Bill Murray Will Appear in GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot

     August 9, 2015


Dr. Peter Venkman will apparently be busting ghosts again in Paul Feig’s reboot. Or at least, he’s set to appear. Bill Murray seems to have gotten over his well-known reticence to return to the Ghostbusters franchise (since Ghostbusters II’s tepid reception). He told David Letterman earlier this year that rumor of his potential involvement with the film was “crazy talk” and that the whole thing was a “nightmare.” But, THR has confirmed that the actor will indeed return, though it is unknown in what capacity.

[Update: BMD reports that Murray is likely playing a character named “Martin Heis,” a role that was written specifically for him.  The character is a tiny role, and his job is a professional supernatural debunker, “who shows up and ‘proves’ the new Ghostbusters are fakes.”]

What we do know is that the film stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, and that Ghostbusters is set for a July 22nd, 2016 release.


Image via Columbia Pictures

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