Attention Warner Bros: We’ve Found Your WONDER WOMAN and Her Name is Gina Carano

     January 12, 2012


There’s no need to keep searching for the right actress, Warner Bros.; Gina Carano is Wonder Woman.  While you might think I’m joking around….I’m not.  That’s because after watching director Steven Soderbergh’s awesome spy-action pic Haywire twice, I really believe Carano is who you’re looking for.  After everyone gets the chance to see her kick ass next week (the pic opens January 20), I’m extremely confident that fandom will agree with me.  Hire a new writer to craft a script with Carano in mind; they’ll be inspired.  I think one of the reasons Wonder Woman hasn’t come together is you didn’t know who to cast.  Thankfully, the search is over.

Being serious, after watching Haywire the second time, I kept thinking Carano would be great as Wonder Woman and it was on my mind when I sat down to talk to her a few days ago.  While I usually start with my karaoke question, I decided to ask what she thought of Wonder Woman and if anyone had asked her to play the part yet.  Watch what she had to say after the jump.

Look for my full interview with Carano soon.  Also, below the video are a few images of her in Haywire and here’s a few clips of Carano in action.







  • Sous Chef

    Got to play it cool, Steve. Don’t want to let the hot girl with ass kicking abilities know you like her. Slow play it and she might dig you even if she never sniffs a Wonder Woman set.

  • nelson

    she has the best physique and look for it by far

  • Mil


  • Liam_H

    My vote still goes to Bridget Regan but that will never happen.

    • I Wonder

      I never saw Bridget Regan in anything till your comment, after a few you tube clips, i’m with you 100%!!! She should definately be WW.

      Though I’m looking forward to seeing Haywire so maybe after seeing some asswhopping by Gina, I may be swayed. If I hadnt googled Reagon I would have agreed with Frosty!

      Who ever plays her, the costumes gotta be a whole lot better than what i saw of that new tv series pics i saw. Yuk!!!

      The recent WW animated movie was great, and much of it was set in 300 style ancient … Greece? Very good. WWs modern day costume would look less silly if it was some kind of armour rather than garish pvc.

  • sense 11

    100% in agreement

  • C. Towns

    I’m sure DC can dust off and have rewritten one of the half dozen WW movie scripts/treatments they’re sitting on(I know of at least 3. A spec script set in WWII, Joss Whedons, and Laeta Kalogridis).

  • Strong Enough

    HELL NO.

    2 masculine. no offense

    • Pragmator

      What kind of guys do you hang around that you see her as masculine at all?

      • rob

        best comment

    • vxx

      Borrowing from Lieutenant Jim Gordon in Batman Year One, anyone who thinks she’s masculine must be blind, deaf, and dead.

  • Eric Nixon

    This is one of those times – and there are not many – when a movie studio NEEDS to listen to the fanboys. Nathan Fillion is NOT Hal Jordan. Donald Glover is NOT Spider-Man.

    Gina Carano IS MOST DEFINITELY Wonder Woman.

    • Eric Nixon

      Put her in the JLA movie: high profile, but doesn’t put a $200 Mil blockbuster on her shoulders. Casting her will be come off as a more inspired choice than Robert Downy, Jr. as Tony Stark, and that seems to have worked out well so far.

  • Grayden

    Bridget Regan was my first choice for WW, but now that Steve has brought to the light the most obvious woman for the role, I will have to shift my vote to Gina. She’s the only reason I’d ever watch an MMA fight. THE ONLY. Gorgeous, feminine, strong, and physical.

  • dogg

    Carano’s the ONLY way Wonder Woman could work. Picking an actress who could actually kick your ass would completely flip the script. Anything less and it’s just another boob show wrapped in a feminist bow. She could do for Wonder Woman what Bruce Lee did for Cato.

  • notaurious

    When I saw the trailer for Haywire that was the 1st thing that came to mind. Hopefully Haywire does well and she’s good in it. If she is, she gets my vote to be to play Wonder Woman. Last thing I want to see is them cast Minka Kelly or someone along those lines.

  • terry

    Other than kicking butt, can she hold a story? WW isn’t just about Wham! Bam! Pow!
    She also looks like a fool when she fights. Her expression is gawd awful hokey!!!

    • Alex-mansy

      Yep, wonder woman is a tough acting job, she is royalty living in a alien culture.

      Gina Carano may have the looks and fighting chops (Which are overrated when you consider WW has superpowers), but she needs to prove she has acting range.

  • Grant keanan

    NO figure , She,s fit but not alluring.

  • Jeff

    She might do, but I have a few reservations. Woman is supposed to be tall and curvy, but can still kick your ass. Gina is fit in spades, but she’s just another skinny girl… Maybe that sounds wrong, but I want my Wonder Woman to be perfect.

    • nelson

      another skinny girl are you blind?

      Gina carano is the definition of curvy

      she fought mma at 145 pounds and barely made weight

      she likely is around 160 pounds she looks bigger than fassbender in their fight clip

      • Jeff

        Keep your erection in your pants, she’s a good choice. I guess I’m lookng for perfection–which isn’t happening.

    • Russ

      “just another skinny girl”

      She’s not tall enough, but there is nothing “skinny” about her. She’s thick and solid with muscle.

