Glen Mazzara Named Showrunner on THE WALKING DEAD; Frank Darabont’s Status Still Unknown

     July 27, 2011


Many were surprised to learn yesterday that series creator/executive producer/director Frank Darabont had stepped down as showrunner on AMC’s massively popular series The Walking Dead. Refusing to let the news hamper business as usual, the network has now promoted Darabont’s number two, Glen Mazzara, to the position of showrunner. Mazzara joined the series near the end of 2010 (penning the episode “Wildfire”) and has previously worked on shows such as The Shield, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, and Hawthorne.

News of Mazzara’s promotion comes courtesy of EW. The report mentions that it is still unclear what role Darabont, who is currently under a two-year contract, will contribute to Dead (perhaps a consultant?). The show is currently shooting its second season in Georgia with the premiere scheduled for Sunday, October 16th.

  • Excpired

    To be honest I’m surprised he didn’t step out sooner. I just hope that the show retains its qualities coming into the second season and it doesn’t become lazy, I trust AMC enough though.

    But then again Breaking Bad has kind of become rote, it lost its edge when his cancer scare went away… now the show seems to be just playing itself out.

    • Agent_Black

      I’m not sure about The Walking Dead’s qualities being retained throughout the first season and I think the consensus is in agreement, sure it had a great pilot but by the last episode it had descended into both predictable and pyrotechnic farce.

      I couldn’t care less by the finale, I would have laughed through the whole episode if it wasn’t so painful and contrived. I’m just sticking around long enough to give it 1 last chance but all of this fannying around behind the scenes doesn’t give me much confidence.

      • Double

        I completely agree with Agent_Black. I was thrilled to know that the show was getting new writers for the second season, because episode 2 was the only hour that I liked. But, with the showrunner leaving now, it sounds like a mess behind the scenes. I’m going to give this show one more chance as well.

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