Dan Aykroyd Says GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Will Shoot Spring 2012 with or without Bill Murray

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Dan Aykroyd loves to keep hope alive that there will be a Ghostbusters 3 someday even though I’ve never met anyone who was hoping for a new Ghostbusters movie.  Today, Aykroyd appeared on Dennis Miller’s radio show [via ComingSoon] and strongly hinted that the movie is happening in spring 2012 no matter what.  Seriously this time:

“Yes, we will be doing the movie and hopefully with Mr. Murray,” he says, “That is our hope. We have an excellent script. What we have to remember is that ‘Ghostbusters’ is bigger than any one component, although Billy was absolutely the lead and contributive to it in a massive way, as was the director and Harold [Ramis], myself and Sigourney [Weaver]. The concept is much larger than any individual role and the promise of ‘Ghostbusters 3′ is that we get to hand the equipment and the franchise down to new blood.”

Hit the jump for more on what Aykroyd had to say about the new film and a fun reminder of how many times we’ve heard this before.

ghostbusters_movie_image_01Aykroyd reiterated the point that the new film will feature a new generation of Ghostbusters:

“My character, Ray, is now blind in one eye and can’t drive the cadillac,” he says, “He’s got a bad knee and can’t carry the packs… Egon is too large to get into the harness. We need young blood and that’s the promise. We’re gonna hand it to a new generation.”

Aykroyd adds that there’s no casting yet for the new leads (three guys and a girl), but he likes Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds).  We previously reported that in addition to the young blood, Dana’s son would now be a Ghostbuster and that Dr. Venkman would be a ghost.  If Aykroyd is saying they can do Ghostbusters 3 with or without Murray, then does that imply Ghost Venkman was never a crucial character to begin with?  And if Murray did sign on, wouldn’t fans expect him to have a significant role?

I’m also baffled as to why it’s taken them this long to figure out that Murray is ambivalent about the project and that if they really wanted to make a sequel, they should have just gone forward without him.  I love Murray, but does anyone want to see him in a film that he doesn’t care about?

So Aykroyd says spring 2012 is when they’re going to start filming.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

Do you see a pattern here?  I understand it’s tough for films to get out of development hell, but do you think Ghostbusters 3 is really happening this time?  But more importantly, should it happen?


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  • Stacey Bush

    I wish Dan Aykroyd would do more movies. We see too little of him. I hope Dan Aykroyd does more major films from now on, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar. He is still sadly underrated and underappreciated even after all these years. He should have joined the A-list years ago.

    • Tony Tolvo

      I think we need the boys (and their sucessors) to solve our New York problems. We’ve just been hit by an earthquake, and now hurricane Irene is headed with destruction for NYC. Is Vigo at work again??? Winston once quipped, “New York – WHAT A TOWN!!!”. This IS the TOWN!!! So, when things start looking grim – who ya gonna call!!!???

  • Whitney

    The three guys – Penn Badgley, Adam Brody, Chace Crawford, James Lafferty, Shia LaBeouf, Chad Michael Murray or Anton Yelchin

    The young woman – Mischa Barton, Sophia Bush, Kat Dennings, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester or Jessica Szohr

    • Terry

      I’ll one you up:
      The guys:Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Kenan Thompson.
      The female? Who else…Emma Stone

      Booya ya!!!

  • Shmojo

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • sloan

      the word/term lol is used too often but i actually laughed outloud when I read your post. I was thinking the exact same thing

      • mil


    • Hugo

      Is there any room available on your space ship? I’ll fix in the trunk, i’ll be quiet.

  • I am not so sure Bill Murray will be around when filming starts

    It is amazing to me, how many airheads we have out there in this world. If anyone out there had been following Bill Murray online the past couple of years and had been paying attention, red flags would have been clearly seen. They have been waving everywhere! Do I know anything for sure by 100%? No, but what I do know is this: Bill Murray began suffering some kind of a health crisis last fall, carrying into winter past February, and I believe he has known for quite some time about something very serious that has happened with his health. Can anyone recognize literal sarchasm when they see it? Bill Murray said he’d only do 3 if were a ghost. Hey people, get a clue! He didn’t mean being cast as a ghost, he meant that by the time filming starts, he expects to be a ghost. That’s why he hasn’t committed to anything. Why would he, if he knew he wouldn’t be around long enough for filming to complete? In his mind, that’d knowingly break a commitment. I disagree with Bill Murray about a lot of things. Personally, I believe when it comes to judgement and decision making that all to often, he’s had his head up his rear-end. I can honestly say though, that he is a professional and will not commit to a movie he doesn’t plan on making.

