for close to a decade now, with Dan Aykroyd promising every few months that a new Ghostbusters film is “really close” to happening/shooting/being released.  Some solid movement actually occurred earlier this year, as Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II director Ivan Reitman decided to step back and simply produce the next Ghostbusters film while working closely with Sony to find a new director for the project.

At that time, we heard that Sony was hoping to start production on Ghostbusters 3 in early 2015, and while 21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie helmers Phil Lord and Chris Miller quickly emerged as favorites to direct, subsequent reports suggested they turned the project down (indeed, they seemed to imply that they had some sort of discussions with Sony about the project in our interview from June). But now there’s some forward momentum on the project, as Bridesmaids and The Heat director Paul Feig is apparently being courted as the new Ghostbusters 3 director.  However, instead of a sequel, sources indicate that Feig might actually be spearheading a new Ghostbusters reboot with a female cast.  More after the jump.


The folks over at THR initially reported that Paul Feig was being targeted to direct Ghostbusters 3, emerging as Sony’s top choice to helm the project.  The report was quick in noting that formal discussions have yet to take place, but that Feig has expressed interest in the project.  Subsequently, Variety reported that Feig is actually in line to direct a total Ghostbusters reboot that will “most likely” focus on female characters played by comedic actresses, adding that the script will be started over from scratch.  Instead of denying Variety’s claim, THR updated its story to reflect that “sources” indicate Feig could be eyeing a reboot instead of a sequel.

As with everything Ghostbusters 3-related, this is all to be taken with a grain of salt until cameras start rolling.  We’ve heard promises in the past of production start-dates and scripts that were “in great shape”, only to encounter radio silence for years at a time.  However, if these reports are indeed true, I’d say that Feig is one of the few directors who could get actually me interested in a new Ghostbusters film. Since co-creating Freaks and Geeks with Judd Apatow, Feig has carved out a fantastic niche in studio filmmaking, shepherding refreshingly female-led projects through the studio system to great success.  Bridesmaids was a smash, last year’s The Heat was a big summer hit, and Feig recently wrapped production on a spy action-comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne called Spy.

ghostbusters-rebootIf Feig is indeed planning a female-led Ghostbusters reboot, one can imagine the kind of talent he might be able to attract to the project.  More importantly, we could rest assured that this won’t be some pandering “women kick ass too” movie that misses the point of what really makes a strong female character. Variety cautions that Ghostbusters wouldn’t necessarily be Feig’s next film, adding that the director has several scripts in development at Fox that could go after Spy.  Again, neither THR nor Variety say that Feig has had any formal discussions about directing a new Ghostbusters film so this could all be moot by Monday morning, but it’s certainly a promising prospect.

If Feig does direct a new Ghostbusters reboot with a female-led cast, who would you like to see don the proton packs?  McCarthy seems like an obvious choice, and Byrne has certainly been doing some excellent scene-stealing comedic work as of late.  I’d love to see Amy Poehler involved somehow, 22 Jump Street scene-stealer Jillian Bell is an excellent young talent on the rise, and I imagine Jenny Slate would make a fantastic addition to the franchise.  Sound off in the comments below with your picks.

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