Stephen Sommers Returns to Helm G.I. JOE Sequel

     August 3, 2010

Stephen Sommers G.I. Joe movie image The Rise of Cobra

Last summer’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was a fun ride that knew exactly what it was aiming for and managed to hit every mark.  Much of that was thanks to director Stephen Sommers, who brought a childlike enthusiasm to the set every day.  Now, despite rumors that a rift might have formed between Paramount and the adventure-loving director, The Wrap reports that Sommers has signed on to direct the sequel to Joe — if you enjoyed the first, you will have a lot to look forward to.

For those that didn’t quite enjoy the first film as much as they hoped, join me after the break to find out why you may want to get on board this time around.

GI JOE The Rise of Cobra movie posterSommers’ G.I. Joe was one of the summer’s biggest surprises (the pun was necessary!), but for a different reason than most would assume.  While the film wasn’t exceptional, it was surprisingly good and managed to pull in over $300 million worldwide.  When a fun childhood property is adapted, the results are often completely disastrous.  Just take any of the numerous videogame adaptations, or remember that foul taste in your mouth after watching Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

Not long after the film was a bona fide success, we reported that Paramount pushed forward with a sequel and secured two of the biggest up-and-coming writers at the time: Zombieland’s Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.  If that doesn’t grab your attention for an adventure film, not much will.  Sommers has been a part of some real missteps; Van Helsing’s only redeeming quality was Kate Beckinsale.  But he has also been a part of some fine escapist films like The Mummy and the underappreciated Deep Rising.  Hell, even the second Mummy was a load of fun.  Now imagine him with the writing duo that gave us Zombieland, and it should be clear why, even if the first film wasn’t quite what you hoped for, there is a chance this can easily eclipse it and further celebrate the childhood memories many of us cherish.

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  • Jason Pollock

    Sommers turned a strike movie disaster (without a finished script) into a big ball of goofy-fun. Good to see that rewarded. Maybe the Mountain will back the hell off this time and let him di things his way…?

  • SnakeEyes

    You know what the sequal needs? Better special effects, or no effects at all!! The Base in the Desert scene was embarrassing.

    Also, more SnakeEyes!

  • Washington_2528

    G.I. Joe was a god awful movie. While Transformers 2 left a foul taste in my mouth afterwards, this movie left me desperately searching for a way to commit suicide without eternally damning my soul.

  • gemarker

    Coming from someone who never paid attention to GI Joe as a kid, I actually really liked the movie for what it was. Great, mindless action. The supposedly f**ked up characters didn't bother me at all since I had nothing to compare them to. Bactium

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  • k0rrupt

    “Last summer’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was a fun ride that knew exactly what it was aiming for…”

    The film aimed for the lowest bar possible and succeeded, it was boring and considering its budget very ugly in places and it tried its hardest to overkill on the CGI. Granted it didn't take itself seriously but i still expected a decent film, not a mediocre one with Channing “i have no charisma” tatum in the lead. It needs a massive improvement, not more of the same.

  • TheTrickster

    I didn't manage to watch more than 20 minutes.

  • Buddy

    The script for the Joe Sequel sounds promising, you can download it here:

  • Aaron Sullivan

    My wife and I had some fun with this movie. Yelling out “Chick fight!” and then “Ninja Fight!” and then “Kid fight!” in the space of 10 minutes. It used up all it's energy by the last half to last third. I respect how ambitious the last battle was, but I just didn't care about anything by then. Just wanted it to end. An audience needs to care. :)

    Sequel? Go for it. It could easily surpass the original and a good script could turn all that goofy fun into something I care about this time. I'll give it a chance.

    I enjoyed Van Helsing much more than this movie, though. Sure it had super weak points, but I found bits to grab on to for most of the movie.

  • Concerned about Collider

    One of the reasons I like Collider is that I agree with their movie sense. WTF is this article doing on this site? As a child of the '80's, I would have loved a good GI Joe movie, or even a decent movie. This movie sucked so bad it is hard to put into words.

    Seriously, they took some of the funniest satire from Team America: World Police, and made a live action and “serious” movie out of it. I don't care how much CGI you put on top of crap, it is still crap.

    If this guy, Bill Graham, can't recognize complete crap when he sees it, then please enable a way for me to filter his stories out.

  • TD

    The only misstep in the script of the first film was trying to tie together Cobra Commander, The Baroness, and Duke into a complex and confusing relationship triangle.

    The classic comic book connections between The Baroness and Destro would have worked just fine for the film and aren't too complex to get on-screen in a light hearted film. It also undercut the power the Baroness has to be a classic bad girl. (One of the classic comic book bad girls of all time.)

    Mark my words, the sequel will have some kind of mysterious “relapse” where the “evil” Baroness personality resurfaces, so we can have her back as a villain. However, it could be spun in a cooler way if the Baroness /actually is/ evil, and the whole charade is part of a huge merry gambit.

  • Beju

    You might want to calm down a little. As others have said, the movie was simple fun, and suffered only from a few contrived plot issues that didn't have to be there.

    The source material that “80's fans” put on a shrine isn't good at all. The original Transformers and GI Joe cartoons are quite stupid, yet mindless, fun when looked at without nostalgia filters.

    I'd also submit that only reading stuff that agrees with you and reinforces your kneejerk point of view is a bad idea. That's how people become dull, reactionary, and narrow-minded. Just as here, you can't seem to stop a moment and consider a different opinion on a movie you entirely dismissed.

  • Concerned about Collider

    I actually feel remarkably calm…

    I am just putting voice to my dismay when I read “it was surprisingly good”, and thought about how they literally remade Team America, except these producers were serious.

    Here is a comparison:

    You all please continue to think what you like, I'll continue to think that this movie was crap.

    I am pretty sure that my reaction isn't “kneejerk”, I still think this movie was crap, months and months after watching. I am just trying to save someone who is on the fence about checking it out. I do agree that being concerned about the integrity of this entire blog is going too far, but my opinion on the movie is solid.

    If you want fun, then watch Team America. For those of you worried about my open mindedness, I'll even recommend the first Transformers movie. That is a movie that “was surprisingly good”. (The second one was right down with G.I. Joe.)

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  • Excalibur

    Sorry, Beju, but if you think those stupid 80's cartoons are the source material then you are the one who is seriously narrow-minded, not to mentoin uninformed . The source material is the GI JOE Marvel comic book series created by Vietnam veteran Larry Hama, who was one of the greatest comic book writers of the 80's.

    Yes, the cartoon was stupid, but it is actually the comic book storyline that fans put on a shrine, as it is far superior to both the cartoons and the movie. The fans wanted the movie to be more faithful to the comics like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight instead of the disposable trash that Rise Of Cobra was.

  • Bill Graham

    You can just look at who writes the articles to avoid my stories. I haven’t watched Team America, so if they ripped off that film, well, sucks that that hampered your experience.

  • Bill Graham

    Let’s be honest. If you went to a Stephen Sommers film expecting the gritty feel of The Dark Knight, you really have lost your marbles. A simple trailer told me that this movie wasn’t striving for something deep or gritty. If you STILL watch the film, knowing what it is aiming for, and then gripe about it basically being exactly that (mindless fun), well, that’s kinda your own fault.

    I feel for fans looking for something more gritty. But you can always just read the comics again. Not every adaptation is going to please the diehard fans.

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  • Boomslang

    “RUBBISH MOVIE” a hard word for a G.I.Joe fan to say. But seeing that the director is doing this again…HURTS!

    Please dun do this movie!!

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