    I mentioned this elswhere, but I want for what I said to be seen. Because of that, you may see my comments about this elswhere. That’s because I am copying and pasting this anywhere I see Bill Murray and Ghostbusters 3 mentioned.

    • Venkman

      You posted the EXACT same comment on the Toronto sun website

      • Geralyn

        AFAIC that’s the best awnesr so far!

  • Droncz92

    Shia Labouff.

    • uggghhhhh

      oh my good lord i hope you are just fucking around

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  • Stinky

    At this point I don’t really care about a Ghostbusters 3. Do it or don’t. Stop yammering about it.

    This project is starting to wreak like Blue Brothers 2000.

  • Ryan

    Never met anyone who wanted a new Ghostbusters? Go f**k yourself. You annoy the living sh*t out of me. Everytime I read something on collider that has a smarmy comment or heaping pile of steaming cynicism, I look up and inevitably it says “By Matt Goldberg”. Why is it so f**cking hard for you to just report the news sans your personal opinion? Idk maybe its just me but your style of writing grates me in a way no one else’s ever has.

    • mark tornits

      “I’ve never met anyone who was hoping for a new Ghostbusters movie”

      that comment is just insane- i guarantee you that as soon as steve “frosty” gets to interview someone during the release of GB3, he will be kissing their ass and telling them how awesome it is that they made it and that he as wanted to see it for 20 years–

      also bill murray has already confirmed that he was just messing with everyone with the ghost thing- and that he wasn’t impressed with the prospects of the writers they hired-

      but i hope this comes together- the criminal minds is an interesting choice, i feel like picking “funny” actors is the wrong way to go. the last thing we need is ben stiller or adam sandler playing their cliched characters- the script for this film is way more important than who they get to bring it to life-

    • Tim

      I concur. I come to this site for movie news but generally don’t bother reading past the headline if the next words are “by Matt Goldberg”. If the opinions were even a tad amusing to read then it’d be easy to let go but I just keep leaning more and more toward not frequenting this site and moving to a less irritating one.

    • Jake

      I agree man, Goldberg annoys the piss out of me. 99.9 percent of the time he just talks bullsh_t and acts like a total ass, Frosty should forget about friendship and just sack the prick already, he’s guaranteed to drive people away from the site.

  • Rev. Slappy

    I really don’t want this particular version of GB to get made. “From the writers of Year One” really scares me and Ivan Reitman hasn’t made a good movie in years. The last effects heavy comedy Reitman made was My Super Ex Girlfriend which was terrible. GB 3 looks like another Indy 4 at this point and Murray is smart to stay far, far away from it. I’d like to see them bring in a guy like Jon Favreau who has a comedy background and also knows his way around a big effects movie.

    • Ringbearer1420

      Respectfully, when Harrison ford is dead will all be glad to have a fourth indy. And Fravero can’t even handle his own franchise, Ghostbusters 2 easily owns Iron Man 2. I see no harm in a third, and it will still be better than most anything else that has come out.

      • Rev. Slappy

        So somebody has to die for Indy 4 to be watchable? As far as Favreau goes, the problems with Iron Man 2 were more the fault of the studio and not the director. Marvel though staking a release date was more important than having a good shooting script. Marvel thought shoehorning all the SHIELD stuff and Avengers build-up into their movies was a good idea and Iron Man 2 is by far damaged the most by it. Right now I would much rather rewatch Iron Man 2 than Ghostbusters 2. Ghostbusters 2 is awful.

  • Fred

    @Ryan- No, it’s not just you. This guy is an out of touch @$$hole.

  • Joker

    I for one hope this gets made! But, i hope the original crew are on board and not just a cameo to pass on the torch. I hope its not just a cgi sfx movie with no characters to care anout.

    I want it to stay simple, funny, witty and clever dialogue with a human element over too much ghosts. less is more, especially with ghostbusters. GB-2 had a lil too much ghost activity and kinda went silly at the end trying to mimic stay-puft. Its the comedy and characters and situations and dialogue people fell in love with, hope they dont lose sight of that.

    new recruits? …

    Paul Rudd?
    Rob Corddry?
    Danny McBride? (As Oscar)


      Perfect casting!

  • agreed

    @Ryan – Amen! I can’t stand people like this who inject their opinions into a story. They do it because they think they’re being hip and cool.

  • ryanc

    supposedly aykroyd rewrote the most recent script but at this point who knows. Also, the already made one shitty sequel so i don’t see how making one more to round out a trilogy could hurt also bill murray has being doing the most prestige movies lately with the exception of zombieland(does that even count?) so why doesn’t he just do the one film that made him a household name.

