GIRL MEETS WORLD Picked Up to Series by Disney Channel; First Images Released

     June 17, 2013


It’s officially official: the Boy Meets World gang is coming back to television.  The Disney Channel announced today that the sequel series Girl Meets World has been picked up to series, bringing Ben Savage and Danielle Fischel’s Cory and Topanga back to the small screen for the first time since the Boy Meets World series finale in 2000.  Executive produced by BMW creator Michael Jacobs, Girl Meets World follows the exploits of Cory and Topanga’s tween daughter Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard.  Other Boy Meets World regulars are expected to pop up on the new show every now and then, with William Daniels’ Mr. Feeny confirmed to be appearing in the pilot.

While we’ll have to wait until 2014 to see the show, Disney has released a couple of first-look images that give us a look at the Girl Meets World cast.  Hit the jump to check them out.

Via EW.



  • Greyson

    Oh, the nostalgia!!

  • Ramone

    JEEZUZ, I’m old.

    • Brenda G

      I believe we all are.

  • Brandon Michael Carr

    could they not dress up the little girls like whores?

    • chris gault

      they are wearing like 3 layers and nothing is hanging out … not gunna lie … those black boots are kinda awesome. you need to chill.

      • John

        Well I gotta say, as someone who works with actual middle schoolers… no middle class child dresses like that. They look like they live in a Nordstrom advertisement. It’s kinda distracting.

      • Nick

        And I’m sure the school you work at hosts the full spectrum of social class and income base. These kids are dressed fine, that’s a lot better than how most kids dress. And John, if your that distracted by these girls who are dressed appropriately, maybe change ur profession

      • John

        Uncalled for man… was simply stating something I observed to be a little odd and unrealistic, and definitely not in line with the very relatable, middle-class vibe of the original Boy Meets World. I believe I’m allowed to comment on that without being labeled whatever it is I’m being labeled as.

        Aaand look at that. Squabbling over what a couple of kids are wearing in a sitcom. Lets not make mountains out of molehills, as that was never my intention.

    • Shef

      They are dressed perfectly. Please shut up. Thank you.

    • m

      pedo creep alert!!!

  • fusionman15

    I’m just happy mr. feeny is in it somewhere! I hope we see cory’s parents with uncle eric . That sounds weird saying. Ughh the memories of 90s lol

  • Brenda G


  • Person

    BMW was prolly my favorite show growing up. Never thought I’d be tuning into Disney channel in my 20s haha. I just hope it doesn’t suck….

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  • Strong Enough

    wow i can’t believe people are excited for this. who wants to see a bastardized version of this show on Disney channel?