  • Jazzy Jace`

    Back in the day, Charisma Carpenter would’ve been my choice; although Taylor Cole in another. As impassioned as this article is, you can guarantee WB will douche it up as usual.

  • .

    I think its very unprofessinal to curse during interviews.

  • Tarek

    Thre’s only one Wonder Woman: Ellen Ripley

  • Wladi

    Jaimie Alexander hands down for Wonder Woman role…

  • Cord

    Gina Carano would rock as Wonder Woman, my surprise backup pick would be Zoe Saldana

    • captain40

      Do you know who Zoe Saldana is? She’s the chick from Avatar and Star Trek. She isn’t the right ethnicity to play WW.

      • ANGEL

        OH GOD!!! Racist alert!!! I didnt know you had to be a specific color to save people!!! We live in F*ckin America, so we can do what the h*ll we want!! Therefore, I reccommend Gabriel Union, she’s beautiful and has the perfect Body!!!

      • sue

        I liked Gina in Haywire. She would make a good WonderWoman. My choice for a back up would be Paula Patton. Zoe Saldana is good, but she’s so little, she’s not believable. Cultural group doesn’t matter. I want someone who can play the part. It’s funny, we have viewed movies for years where whites are given parts to play people in history who were definitely people of color. Cleopatra was of a dark complexion. Just appreciate the acting, let go of the cultural group. Even Jesus was a man of color.

  • terry

    IMHO, unless WW is done on the level of Nolan’s Batman series it’ll just end up another goddamn episode of Zena.
    But man you saw her nipples through that leather top. OMFG!!!!

  • Cleopatrajones

    No. Hell No. Carano may have fighting abilities but it would take far more redeeming qualities to do WW justice: she should be tall, beautiful, regal, and possess grace, presence, intelligence and be believable as an Amazon warrior. Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie are among the few actresses that could have easily done it. But they’re all too old. Please no Megan Fox or Beyonce.

  • compliquer

    yea!? WW it is… she’s so H:-)T. Make it happen WB please……………………………………………………………………………………

  • LEM

    I love Gina Carano and she would make an awesome Wonder Woman but why aren’t they even mentioning her name in the commercials for Haywire?

  • cuteview

    Kate Beckinsale or Jessica Biel for WW…

  • G

    I don’t often agree with the choices people come up with for an actress to play Wonder Woman but Gina Carano is a damned good choice! She’s great in a fight seen, tall enough and beautiful without having that mousey cute factor which is all wrong for Wonder Woman. Mousey NO, Regal YES! Her voice is good too! It is not squeaky, that would be annoying in WW.

  • Mr.Rich316

    I’m down with it if Soderbergh writes and directs.

  • G

    I just discovered a facebook page supporting Gina Carano as Wonder Woman.

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  • awesomedragon

    It will be Christina Hendricks.

  • ladarrell d hickman

    Angelina jollie IS wonder woman and i have been saying it for three years now I even took a tomb raider pose and put ww clothes on her and sent it to dc…the wonder woman movie should have came out before green lantern because I believe that more ppl would rather see a bunch of amazons in tight leather outfits than a bunch of ugly aliens from all over the universe.

  • Cypress Kill

    Hollywood will manage to screw up the franchise from the get go, and cast Ellen DeGeneres, Amanda Seyfried or Jennifer Aniston for the part.

  • Carl Weathers

    If they want the acting to be somewhat naturalistic and the fight choreography to be based on human movement, then the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

    In other words the answer is no.

  • Frank

    The idea of making a Wonder Woman movie is, in it self, a stupid idea. Does anyone really read Wonder Woman and if you do, try picking up a solid book instead….jeez.

  • Rizzo

    I think she would be perfect for the part of Wonder Women given her looks she’s beautiful and she has the skills for the part as well. Its hard to find the combination these days. I think it opens up the possibility of creating a darker character in Wonder Women… Anyone else feeling the vibe?…

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  • Etrigan

    I think it would be awesome if they can make Wonder Woman into a great movie.
    Maybe if it was Cameron directing. He seems to do the best with strong female leads.

    Btw, what about villains….Dark Seid? Etrigan? Morgan La Fey? Cassandra?

  • Etrigan

    I think it would be awesome if they can make Wonder Woman into a great movie.
    Maybe if it was Cameron directing. He seems to do the best with strong female leads.

    Btw, what about villains….Dark Seid? Etrigan? Morgan La Fey? Cassandra? Cheetah?

  • Ras

    She would be great as WW, and would open a whole new window of possibilities for the character, much more physical and believable. Rather than trying to adapt WW to the city environment, it would be great to have the movie embrace that amazon/greek godess environment, and Gina could totally pull it of as a powerful warrior. Yes, it would be good to see her in the urban environment, but with the right villain, up to her abilities, maybe a wide scale invasion, and push her to the limits. Gina could definitely open a wide range of possibilities for a new movie script

  • Luis

    I would say I’ve seen several actresses which I considered for the role of Wonder Woman, all of them are beautifull to be W.W. But none have the proper physical body to be a amazon, but seeing Gina in action in Haywire film I can say she has a physical body to be an Amazon, and we know she can kick ass is also very beautiful woman.

    that my opinion… :)

  • Zatanna

    Whats your issue with Minka Kelly? She’d be good. But Alexa Davalos would be perfect.