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  • Spotted Dick

    As much as I love the Ghostbusters, let’s not do this and say we did, huh? I’d rather not see this film series run into the ground by “new blood” and greedy studio execs. Besides….that’s what Ghostbusters 2 was for.

  • Ernie Hudson


  • Paul_in_SC

    Just showed GB2 to my 7 yr old daughter and she loved it, so I’m sure there’s a new franchise potential. But Shia Labeouf? This is a comedy, right? I’m sure he could pull it off, but wouldn’t be my first choice.

    I’m thinking more along the lines of Paul Rudd, Jonah Goldberg, Jesse Eisenberg, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Bill Hader. These guys are funny.

  • Paul_in_SC

    I meant Jonah Hill.

    What about Andy Samberg? Laser Cats anyone?

  • Heidi

    Now we just need a ALF reboot and a younger, gritter, not-so-Happy Days, the rape of the 80s will be complete.

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  • Digital

    Mr. Aykroyd with all due respect I really have to say NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO! Doing GB3 w/ no Murray is like trying to drive a car after taking off a wheel.

  • J.M.Yoda

    Screw it if Murray is a no show. Does anyone remember the piece of crap known as “Blues Brothers 2000″?(John Belushi was the original choice for Peter Venkman BTW) Has Ackroyd learned nothing from that POS? If there’s no Murray it will be crap and the only “new blood” should be Oscar played by someone with comic chops. Sigorny Weaver is a must too, and SLIMER!

    • Ivy

      All I have to say to anyone who calls Blues Brothers 2000 a wreck or a disaster is F*ck You. It’s not a wreck! I admit it was the best movie ever made and I think Belushi would have made it good in Ghostbusters. John was Danny’s best friend. Did Murray write the Blues Brothers or the Ghostbusters script? No! John would have made a lot more great movies if he hadn’t have died.


    1. Will Ferrell- Egon
    2. Daniel Mcbride- Peter
    3. Craig Robinson- Winston
    4.Paul Rudd- Ray

    • jonathan

      from what i think im hearing.they dont wish to recast younger actors to play the same characters .bill,dan harold siggy would all reprise thier original roles and the founding ghostbusters wuold simply hire new paranormal investigators for the field work because they are getting old and brittle and fat .I Like paul rudd a lot as a serious investigator and one or both of the wilson brothers.luke as science geek and owen to man the puplic relations chores out in the field .snl alumni would seem a little pretentiiuos but there are some great talents to look at. my female choices would be anna faris ,stone is too young,liz banks and mila jovavich as a field ghostbuster to just totally imasculate the other three for what could be some funny shit.

      • jonathan mccord

        they certainly have themselves a challenge because the first one was so perfectand i even still enjoy the second one it had some good moments i love you guys dancing toasters its mood slime! this new one is gonna have to be close to flawless.the good news is they are smart guys and funny guys and i think they can do it.peace out.

  • Bill Murray seen at a hospital according to twitter

    Ok. Here’s a question. Bill Murray was seen at St. Peters Hospital today. Why? This may have everything to do with Ghostbusters.

  • Steve Rudzinski

    I want a new Ghostbusters and I will take it without Murray if that means it gets made.

  • plainview

    Murray makes movies must-see. without him, just don’t do the movie

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  • eric

    listen no one hopes more than I do that ghostbusters 3 is made within my lifetime and that it is good but murray need not apply i want to watch ghostbusters not bill murray hits on women my problem with the first two films was two much venkman and dana i hate love storys interupting my movies any how ghostbusters the video game was as good as a ghostbusters 3 movie so mr murray ghostbusters 3 is NOT A MYTH you made it its the game but i would not be apposed to another film or new ghostbusters i enjoyed extreme ghostbusters the cartoon and i want the ghostbusters to exist years from now so reboot recast or pass the torch just do it and tell bill murray to get over himself people only say ghostbusters 2 was no good because bill murray didnt enjoy it well i did as much as the first and i am ready to believe in dan akroyd harrold ramis ernie hudson ivan rietman and a knew cast and film i should start bill busters he dont want to do it we dont want him to

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  • Ivy

    I really think Ghostbusters 3 WILL happen. I mean yes it would be great to have Bill Murray back in it for the comedy to be better, (but Danny is the best :D ) There are a few things about this film that irrate me though. One: WE DON’T NEED NEW GHOSTBUSTERS! Two: DANNY HAS TO DRIVE THE CADDY!

  • skylar

    Yeah right,ruin the whole movie by putting jonah hill in it,give me a break….

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