Gillian Jacobs Talks HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 and COMMUNITY Season 6

     February 17, 2015


With director Steve Pink’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2 opening this weekend, a few days ago I sat down with Gillian Jacobs to talk about the film. As most of you know from the trailers, the follow-up finds Nick (Craig Robinson), Lou (Rob Corddry), and Jacob (Clark Duke) continuing to use the time-traveling hot tub for their own personal gain in an altered present. But after an incident with the machine, the trio accidentally travel ten years into the future where they must track down the person responsible for attempting to assassinate Lou. In the sequel, Jacobs plays Adam Scott’s girlfriend.

During the interview, Jacobs talked about working with Adam Scott and the rest of the cast, if the cast partied off-set since they were filming in New Orleans, who ruined the most takes from laughing, working with director Steve Pink, and more. In addition, she talked about what it’s been like making Community season 6 for Yahoo!, the chances of a Community movie, future projects like Adam Goldberg’s No Way Jose and Demetri Martin’s Dean, directing her short film documentary and if she’s interested in tackling a feature, Comic-Con, and a lot more.

Here’s the interview followed by the breakdown of questions.


hot-tub-time-machine-2-gillian-jacobs-adam-scottGillian Jacobs:

  • To be in the film did you have to be on an NBC show?
  • What was it like working with Adam Scott and the rest of the cast?
  • Did the cast party off set?
  • Talks about working with director Steve Pink.
  • Who ruined the most takes from laughing?
  • Has she ever been asked to say a line and refused?
  • What has it been like making Community for Yahoo? More fart jokes.
  • Six seasons and a movie.
  • Talks about her future projects like Adam Goldberg’s No Way Jose and Demetri Martin’s Dean.
  • Has she always been interested in directing? Talks about her short film documentary.
  • How she did one episode of Fringe.
  • Is she going to Comic-Con this year?
  • The popularity of TV at Comic-Con.


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