MEN IN BLACK 3 Screenwriter Etan Cohen to Re-Write GHOSTBUSTERS III

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At this point, if Dan Aykroyd has anything to say about Ghostbusters III, I tend to take it with a grain of salt.  Last week, Aykroyd said that the movie had replaced Bad Teacher scribes, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, with “a new writing staff.” Here’s the grain of truth: Ghostbusters III does have a new writer, but not a staff.  According to Variety, Sony has brought in Men in Black 3 screenwriter Etan Cohen to rewrite the script.  Cohen received sole writing credit on MIB 3, which has grossed more than $600 million worldwide, even though his script wasn’t completely finished when filming began, and it was passed off to other writers (namely Jeff Nathanson and then David Koepp) during production.

With a project the size of Ghostbusters III, I don’t expect Cohen to be the last writer who gets his hands on the script.  In addition to this new gig, he’s also attached to make his directing debut on Boy Scouts vs. Zombies.  Hit the jump for more on Ghostbusters III

Variety doesn’t say if this will be a page-one re-write, and there’s still the question of the sequel’s biggest sticking point: Bill Murray.  Aykroyd said that they’re moving forward without Murray, but that may not be palatable to the studio or to the fans.  According to Variety, it still looks like the plot will revolve around the original Ghostbusters (Aykroyd, Murray, Ivan Reitman, and Ernie Hudson) passing the torch to a new generation.

I don’t know if attaching Cohen will bring the one to start pulling Ghostbusters III out of development hell, but Sony’s hiring of a new writer at least shows that the studio is still committed to reviving the lucrative franchise.


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  • Reijanrobo

    *Slits Wrists* oh, lord. this will go well…

    • justsayno

      Yes. Let’s all bash the NEW writer. We have no reason to hate him, other than the fact that he lives a more successful life than us — getting to write installments in franchises we used to masturbate too when we were teenagers. What would have satisfied you? Huh? Think about that. Who would you want to write this movie? What would satisfy you? If YOU were given the rights? Or maybe if Christopher Nolan was since everybody loves a little Nolan these days. But seriously. What would YOU do that’s better than this successful established writer? Even if you did write it, did a decent job — there’d be another annoying hipster prick on a movie blog somewhere saying *slits wrists” oh lord this will go well … anybody but Reijanrobo. Go suck yourself internet!!

      • Reijanrobo

        To be fair, Etan has given us or helped on some of the most enjoyable movies around. (Idiocracy and Tropic Thunder). But after the travesty that was ‘Men in Black III’ , which I thought was some of the worst writing in a film in a while, I am scared. I would rather them leave Ghostbusters alone than destroy the small modern legacy it has now.

    • Winston Zeddemore

      Give it a chance, do you always judge a book by its cover? And Men in Black 3 was an enjoyable movie that had some heart in it. And even if GB3 sucked, it wouldnt ruin the legacy it has. Did the new Starwars ruin the old ones? Nope.

      • Reijanrobo

        No I do not always judge a book by its cover and MIB3 only had heart in it for the last 10 minutes, the rest was a mess. I do hear you though, the legacy will not be tarnished 100% but I hate having in the back of my mind that they should just leave some things alone.

        Everything and every franchise will be updated eventually. it just seems like they are not waiting for the right stories. I will see Ghostbusters 3 when it is made. Just like I will see the remake of my favorite sacred movies
        -Evil Dead
        -Total Recall
        -Madmax and more

        I just want to be worth everyone’s time and do not want the to belittle their amazing cult value by attempting to shine it up for a new audience.

  • THGhost

    If they manage to write Bill Murray back in somehow, I’ll see it. If not, I won’t.

    • Egon Spengler

      Yes you will. Stop whining.

      • THGhost

        No, I mean it. I actually won’t, and neither will a lot of people.

  • Shout92

    Harold Ramis is a Ghostbuster, NOT Ivan Reitman

    • Mikey Filmz

      Thank you !

  • Danny

    I think it might be a good move?

  • Ryan McCarthy

    Its always messed up news about this franchise, It really needs a big help from any studio. Aykroyd, Ramis, Ivan Reitman, and Ernie Hudson all want this… get new talent for the next ghostbusters, move on from Murray mold and be professional about it.

    Some may consider the recent video game part 3 but still..Dig up old Rick Moranis.. make him search for GHOSTs.. that might be someone get me GHOSTBUSTERS-3. Thanks Collider

    • Peter Venkman

      I agree with you.

  • Juno

    The majority of people want a fun and exciting movie. That’s what people pay money to see. Everybody I talked to thought MIB3 was a fun and enjoyable movie. The public rating was generally favorable and it has made money.

    So, if he can produce similar results with MIB3, it will be a monetary and franchise success for GB.

  • tarek

    I didn’t laugh once during the 1h.46mn of MIB 3.

    A desperate try for sequelization going nowhere.
    If Kay didn’t exist in the changed time frame, how Jay could have been hired, knowing that Kay is dead, and thus he couldn’t have met Jay when he was a kid…Or ever when he grew up.

    The Jokes spread here and there was so-so. only 10 years kids were laughing in the theater.

    Anyway. the sole thing entertaining was Boris and somehow Michael Stuhlbarg who was the funniest guy of the movie.
    The score was also good.

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